Keep On

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Name = Keep On
Type = Album
Artist = Will Young

Released = November 21 2005
Recorded = 2005
Genre = Pop
Length = 53:07
Label =
Producer = Stephen Lipson
Blair MacKichan
Johnny Douglas
Robin Thicke
Pro J
Dan Carey
Nitin Sawhney
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Last album = "Friday's Child"
This album = "Keep On"
Next album = "Let It Go"

"Keep On" is the third album from original "Pop Idol" winner Will Young. The album was released on November 21 2005, debuting at #2 on the albums chart in the United Kingdom, as the album sold 107,318 copies in its first week. However, its biggest sales are 132,109, in its fifth week when the album registered at #13. This is also his first album not to go #1. It is however his second best-selling album.

"Keep On" was released in two formats, CD and DualDisc. The Dual Disc contains the audio tracks on one side, and DVD content on the other, containing 25 minutes of exclusive footage.

Track listings

UK release

# "Keep On" (Will Young, Stephen Lipson, Heff Moraes, Francis White) – 4:44
# "Switch It On" (Young, Lipson, Ronnie Peterson, Karen Poole, Steve Wolf) – 3:47
# "All Time Love" (Jamie Hartman) – 3:54
# "Ain't Such a Bad Place to Be" (Blair MacKichan, Poole) – 3:21
# "Think It Over" (Young, Johnny Douglas, Poole) – 4:38
# "Who Am I" (White, Lucie Silvas) – 4:27
# "Happiness" (Steve Lee) – 5:16
# "Save Yourself" (White) – 3:21
# "Madness" (Young, James Gass, Sean Hurley, Robin Thicke) – 4:27
# "All I Want" (Young, Dan Carey) – 3:53
# "Think About It" (Young, Lipson, White) – 4:50
# "Home" (Young, Poole, Nitin Sawhney) – 6:22

DVD content (DualDisc only)

#Entire album in enhanced Stereo
#Exclusive documentary featuring special performances of "All Time Love" and "Happiness"
#Featuring the sketches of: The French Assassin, Bollywood Elvis, Bowler Hat and Zeppelin Pump
#Making of the video "Switch It On"
#Interview with Will
#"Switch It On" video

International release

# "Keep On" – 4:47
# "Leave Right Now – 3:34
# "Your Game" (Album Version) – 4:09
# "All Time Love" – 3:54
# "Switch It On" – 3:47
# "Ain't Such a Bad Place to Be" – 3:21
# "Think It Over" – 4:38
# "Who Am I" – 4:27
# "Happiness" – 5:16
# "Save Yourself" – 3:21
# "Madness" – 4:27
# "All I Want" – 3:53
# "Home" – 6:22


* "Switch It On" (number 5 UK)
* "All Time Love" (number 3 UK)
* "Who Am I" (number 11 UK)

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*Will Young discography

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