List of science fiction editors

List of science fiction editors

Science fiction has been shaped as a literary genre by both authors and editors.

This is an alphabetical list of some notable editors of speculative fiction (taken to include fantasy and horror fiction).

Outstandingly notable/influential editors ("giants") are listed in boldface.


* Brian W. Aldiss (born 1925), award-winning British anthologist, critic, and author
* Susan Allison, USA, longtime Editor-in-Chief and vice-president at Ace Books
* Lou Anders, USA, editor of Pyr, an imprint of Prometheus Books [ [ Bowing to the Future ] ]
* Lou Aronica (born 1958), US publisher and editor, founded the Bantam Spectra Line
* Ellen Asher, USA, Editor-in-Chief of Science Fiction Book Club 1973-2007
* Mike Ashley, English author, editor and anthologist
* Lady Cynthia Asquith (1887-1960), English writer and ghost story anthologist


* Jim Baen (1943-2006), renowned American editor and publisher; founded Baen Books(1983), Baen Webscriptions, the Baen Free Library and "Jim Baen's Universe" webzine
* Hilary Bailey (born 1936), British editor of some of the "New Worlds" anthologies
* Harry Bates (born 1900), editor of Astounding Science Fiction, Strange Tales, and Weird Tales
* Jeff Berkwits, final editor of "Amazing Stories", 2005
* John Betancourt (born 1963), USA, founded Wildside Press; edited "Weird Tales"; SF editor for Byron Preiss Books
* Sir Charles Lloyd Birkin (1907-1986), English editor of the "Creeps Library" of horror fiction anthologies, 1932-1936
* Caitlin Blasdell , USA, formerly an editor with HarperCollins and Avon Books, now a literary agent [ [ Caitlin Blasdell] ] ]
*Everett F. Bleiler (born 1920), award-winning American anthologist, usually with T. E. Dikty
* Kyril Bonfiglioli (1929-1985), British editor of "Science Fantasy" magazine
* Anthony Boucher (1911-1968), USA, founding editor of "The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction"
* Ben Bova (born 1932), USA, writer, editor of "Analog Science Fiction and Fact" 1971-1978; fiction editor of "Omni Magazine" 1978-1982
* Stacy Boyd, romance editor, Harlequin Luna 2001-present, [ [ It’s The Story…And A Whole Lot More | Booksquare ] ]
* Marion Zimmer Bradley (1930-1999), USA, writer, founder and editor of "Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine"
* Jennifer Brehl, USA, senior editor at HarperCollins [ [ Pictures of Fishermen] , by Ursula K. LeGuin]
* Kent Brewster, (born 1961) editor of Speculations
* Damien Broderick, Australia-USA, sf editor for Australian popular science bi-monthly Cosmos
* Keith Brooke, UK author, anthologist, publisher of [ Infinity Plus]
* Charles N. Brown (born 1937), USA, founder and editor of "Locus" news magazine
* Howard Browne (1908-1999), USA, editor of "Amazing Stories", 1950-1956
* Ginjer Buchanan (born 1944), USA, Editor-in-Chief of Berkley-Ace-Roc Books
* Algis Budrys (1931-2008), USA, writer, juror and editor of the "Writers of the Future" contest and anthology series, editor and publisher "Tomorrow Speculative Fiction" 1993-2000


* John W. Campbell, Jr. (1910-1971), USA, Golden Age editor of "Astounding Science Fiction" (later "Analog") magazine, considered the single most important and influential editor in the history of science fiction
* E.J. "Ted" Carnell (1912-1972), British editor of "New Worlds" magazine 1949-1963; noted anthologist
* Terry Carr (1937-1987), USA, award-winning editor at Ace Books, founder of "Ace Science Fiction Specials" line
* Lin Carter (1930-1988), USA, editor of the Ballantine Adult Fantasy series
* Keith Clayton, editor at Del Rey Books [ [ Del Rey to Publish 'Command & Conquer' Based Novel] , Softpedia 26 April 2007]
* Groff Conklin (1904-1968), USA, important, influential anthologist and critic
* Kathryn Cramer (born 1962), noted American editor and anthologist
* Edmund Crispin (1921-1978) English author and composer, editor of seven volumes of "Best Science Fiction"
* Peter Crowther (born 1949), English editor, publisher (PS Publishing) and anthologist


* Jack Dann (born 1945), USA (lives in Australia), anthologist, consulting editor for Tor Books
* Peter Darvill-Evans (born 1954) UK, editor of Doctor Who novels
* Ellen Datlow (born 1949), USA, award-winning anthologist and fiction editor at "Omni" / "Event Horizon" and "Sci Fiction" (2000–5)
* Avram Davidson (1923-1993), USA, writer, editor of "The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction" 1962-1964
* Judy-Lynn del Rey (1943-1986), USA, editor, co-founded Del Rey Books, edited "Stellar" original anthology series 1974–81; won Hugo Award for Best Professional Editor posthumously (declined)
* Lester del Rey (1915-1993), USA, author, co-founded Del Rey Books, edited "Best Science Fiction Stories of the Year" 1972–6
* Samuel R. Delany (born 1942), USA, writer and critic, edited the anthology series "Quark" with Marilyn Hacker
* August Derleth (1909-1971), USA, noted anthologist and founder of Arkham House
* T. E. Dikty (1920-1991), USA, edited the first "Best of the Year" anthology series 1949–57
* Tom Doherty (born 1936), USA, founder and publisher of Tor Books
* Candas Jane Dorsey, (born 1952), Canada, editor/publisher, Tesseracts Books for a number of years
* John R. Douglas, editor for Pocket Books, Avon, and HarperCollins [ [ interview] ]
* Gardner Dozois (born 1947), USA, premier "Best of the Year" anthologist; multiple award-winning editor of "Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine" 1984-2004


