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Hurricane "Hitman" Stevens
Dave "The Dwarf" Flood
Joey B
Froggy 2
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first_aired = February 7, 1994
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"The MJ Morning Show" is a morning radio show that broadcasts out of 93.3 FLZ in Tampa, FL and also in many other cities such as St. Louis, Jacksonville, Melbourne, and Ft. Pierce-Vero Beach. The show was formerly known as "The MJ and BJ Morning Show" until "BJ" left the show in pursuit of a management career elsewhere. The show features MJ (Todd Schnitt) and sidekicks Fester, Froggy, Hurricane "Hitman" Stevens, and Meredith. Dave "Dave the Dwarf" Flood also makes random appearances on the show, as well as a cast of interns. The show plays no music.

Members of the Show

Current Crew Members

MJ Kelli

MJ Kelli (real name Todd Schnitt) is the host. Schnitt also hosts an AM radio afternoon talk show (The Schnitt Show) involving world news, economics, debates, and politics.

Possibly the best-known of his morning show bits was making crank calls as "Milton Fludgecow," an elderly man with an extremely obese son, who calls various businesses to put people in awkward situations.

MJ has a vast knowledge of history and a strong affection for BMWs. He has been married to his wife Michelle, an attorney, since June 26, 1994. They live in Tampa with their two children, Chloe and Julian (b. July 4, 2004) and two Jack Russell Terriers, Romeo and Scarlett. On Friday morning July 20, 2007 MJ announced that he "quit" the MJ morning show. He returned about 45 minutes later and said that he owed it to the listeners to finish out the day. He returned on Monday with a video of him shooting the newest Harry Potter book with a friend's HK MP5.Fact|date=March 2008

MJ often claims to have coined various phrases or words. None of these have been verified or challenged. Most recently he claimed to have coined the phrase "ROOF RIP" when describing eating a certain breakfast cereal.

"Hurricane" Stevens

Hurricane (first name Andrew, born April 1966 in Miami) is the executive technical producer and air personality of the morning show. He is also the webmaster, handling the majority of the content that is posted on the show's official website. He and M.J. have been on the show since its inception on February 7, 1994. He started at WFLZ-FM in 1990 as "Boner." Andrew, born and raised in Miami, is one of four boys in his family, one of which is his twin brother.


Uncle Fester (formerly known as Moose) is one of the many on-air talent of the show. Fester also hosts his own radio show (under the name "Tony Fatso") called "On the Grill", Saturday Mornings, on AM 970 WFLA, which focuses on barbecue and grilling. He also occasionally lends his grilling skills to the nationally syndicated Cigar Dave Show, also based out of WFLA. Fester is also a franchisee of "Planet Beach," a tanning salon in Tampa, FL.

Joey B

Joey B (born March 17) is the executive producer of the show. On January 4, 2006, he officially returned to the show as executive producer after working at stations in Miami and Philadelphia. He also spent 1998–2001 as the producer of the MJ & BJ Morning Show. -

Froggy 2

Froggy (first name Mike, born November 1979) returned to the show on Wednesday August 16, 2006, after a year and half away. After originally leaving of the show, he went to Orlando to do a nighttime radio show, but was fired after three months. He then returned to Tampa to do an evening radio show on another Clear Channel station, 98 Rock (WXTB). He was fired from that show after a year on the air.Fact|date=March 2008On August 6, 2008 MJ suspended Froggy2 pending further notice. He was suspended after he blew up Jabber Jaw's $125 boots on August 5, 2008 as part of his "Frog Freak" segment. MJ mentioned on the air on August 6, 2008 that Froggy2 has become increasingly disrespectful and he is going to decide his fate soon.

Dave The Dwarf

Dave "Dave the Dwarf" Flood (born birth date and age|1964|7|5) is a 3-foot, 2-inch dwarf who occasionally appears on the show in-studio or on the phone. Dave regularly makes appearances at strip clubs around the Tampa Bay area. He has one daughter. Dave was involved in a lawsuit over "dwarf tossing", a sport in local bars in which patrons literally toss dwarves for fun. Dave acts as an elf at Christmas time by appearing at parties for an expensive fee.Fact|date=March 2008


Meredith joined the MJ Morning Show in November 2007, after previously serving as the affiliate producer for WFKS in Jacksonville, replacing former show member "Ryan Seacrust." Meredith was previously linked to former cast member Flunkie, who apparently tried to get her to engage in a game of "Truth or Dare" while he was visiting the Jacksonville market. Cite web|url=|title=Meredith on mjpedia|accessdate=2008-01-30]

Previous Crew Members

BJ Harris

BJ (real name Barry Harris) was the co-host of the MJ & BJ Morning Show until February 7, 2001. He acted as the "voice of reason" for MJ, who would occasionally go off on tirades. He also brought more of a mature attitude and voice to the show.

BJ now works as the co-host of "The Alice Morning Show" on 105.9 FM KALC in Denver. He is married to his wife Sharron and has three sons.


Hoover took over as executive producer after Joey B. left. He and MJ did not see eye to eye on many topics. He left to take a job in sports radio, which was his passion. This left the door open for Joey B. to return.

