List of ancient Thracian cities

This is a list of ancient Thracian cities, towns, villages, and fortresses. A number of these cities were Greek cities, some were Celtic or Roman. An asterisk [*] indicates that the toponym is reconstructed. The endings "-bria" ("town, city"), "-disza", "-diza", "-dizos" (ref|etym1 "fortress, walled settlement"), "-para", "-paron", "-pera", "-phara" ("town, village") are from the Thracian language, as are numerous other lexical elements in this list.

This list includes a few Thracian towns located on land that was incorporated into Macedon around the time of Alexander I. Also some towns in Lower Moesia (see List of ancient towns in Scythia Minor).

*"Aegospotami" or "Aegospotamos"
*"*Alaaibria" (reconstructed from the Thracian ethnonym, "Alaaibriēnoi")
*"Bastira" (see "Mastira")
*"Dardapara" (in Dardania)
*"Iamphorynna" (a Maedan town)
*"Ismara" (a Ciconian town)
*"Ismaros" (alternate name of "Ismara")
*"Mastira" (mentioned by Demosthenes (341 BCE) in his "The Oration On The Sate Of The Chersonesus". This town was unknown to the scholar Harpocration (100-200 CE), who suggests that instead of "Mastira" we should read "Bastira", a Thracian town of that name.
*"Menebria" (older name of "Mesembria")
*"Myrkinos" (an Edonian town)
*"Philippopolis" (Greek name of "Pulpudeva")
*"Pulpudeva" (Daco-Thracian name of "Philippopolis")
*"Salmydessos" (from IE *salm-udes "salty water"; cf. Greek "álmē" "sea water, brine" and "ýdos" "water" [Katičic', Radoslav. "Ancient Languages of the Balkans, Part One". Paris: Mouton, 1976: 147] )
*"Selymbria" (modern Silivri in European Turkey)
*"*Skaptopara" (modern Blagoevgrad)
*"Skept" (near "Pizos")
*"Stratopara" (near "Pizos")


Thracian "-disza", "-diza", and "-dizos" are derived from Proto-Indo-European "*dheigh-", "to knead clay", hence to "make bricks", "build walls", "wall", "walls", and so on. These Thracian lexical items show a satemization of PIE "*gh-". Cognates include Ancient Greek "teichos" ("wall, fort, fortified town", as in the town of Didymoteicho) and Avestan "daēza" ("wall").


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*List of Dacian cities
*List of Illyrian cities

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* [ Duridanov's paper on Thracian toponyms]

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