Alarm für Cobra 11 – Die Autobahnpolizei

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show_name = Alarm für Cobra 11 –
Die Autobahnpolizei
genre = Action, Crime drama
runtime = ca. 45 minutes
starring = Erdogan Atalay (1996-)
Tom Beck (2008-)
Gedeon Burkhard (2006-2008)
René Steinke (1999-2003, 2005-2006)
Christian Oliver (2003-2004)
Mark Keller (1997-1999)
Johannes Brandrup (1996)
Rainer Strecker (1996)
country = flagcountry|Germany
network = RTL Television
first_aired = March 12, 1996
last_aired = present
num_seasons = 12+
num_episodes = 179+
imdb_id = 0115088

"Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei" (English title: "Alarm for Cobra 11 - The Motorway Police") is a long-running, popular German television series about a two-man team of highway police, originally set in Berlin and later in North Rhine-Westphalia. The series has also been broadcast in Hungary, Italy, Spain and Turkey.


The original cast featured Johannes Brandrup as Frank Stolte and Rainer Strecker as Ingo Fischer. Fischer left the series just two episodes later and his replacement became Erdogan Atalay as Semir Gerkhan.

Brandrup quit the series at the end of Season 1. The television netwok RTL, which carries the series, contracted Mark Keller as André Fux in his place. Keller left the series at the end of Season 6 and was replaced by René Steinke as Tom Kranich. He played the role between the seasons 7-14, then decided to quit to try other roles.

Atalay's new partner became Christian Oliver as Jan Richter in Seasons 14-16. When he left the series to build his career in the US, RTL turned to Steinke, who agreed to return at the beginning of Season 17. However, Steinke decided not to renew his contract, and left the series again at the end of Season 20. His replacement is actor Gedeon Burkhard as Chris Ritter. Burkhard is best known for his role in another German police show, "Kommissar Rex."

In 2008 Burkhard is replaced by Tom Beck as Ben Jäger.

The opening titles of the first 158 episodes had the following preamble:

"Ihr Revier ist die Autobahn" (Their turf is the highway)
"Ihr Tempo ist mörderisch" (Their speed is lethal)
"Ihre Gegner: Autoschieber, Mörder und Erpresser" (Their opponents: carjackers, murderers and blackmailers)
"Einsatz rund um die Uhr für die Männer von Cobra 11" (The Cobra 11 team is on duty around the clock)
"Unsere Sicherheit ist ihr Job" (Our safety is their job).

Since episode 159 the preamble says:

"Ihr Revier ist die Autobahn" (Their turf is the highway)
"Ihr Einsatz heißt: volles Tempo" (Their mission: full speed)
"Ihre Gegner von heute: extrem schnell und gefährlich" (Their opponents today: extremely fast and dangerous)
"Verbrechen ohne Limit – Jeder Einsatz volles Risiko" (Crimes without limit - every job full risk)
"für die Männer von Cobra 11" (for the men of Cobra 11).


Semir is the main character and one of the cops who stayed on the force from the beginning to the end. He is best known for driving his silver BMW 3 series undercover car throughout his career. He also owns numerous exotic cars outside of work but had terrible things happen to them. (BMW crashed, Ferrari 355 spyder stolen). He is serious and will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Tom is one of the more outgoing guys on the force, while Semir is serious. Together both of them gets the job done properly, sort of. He also has a forgiving personality due to the fact that he forgave a female driver despite that she wrecked his mountain bike on his first day commute to work. He also owns a Mercedes-Benz CLK 320 coupe, which is wrecked a dozen times.

Jan was Semir's partner before he left the force, he was introduced in the episode "Feuertaufe" shortly after Tom's emotional withdraw. Jan was the young equivalent to Semir's expierience. He left the force shortly after and Semir was forced to look for Tom again. Tom agreed to go back and was killed in action shortly after.

Chris, who was originally a police officer working undercover, became Semir's partner after Tom died in the episode "Auf Leben Und Tod". With the new partner the adventure continues, Chris drives a blue Mercedes-Benz CLK 320 which is the same one as Tom and in season 23 he started driving a gray Mercedes-Benz C350. His off work car is unknown.Chris dies at the end of the episode "Unter Feinden".

Ben Jäger succeded Chris and was introduced in the following episode. He's characterised as being an ambitious, often rebellic young officer and the counterpart to Semir's behaviour.

Dieter Bonrath serves as the cobra team's backup officer throughout his career, his partner is an obese, bearded officer named Horst "Hotte" Herzberger. They used to drive a green and white "Polizei" porsche 911 turbo highway patrol car but now swapped it for a silver green police version of the recent Porsch Cayenne.