Froggy 1

Worked at WFLZ on the MJ & BJ Show until 2001 when he relocated with his wife and kids to Miami. Froggy has been at sister station WHYI-FM - Y100. Froggy was the executive producer for Kenny and Footy in the Morning on Y100. When Kenny Walker was let go from Y100, Footy retired (now at WIOD) and "Elvis Duran & The Morning Zoo" (simulcast from sister station WHTZ Z-100 in New York City) currently airs weekday mornings from 6 to 10 a.m. It began airing on Y-100 on Monday May 22, 2006, Froggy, during his last four years on the air is currently the only live and local South Florida voice of Y-100 during the show.


Flunkie (also known as Tommy, born birth date and age|1979|9|27) worked with Joey B in Philadelphia before being recommended to MJ for this show. Flunkie played the sounds and music for the show, and also captured audio clips from television and news shows that he played during the broadcast when MJ discusses the stories behind them. Flunkie often was caught doing very odd things such as creating the alter ego of Yuri Roshenko and picking up girls with this persona, eating at homeless shelters to get free meals, and attempting to dress up as a member of the U.S. military to pick up girls. He was generally a type of punching bag for MJ and the crew and was constantly being ridiculed for his stupidity. His last day was March 19, 2007. According to Flunkie, the reason he left the show was because he didn't get an increase in pay. Although Flunkie had gone on to DJ at strip clubs, he has contacted MJ on-air to inquire about the possibility of a job opening on the Morning Show.


The show's various bits, especially the Milton Fludgecow crank calls (popularly known as "Crotchety Old Man Calls") proved so popular that for several years an annual CD featuring old Crotchety calls, as well as other bits from the show, was sold in the Tampa Bay Area. The CDs would typically sell during the holiday season, then go out of print. The CDs were put on permanent hiatus after MJ decided to retire the Milton Fludgecow character. However in 2005, a "virtual album" (a series of MP3's, which could be downloaded for a nominal fee) consisting of every single Crotchety call ever made, was released for sale on the MJ Morning Show website. The CD also included three new calls, the only ones made since MJ retired the bit. The offer was limited and has since expired.

Classic Crotchety & Wisecracks

Crotchety Christmas

Crotchety Christmas II

Crotchety Christmas 3-D

When Crotchety Attacks!

Nothing But Crotchety (3 CD set)

Music cues

The show uses numerous theme songs from classic and current TV shows as cues.

*The $10,000 Pyramid theme, special game cue (since 1988)
*Match Game theme from 1973, "Gene Rayburn's Fame Game" and quiz cue (since 1987)
*Jeopardy! 1984 theme, game intro cue (1987-88, returned in 2007)
*The Price is Right 1972 theme used in the United States, game intro cue (since 1994)
*Wheel of Fortune theme ("Changing Keys", 1983 version) (since 1991)
*Password theme from 1966 (1986-1993)
*Password Plus theme (1991-2005)
*Super Password theme (since 1992)
*Lingo theme from the GSN Version, "MJ's Lingo Game" (since 2007)
*Friend or Foe? theme, "MJ's Friend or Foe Game"
*Access Hollywood theme, "Access MJ and Froggy"
*Card Sharks' 1986 theme, "MJ's Secret Game"


Jingle Jugs

Every Christmas season the show gives away 12 breast enhancements. Women submit stories to the show, via e-mail, to attract the attention of the judges. There have been other names for this contest: "Breast Christmas Ever" (2005) and "Holiday Hooters" (2006). Jingle Jugs was the promotion name for 2003. The name was later ripped off to be used for a novelty item. Unfortunately, MJ never copyrighted the name and was informed he had no reason for legal recourse.

Pick Your Plastic

Pick Your Plastic is a variation on the Jingle Jugs, except instead of offering just breast augmentations they offer a large variety of plastic surgeries.

Rear of the Year

Held in 2003, the "Rear of the Year" contest was an event where listeners sent in non-nude photographs of their rear ends to the show. Both males and females could enter the contest. The photos were voted on by listeners of the show on the official website. Two winners were chosen based on the listeners' votes, one male and one female.

Homeroom Hottie

This contest was created when all of the teacher/student sex scandals occurred. It was held only 1 time in 2005 with two contests being held, one for men and one for women.

Mangle Mouth

Returning with its second edition in October 2007, Mangle Mouth gives listeners a chance to receive a full dental makeover. Contestants send in photos of their mouths/teeth and every 2-3 days, 10 contestants are chosen for each round. There are 8 rounds and the contestant with the most votes wins the makeover.


The MJ Morning Show has been regionally syndicated for the past ten years. The show broadcasts to six affiliates, the most the show has had at once. In comparison, MJ's The Schnitt Show also broadcasts to eight affiliates including one XM Satellite Radio channel. Currently, the only market to broadcast both shows is the Tampa Bay area homebase. The show originates from WFLZ.

- Show streams online.
:¹ Both WFLZ and KSLZ carry a bonus hour of the MJ Morning Show at 5 a.m. entitled "MJ-ja vu", comprising of bits from the previous show. In addition, WFLZ airs another hour after the main show ends, "MJ Remix", comprised of "best of" bits.

Listeners in the Tampa Bay area can also tune into MJ's afternoon show, The Schnitt Show, on WFLA. Listeners in the Ft. Pierce-Stuart-Vero Beach and Naples, Florida areas can also hear the show on Miami's WIOD, which covers South Florida.

ee also

*Todd Schnitt
*The Schnitt Show


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* [] The official "MJ Morning Show" website
*myspace|mjmorningshow| The "MJ Morning Show" MySpace page
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