Red eye

"Red eye" or red-eye or "redeye" can refer to:

Humans and animals

*In eye color, an extremely rare coloring of the iris
*Red eyeshine
*Red eye (medicine), a medical symptom in which the sclera (white part) of someone's eye appears red in colour
*Pink eye


*Red-eye effect, the appearance of red eyes in photos due to the use of a flash

Place names

*Red Eye Township, Minnesota
*Redeye River, a river in Minnesota


*Redeye Distribution, a record distributor
*Red Eye Records, a record label
*Redeye (band), a 1970s rock group
*"Redeye", an electronic band from Manchester, England
*"Red Eye", a song by the band Devo from their album "Duty Now for the Future"

Other entertainment and media

*Red Eye (film), a 2005 United States film
*Red Eye (Korean film), a 2005 South Korean horror movie
*Red Eye (drug), a drug in the anime Cowboy Bebop
*The RedEye dinosaur tribe in the Star Fox Adventures video game.
*Red-Eyes Black Dragon, a card from Yu-Gi-Oh popularized by the character Joey Wheeler
*Redeye (comics), a comic strip by Gordon Bess
*"Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld", a late night comedy talk show on the Fox News Channel
*Redeye (radio), current affairs program on Vancouver Co-operative Radio, CFRO-FM
*"RedEye", a Chicago newspaper

Food and drink

*Red-eye gravy, a sauce used in the cuisine of the Southern United States
*Red eye (drink), a cup of coffee with a shot of espresso in it
*Red Eye (Canadian drink), a mixture of beer and Clamato/tomato juice.
*Red Eye (energy drink), energy drink from Australia


*FIM-43 Redeye, a type of US surface-to-air missile common in the Vietnam War
*Red-eye flight, an airplane flight that departs between 09:00 PM and 05:00 AM local time
*Paul Chaloner, a video game tournament commentator also known as "ReDeYe"
*"Agkistrodon contortrix laticinctus", a.k.a. the broad-banded copperhead; a venomous viper found in the United States
*"Agkistrodon contortrix mokasen", a.k.a. the northern copperhead; a venomous viper found in the United States

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