Season 1

*1. Bomben bei Kilometer 92 (Bombs at kilometre 92)
*2. Rote Rosen, schwarzer Tod (Red roses, Black death)
*3. Der neue Partner (The new Partner)
*4. Mord und Totschlag (Blood and Thunder)
*5. Tod bei Tempo 100 (Death at 100 km/h)
*6. Der Alte und der Junge (The old one and the young one)
*7. Falsches Blaulicht (Fake blue light)
*8. Der Samurai (The Samurai)
*9. Endstation für alle (End of the line for everybody)

Season 2

*10. Shotgun
*11. Ausgesetzt (Abandoned)
*12. Kaltblütig (Cold-blooded)
*13. Notlandung (Emergency Landing)
*14. Das Attentat (The Assassination)
*15. Die verlorene Tochter (The lost daughter)
*16. Rache ist süß (Payback is a bitch)
*17. Bremsversagen (Brake failure)
*18. Crash
*19. Kindersorgen (Child Problems)
*20. Generalprobe (Dress rehearsal)
*21. Raubritter (Robber-knight)
*22. Volleystop
*23. Schlag zu (Strike)
*24. Sonnenkinder (Children of the Sun)
*25. Zwischen den Fronten (Between the fronts)
*26. Faule Äpfel (Rotten apples)
*27. Kurze Rast (Quick break)
*28. Gift (Poison)
*29. Tödlicher Ruhm (Deadly fame)
*30. Schnäppchenjäger (Bargain hunter)
*31. Leichenwagen (Catafalque)

Season 3

*32. Die letzte Chance (The last chance)
*33. Ein Leopard läuft Amok (The leopard goes postal)
*34. Die Anhalterin (The hitchhiker)
*35. Der tote Zeuge (The dead witness)
*36. Tödlicher Sand (Deadly Sand)
*37. Im Nebel verschwunden (Lost in the fog)
*38. Der Joker (The Joker)
*39. Im Fadenkreuz (In the crosshair)
*40. Brennender Ehrgeiz (Burning ambition)
*41. Tödliche Ladung (Lethal landing)
*42. Treibstoff (Fuel)
*43. Taxi 541
*44. Schattenkrieger (Shadow warrior)
*45. Der Richter (The Judge)
*46. Der Tod eines Jungen (The death of a boy)
*47. Ein einsamer Sieg (A lonesome victory)

Season 4

*48. Höllenfahrt auf der A4 (Descent into hell on the A4)
*49. Hase und Igel (Rabbit and Hedgehog)
*50. Auf der Flucht (On the run)
*51. Eine böse Überraschung (A nasty surprise)
*52. Blinde Liebe (Blind love)
*53. Tulpen aus Amsterdam (Tulips from Amsterdam)
*54. Highway Maniac
*55. Janina
*56. Geheimnisvolle Macht (Mysterious Power)
*57. Die Hütte am See (The hut at the lake)
*58. Gefährliches Spielzeug (Dangerous toy)
*59. Verlorene Erinnerungen (Lost memory)
*60. Die schwarze Rose (The black rose)
*61. Schachmatt (Checkmate)
*62. Schumanns große Chance (Schumann's big chance)
*63. Der Maulwurf (The mole)

Season 5

*64. Todesfahrt auf der Linie 834 (Death ride on line 834)
*65. Die schwarze Witwe (The black widow)
*66. Highspeed
*67. Der Rennstall (The racing barn)
*68. Zwischen allen Stühlen (Between all the chairs)
*69. Fieberträume (Fever dreams)
*70. Crash Kommerz (Crash commerce)
*71. Liebe bis in den Tod (Love till death)
*72. Tina und Aysim (Tina and Aysim)
*73. Ehrensache (Affair of honour)
*74. Tod aus dem Motor (Death from inside the engine)
*75. Falsches Spiel (False play)
*76. Doppelter Albtraum (Double nightmare)
*77. Feindliche Brüder (Hostile brothers)
*78. Schmölders Traum (Schmölder's dream)
*79. Kurzes Glück (Brief bliss)
*80. Truckstop

Season 6

*81. Hetzjagd (Chivvy)
*82. Der Kleine (The little one)
*83. Wehrlos (Defenceless)
*84. Im Kreuzfeuer (In the crossfire)
*85. Schwarze Schafe (Black sheep)
*86. Späte Rache (Late revenge)
*87. Black Out
*88. Vater und Sohn (Father and son)
*89. Verraten und verkauft (Sold down the river)
*90. Bis zum bitteren Ende (Till the bitter end)
*91. Tod eines Reporters (Death of a reporter)
*92. Tödliche Kunst (Deadly craft)
*93. Der perfekte Mord (The perfect murder)
*94. Ein tiefer Fall (A deep drop)
*95. Die Clique (The clique)
*96. Schatten der Vergangenheit (Shadows of the past)
*97. Abschied (The parting)

Season 7

*98. Feuertaufe (Baptism of fire)
*99. Falsche Signale (False signals)
*100. Countdown
*101. Heinrich und Paul (Heinrich and Paul)
*102. Undercover
*103. Tödliche Fracht (Deadly cargo)
*104. Der Aufprall (The clash)
*105. Familienbande (Family bonds)
*106. Leichte Beute (Easy prey)
*107. Sabotage
*108. Rock 'n' Roll
*109. Gegen die Zeit (Against time)
*110. Der Detektiv (The detective)

Season 8

*111. Für immer und ewig (Forever and ever)
*112. Falsche Freundschaft (False friendship)
*113. Im Visier des Todes (In death's sight)
*114. Ohne Ausweg (Without a back door)
*115. Freunde in Not (Friends in need)
*116. Die Zeugin (The witness)
*117. Die Todesliste (The death list)
*118. Muttertag (Mother's day)
*119. Gnadenlos (Merciless)
*120. Vertrauter Feind (Versant adversary)
*121. Extrem (Extreme)
*122. Showdown
*123. Feuer und Flamme (Fire and flame)
*124. Um jeden Preis (Whatever the price)
*125. Wer Wind sät ... (They sow the wind ...)

