CRP may mean:

In medicine

* C-reactive protein (plasma protein), an acute phase protein produced by the liver
* Confluent and reticulated papillomatosis, a rare skin condition involving pigmentation
* cAMP receptor protein (also known as catabolite gene activator protein) is a regulatory protein in bacteria
* Complex regional pain syndrome, as a shortened form of CRPS


* Championship Racing Performance, a Company devoted to the sport of kart racing as it relates to children.
*Cabot Raceway Park, a former bike track in Cabot, PA
* Calgary Regional Partnership, a cooperative of economically associated municipalities in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
* Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP or CRP), a strong, light and expensive material
* Chinese restaurant process, a partition-valued stochastic process
* Committee to Re-elect the President (CRP or CREEP), a Nixon White House fund-raising organization
* Conservation Reserve Program, a voluntary land conservation program of the United States Department of Agriculture
* Corpus Christi International Airport (via IATA), in Corpus Christi, Texas, United States
* Central Railroad of Pennsylvania
* Customer reference program
* Customer Resource Planning , single software system including front office and back office
* California Republican Party
* Cape Roberts Project (1997–1999), a geological drilling project in Antarctica
* Capacity Requirements Planning, planning production capacity to meet product demand
* Control & Reporting Post, as used in military air defence systems (mainly European).
* Conference Room Pilot, a term used is software procurement and software acceptance testing.
* Country Risk Premium, a term used to get the exact risk premium of company located in developing country.
* CRP is the ICAO airline designator for Aerotransportes Corporativos, Mexico
* Certified Risk Planner
* Contra-rotating propellers, two propellers driven in opposite rotation.

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