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"For the district with the same name, see Palakkad District".

Palakkad, also known as Palghat (anglicized), is a town and a municipality in the state of Kerala in southern India. It is the administrative headquarters of Palakkad District. Palakkad lies near the Palghat Gap, a pass or natural depression through the Western Ghats ranges that run parallel to the west coast of India, and connects Kerala to the plains of the state of Tamil Nadu to the east. The people of Palakkad generally speak Malayalam, though Tamil is also widely spoken/understood as it is close to the Tamil Nadu border.


The nearest international airport is Coimbatore Airport, which is about 52 km from Palakkad. Coimbatore airport has connecting flights to Singapore, Sharjah, Colombo, apart from major Indian cities.

Palakkad is well connected by roads. The National Highway (NH) 47 from Salem to Kanyakumari and the Palakkad-Kozhikode National Highway 213 pass through the district. Another important road is the Palakkad-Ponnani which connects NH 47 and NH 17.

Palakkad is a railway junction on India's Southern Railway. The cities of Pollachi, Dindigul and Madurai are connected by the meter-gauge line starting from here. Trains on this line bring vegetables, fish and dairy products from other cities. The nearest city is Coimbatore in Tamilnadu which is well connected to Palakkad with broad gauge trains and buses.


In the 2001 census [GR|India] , Palakkad had a population of 130,736. Males constituted 49% of the population. The average literacy rate of the area is 81%, much higher than the national average of 59.5%.

Places of Interest

* Palakkad Fort - Fort dating from 1766, built by Hyder Ali of Mysore. In 1784, after a siege which lasted eleven days, the British Colonel Fullerton stormed the Fort.Fact|date=March 2007 Later it fell into the hands of the Zamorin’s troops, but was recaptured by the British in 1790.Fact|date=March 2007 This well-preserved fort is also known as Tipu's (Tipu Sultan, son of Hyder Ali) Fort. Today there is a functioning jail in the fort grounds.

*Malampuzha Dam and Malampuzha dam garden. This is a large irrigation dam built on the river Bharathapuzha at the base of the hills of the Western Ghats. The gardens, the amusement park for children, and the boating facilitices on the reservoir make Malampuzha a centre of interest for tourists, easily accessible from Palakkad.

* Jain Temple of Jainimedu - Situated on the western border of Palakkad town and not far from the railway station, this is an historic Jain Temple. The area around the temple is known as Jainimedu. This is one of the few places in Kerala where vestiges of Jainism have survived without substantial damage.Fact|date=March 2007 The granite walls are devoid of decoration. The temple, convert|32|ft|m long and convert|20|ft|m wide, consists of four divisions with images of Jain Thirthankaras and Yakshinis in three of them. Kumaran Asan wrote his monumental poem "Veena Poovu" (the fallen flower) at a Jain house here during his brief stay with his master Sri. Narayana Guru.Fact|date=March 2007it is a nice place

* Parambikulam The Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, covering 285 km², is 135 km from Palakkad and adjacent to the Annamalai Wildlife Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu. Besides being a home for elephants, wild boar, sambar, bison, guar, crocodiles, and a few tigers and panthers, it has a rich diversity of flora and fauna. Trekking in the forest is allowed with prior permission. Boating facilities are available on the lake. The large Cannimare Teak Tree is here near Thunakadavu.

* Silent Valley National Park A dense rain forest and the habitat of rare species 80 km from Palakkad. It is popularly known as the evergreen forest and noted for its eerie silence because of the lack of cicadas.Fact|date=March 2007 It is an important biosphere reserve in the Western Ghats and home of the tribal people. The valley is known for the rare Lion-Tailed Macaque. This National Park is a protected area for tigers also.Fact|date=March 2007

* Nelliyampathi Known as the Ooty of Kerala,Fact|date=March 2007 Nelliampathy, about 80 km from Palakkad, is a hill station in the Nelliampathy forest ranges. This forest range constitutes a series of ridges cut off from one another by valleys of dark evergreen forests.

* Pothundy Dam Around 35 km from Palakkad town, Pothundy Dam is situated on the way to Nelliyampathi hills. The hill area to Nelliyampathy hills starts from Pothundy Dam. People visiting Nelliyampathi use to stop here to enjoy the beauty of the Dam as well to relax during their long journey to Nelliyampathi hills.

* Walayar Dam is around 25 km from Palakkad town,It is located on the border of Kerala and Tamilnadu.It is a beautiful place.It is a easily accessible location to the visitors to and from Tamilnadu also.There is a Deer park located 3 km from Walayar.