Season 9

*126. Comeback
*127. Feindliche Übernahme (Hostile takeover)
*128. Heldentage (Heroic days)
*129. Der Kommissar (The commissioner)
*130. Fieber (Fever)
*131. Notwehr (Self-defence)
*132. Jäger und Gejagte (Predator and prey)
*133. Feueralarm (Fire alarm)
*134. Hochspannung (High voltage)
*135. Explosiv (Explosive)
*136. Auf der Jagd (On the prowl)
*137. Am Abgrund (At the abyss)
*138. Zivilcourage (Moral courage)
*139. Brennpunkt: Autobahn (Focal point: Motorway)
*140. Außer Kontrolle (Out of control)
*141. Kleine Schwester (Little sister)

Season 10

*142. Kein Weg zurück (No way back)
*143. Unter Verdacht (Under suspicion)
*144. Flashback
*145. Vertrauenssache (Matter of trust)
*146. Unter Feuer (Under fire)
*147. Frankie
*148. Der letzte Coup (The final coup)
*149. Das Versprechen (The promise)
*150. Volles Risiko (Full risk)
*151. Der Fahrer (The driver)
*152. Im Angesicht des Todes (In contemplation of death)
*153. Hals- und Beinbruch (Break a leg)
*154. Die zweite Chance (The second chance)
*155. Tödliche Bewährung (Lethal parole)
*156. Lauras Entscheidung (Laura's decision)
*157. Freundschaft (Friendship)

Season 11

*158. Auf Leben und Tod (On life and death)
*159. In bester Absicht (In best intention)
*160. Nemesis
*161. Stunde der Wahrheit (Moment of truth)
*162. Der Staatsanwalt (The public prosecutor)
*163. Ausgeliefert (At mercy)
*164. Die Partner (The partners)
*165. Schuld und Sühne (Guilt and atonement)
*166. Familiensache (Family matter)
*167. Todfeinde (Sworn enemies)
*168. Gegen jede Regel (Against every rule)

Season 12

*169. Stadt in Angst (Town in fear)
*170. Alte Schule (Old school)
*171. Infarkt (Infarction)
*172. Entführt (Abducted)
*173. Rattennest (Rat's nest)
*174. Totalverlust (Total loss)
*175. Inkasso (Encashment)
*176. Auge um Auge (An eye for an eye)
*177. Exodus
*178. Leben und leben lassen (Live and let live)
*179. Unter Feinden (Among enemies)

Season 13

*180. Auf eigene Faust (On own account)
*181. Am Ende der Jugend (At adolescence's end)
*182. Rabenmutter (Uncaring mother)
*183. Schattenmann (Shadow man)
*184. Unter Druck (Under pressure)
*185. Wer einmal lügt (Once a liar)
*186. Der Verrat (The betrayal)
*187. Die Leibwächter (The bodyguards)
*188. Begraben (Buried)


The series is best known for its extremely well done stuntwork, which features the destruction of various vehicles in every episode. Almost every episode has a distinct structure, with at least one daring action sequence and the pre-title sequence usually consisting of the main event (i.e. a devastating crash on the Autobahn). The stuntwork is often so spectacular that it would not look out of place in a full-fledged movie, with cars commonly reaching implausible heights as they vault through the air.

Production locations

From 1996 to 1998, the series was produced jointly by [ Polyphon Film- und Fernsehgesellschaft mbH] (responsible for all other production aspects such as filming/postproduction/location scouting etc) and [ ActionConcept] (stunts). Those episodes were shot in Berlin, Germany and in the surrounding state of Brandenburg. In 1998, Action Concept took over as the sole production company and shifted all filming/production work to its headquarters in Hürth just south of Cologne. Since then, episodes have been shot in and around Cologne and Düsseldorf as well as on several major Autobahnen (A540/A44 and now mainly on the Filmautobahn Aldenhoven by Düren - [] ) between Cologne and Düsseldorf in the state of Northrhine-Westphalia (NRW).

Game adaptions

The series has also spawned numerous game releases in Germany, primarily for PC, but they have generally met with mixed receptions. The latest title is "," released in November 2007. "Crash Time" was also dubbed into English and sold in many other markets worldwide.


"'Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei" was regularly parodied as "Alarm für Kebap 11 – Die Dönerpölizei" by "Freitag Nacht News", a German comedy sketch program.

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