Subspace may refer to:

* Euclidean subspace, in linear algebra, a set of vectors in "n"-dimensional Euclidean space that is closed under addition and scalar multiplication.
* Linear subspace, in linear algebra, a subset of a vector space that is closed under addition and scalar multiplication
* Subspace topology, in topology and related areas of mathematics

;Science Fiction
* Hyperspace (science fiction), a fictional dimension in science fiction sometimes referred to as subspace
* Subspace (Star Trek), a medium for faster-than-light communications or travel

* SubSpace (video game), a two-dimensional space shooter computer game
* , the single player Adventure mode in the video game "Super Smash Bros. Brawl".
* Subspace - The Captain's Chair, a strategy computer game published in 2001 by Crystal Interactive

* Subspace (BDSM), the psychological state of the submissive partner in a BDSM scene
* Subspace (song), a single by Funker Vogt

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