* Anamudi The highest peak in the district. The area has coffee and tea plantations.

* Attappady Attappady is an extensive mountain valley above the crest of the Ghat ranges, with several rivulets of the river Bhavani. The area is dominated by tribal people.Fact|date=March 2007

* Punarjani Guha The Punarjani Guha is a natural tunnel 15 meters long in the rocky cliff. It is 2 km from the Thiruvilwamala Temple and the chief presiding deity is Sri Rama. The idol is believed to be ‘swayambhoo’, i.e. born on its own. It is believed that performing ‘noozhal’ -- crawling through the tunnel from one end to the other -- will wash away all of one’s sins and thus bring about rebirth. Only men are allowed to do the ‘noozhal’: women may only visit the cave. This ritual is practised on only one day per year, on Guruvayur Ekadashi.

* Killikkurussimangalam This small village is the birthplace of the famous Malayalam satire poet and founder of the Ottamthullal art form, Kunchan Nambiar. The home of the greatest Koodiyattam maestro and authority of abhinaya Natyacharya Vidushakaratnam, Padma Shri Guru Mani Madhava Chakyar, is also here.Fact|date=March 2007

* Kanhirapuzha Dam This dam feeds almost half the agricultural land of the district. It supplies water to such places as Mannarkkad, Ottappalam and Shoranur, and is the biggest dam built with soil in Kerala. There is a garden in front of the dam.

* Peruvemba Well known for its festivals, the Chandabhishegam in December and Peruvemba Vela in April.

* Kalpathi Most famous of the eighteen agraharams of Palakkad, for its annual Ratholsavam.

* Shekrishnapuram A small and welcoming village, Name Comes from Palakkadussery Sekhari Varma Raj. one of the many villages of Palakkad.Punchappadam is also incluse this village

*Dhoni Waterfalls: It is a gift of nature to the District with green forest,rocks, shallow water and beautigul water fall. Dhoni waterfall is in the western Ghats 15 km from the Palakkad town bustand and 9 km from the Palakkad Junctoopn railway station. There is a beautiful temple near the mountain valley and it is belived that this was build by goddess for Bhagavan Shiva.

* IRTC( Integrated Rural Technology Centre (IRTC) is an R&D and Taining Institution situated at Mundur,Palakkad. It develops or adapts technology having rural applications. Training and follow up facilities are extended in various livelihood programmes.

*Pariyanempatta Bhagavathi Temple, Kattukulam, Mangalamkunnu, Palakkad
* KODUVAYUR: Koduvayur is one of the major markets of palakkad district. Vegetable and cloth markets here are attracting customers as well as delears from different parts of the state as well. famous car festival is celebrated here.

Local festivals

*Akathethara-Vadakkethara Vela - Apr 24
*Padur vela - feb 24
*Pudussery vedi - Feb 28
*Kalpathi Ratholsavam
*Chittur Konganpada
*Nemmara-Vallanghi Vela- [ Nemmara Vela Photographs]
*Manappullikavu Vela
*Vayilliamkunnu Pooram
*Mangottu Kavu Temple Vela - Second sunday after Vishu(every year)
*Vadakkanthara Vela (only once every 3 years)
*Ashtami Rohini (Sreekrishna Jayanthi) (Kunnathurmedu Sreekrishna Temple )
*Kizhkencherry Ratholsavam - Dec 25
*Thiruvara Niramaala - Dec 28
*Karumanassery Ratholsavam - Dec 29
*Tattamangalam Angadi Vela [ Angadi Vela Photographs] - celebrated every 2 years
*Puthur-Vela - April 7
*Pariyanampatta Pooram - Kumbham -7
*Peruvemba Vela []
*Kannambra Vela - May 24
*Nurani Sasthapreethi (Every year end of Dec - beginning of Jan)

