Guo Songling

Guo Songling (zh-tspw |t=郭松齡 |s=郭松龄 |p=Guō Sōnglíng |w=Kuo Sung-ling) (1883 – 24 December 1925) was a Chinese warlord and Manchurian general who led a three month rebellion against Zhang Zuolin.

Rising from obscure origins, Guo Songling enlisted in the service of Zhang Zuolin's Fengtian clique army as a division commander in 1920. After nearly five years of service, Guo was gradually encouraged by Guominjun rival Feng Yuxiang to rebel against Zhang in mid-1925. Marching his division north towards Zhang's headquarters at Shenyang on 22 November, Guo met early success in the early weeks of the offensive. However, when neither the expected popular support or assistance of the Guominjun, his rebellion began to stall and within a month his forces were eventually surrounded by the Army of Fengtian and annihilated as Guo was killed in the fighting on 24 December 1925.


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