*Puthucode Navaratri Festival for 9 days September - October.
*Kallepully Kummati Kummati Festival during February - March every year
*Kongad Pooram Festival at the Kongad Shri Thirumandankunnu Bhagavati Temple during March- April every year
*Mangod pooram festival at mangottukav bhagavathy temple, it is situated near the heritage village vellinezhi
*PariyanamPatta Pooram: Pooram at the Pariyanampatta temple, MangalamKunnu, Palakkad. Its the famous festival of Valluvanadu. The pooram day is (Malayalam)Kumbam 7.
* Manapullikavu Vella Chruppil Kavu : It is situated 2 Km from Palakkad railway station. Goddess is "Cheruppil amma". One of the famous festival is "PANA" . Which happens once in every 5 years. It is a 41 day festival. Various famous art forms are performed on these days.
* Thiruvaraikkal Temple Pooram Festival
* Thiruvaraikkal Temple Pooram, Thiruvazhiyode.(Thiruvaraikkal Temple pooram festival is celebrating on April 20(Medam 7) .The temple is situated 37 kilometers from palakkad town ( Palakkad - Cherpulassery root )).
* Mathur Kooth Festival (Kalikavil Bhagawathy Temple, Mathur Padinjharethara, Mathur, Palakkad ) Celebrates Kooth Festival in April - May , in every year.
*Pariyanempatta Bhagavathi Temple, Kattukulam, Mangalamkunnu, Palakkad

*Pappady Sreekrishna Temple- Ashtami Rohini and Kumbabhishekam in every year.
*Athaniparambu Chandhana Bhagavati Vela
*Harvest festival: The festival of harvest celebrated around October every year at the c.s.i churches of Palakkad. []
*koduvayur car festival: The ancient and famous koduvayur car festival is celebrated on thiruvathira of malayalam month dhanu .

Educational Institutions In Palakkad

*Govt Engineering College,Sreekrishnapuram,Palakkad [ Home Page]
*NSS College of Engineering,Palakkad [ Home Page]
*College of Applied Science,Vadakkencherry [ Home Page]
*Government Victoria College, Palakkad [ Victoria College on Net]
*NSS CollegeOttapalam
*Sealy Memorial HighSchool, Tattamangalam, []
*NSS College, Nemmara, []
*SN College, Alathur
*Mercy College,Palakkad []
*Govt College ,Chitoor,Palakkad
* Govt LBS centre of science and technology , Nurani ,Palakkad
*Govt Polytechnic, Palakkad, Palakkad
* Govt Technical High School , Marutha Road , near BPL junction , Palakkad
*Kendriya VidayalaOttapalam, []
*Bharatha Matha Higher Secondary School, []
*Railway High School
* Gangothri English Medium School, Affiliated to CBSE, Delhi, Nemmara, Palakkad District.
* H.S Katampazhipuram - 678633"'
* Junior Basic School Katampazhipuram - 678633
* Saraswathy Sisu Vidya Manthiram - Katampazhipuram - 678633
* Kendriya Vidyalaya Kanjikode
* Chinmaya Vidyalaya Pallavur
* Vyasa Vidya Peethom, Kallekkad
* MES Kalladi College Mannarkad
* M.E.S Higher Secondary School, Olavakkode,Palakkad
* M.P.Moothedath Memorial Sree Narayanaguru College, Shoranur
* A.K.N.M.M.A.Memorial High School , Kattukulam
* St.Thomas Convent Higher Secondary School, Kallekulangara, Palakkad
* St.Annes School, Vallikode, Palakkad
* St.Sebastian High School , Palakkad
* Karuna central school , vandithavalam
* K.K.M.H.S.S. Vandithavalam
* G.H.S.S pattenchery
* T.S.N.M.High School,Kundurkunnu
* Kendriya Vidyalaya,Hemambika Nagar,Olavakkode, []
* Karimpuzha High School,Thottara-679513
* St.Dominic's convent english medium H.S.S.,Sreekrishnapuram,palakkad
* Sreekrishnapuram govt. H.S.S.,palakkad
* Muslim Vocational Higher Secondary school, Pudunagaram
* Model Residential School , Attappady
* G.H.S.S Kottayi.
* Vocational Higher Secondary C.F.D School, Vettikatu,Mathur.
* B.E.M.Higher secondary school, Palakkad
* Holy Trinity School, Kanjikode
* Assissi Higher secondary School , Kanjikode
* RCLP School , Chandrapuram ,Walayar ,Palakkad

ee also

*Palakeezhi Kavu - Mundoor
*Pappady SreeKrishna Temple
*Pariyanempatta Bhagavathi Temple, Kattukulam, Mangalamkunnu, Palakkad
*kavustreetpattani street,kunnam

atellite image of the town

* [,76.656547&spn=0.026181,0.037379&z=15 Satellite view of Palakkad town with some important landmarks]
* [,76.694956&spn=0.052364,0.074759&t=k&z=14 Road map of Palakkad] Punchapadam



External links

* [ Palakkad Tourism information]
* [ News updates from Palakkad]
* [ Koduvayur Community Website]

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