* Claire Eddy, senior editor at Tor Books [ [ Claire M. Eddy] ]
* Malcolm Edwards (born 1949), Britisn editor at Gollancz, HarperCollins and Orion Publishing Group
* Harlan Ellison (born 1934), USA, writer and scriptwriter, editor of the "Dangerous Visions" anthologies
* Roger Elwood (1943-2007), USA, prolific anthologist criticized for market flooding, 1972-1975
* Andreas Eschbach (born 1959), German writer and editor of prize-winning anthology "One Trillion Euro"
* Lloyd Arthur Eshbach (1910-2003), founder of Fantasy Press
* Richard Evans (1950-1996), British editor at Gollancz, McDonald Futura and Orbit Books [ [ Richard Evans] (scroll down) ]


* Paul W. Fairman (1916-1977), USA, editor of "Amazing Stories", "If" and "Fantastic" in the 1950s
* Moshe Feder, formerly editor at the Science Fiction Book Club and Tor Books, now a consulting editor for Tor [ [ Moshe Feder] ]
* Jenna Felice (1976-2001), USA, editor at Tor Books [ [ Jenna Felice] ]
* Edward L. Ferman (born 1937), American editor of the "Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction" 1964-1991
* Joseph W. Ferman (1906-1974), founder of "The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction"
* Jo Fletcher, UK, editor at Orion/Gollancz [ [ BSFA Meeting - Jo Fletcher interviewed (Big Dumb Object) ] ]
* Eric Flint (born 1947), USA, writer, reissue editor at Baen Books, cofounder of Baen Free Library
* James Frenkel (born 1948), USA, editor at Dell Books; founder and publisher of Bluejay Books; editor at Tor Books (1987-present)
* Esther Friesner (born 1951), USA, writer of humorous fantasy and editor of the "Chicks in Chainmail" original-anthology series [ [ SS > SF > book reviews > Esther M. Friesner ] ]
* Oscar J. Friend (1897-1963), anthologist


* David S. Garnett (born 1947), British editor of the "New Worlds", "Orbit" and "Zenith" anthology series
* Henry Gee (born 1962), editor of the Nature Futures series of science fiction short stories and the anthology of them
* Anna Genoese, [ [ Aleuromancy - Anna Genoese, Editorial Services ] ] USA, editor for Tor Books; originated Tor's paranormal romance imprint
* Hugo Gernsback (1884-1967), USA (born Luxembourg), pioneer editor of "Amazing Stories" magazine
* Nick Gevers, South African, anthologist and editor for PS Publishing
* Vic Ghidalia, (born 1926), collaborated on anthologies with Roger Elwood [ [ Elwood & Ghidalia] ]
* Sheila Gilbert, USA, longtime editor and co-owner of DAW Books [ [ DAW Books] ]
* Diana Gill, USA, SF & fantasy editor at HarperCollins [ [ SF Canada Articles - "An Interview with Diana Gill, Senior Editor of Eos" by Celu Amberstone ] ]
* Laura Ann Gilman, USA, freelance editor; formerly with Berkley, Dutton, and New American Library [ [ dymk productions - editorial services ] ]
* Robert Gleason, USA, longtime editor at Tor Books; formerly Tor's Editor-in-Chief [ [ Robert Gleason] ]
* H. L. Gold (1914-1996), USA (born Canada), founding editor of "Galaxy" magazine
* Stephen Goldin, (born 1947) USA, anthologist and editor of the SFWA Bulletin
* Cele Goldsmith Lalli (1933-2002), American editor of "Amazing Stories" and "Fantastic" magazines in the 1960es
* Liz Gorinsky, USA, assistant editor at Tor Books [ [ Science Fiction and Fantasy Editor Wiki / TheEditors ] ]
* Charles L. Grant, (1942-2006), award-winning American horror writer and anthologist
* Martin Greenberg (born 1918), American anthologist and founder of Gnome Press
* Martin H. Greenberg (born 1941), prolific American anthologist
* Anne Groell, [ [ A Conversation With Anne Lesley Groell *Writers Write - The IWJ* ] ] USA, senior editor at Bantam Spectra
* Eileen Gunn (born 1945), American short story writer and editor/publisher of the " [ Infinite Matrix] " webzine
* James Gunn (born 1923), editor of "The Road to Science Fiction" series of teaching anthologies; professor emeritus of science fiction literature at the University of Kansas and director of the Center for the Study of Science Fiction


*Karen Haber, critic, editor of "Best of the Year" collections from 2001-2004.
* Marilyn Hacker, (born 1942) USA, anthologist
* [ Marty Halpern] , USA, freelance editor for Golden Gryphon Press, Night Shade Books, and Tachyon Publications, among others
* Harry Harrison, (born 1925) USA, anthologist
* David G. Hartwell (born 1941), USA, award-winning anthologist; senior editor at Tor Books. Previously editor at Signet, Berkley, and Pocket Books; co-founder and -editor of "The New York Review of Science Fiction"
*Raymond J. Healey (1907-1969), USA; with J. Francis McComas, edited the pioneer anthology "Adventures in Time and Space" (1946) and alone 2 original anthologies in early 1950s
* Douglas Hill (1935-2007), UK, editor at Aldus Books, Literary Editor of "Tribune", and author of children's SF
* Tim Holman, UK, Publishing Director for Orbit Books worldwide; [ [ » Tim Holman ] ] formerly editor at Orbit UK
* John-Henri Holmberg (born 1947), Swedish editor, translator, critic, and fan
* Rich Horton, American critic [ [ Rich Horton's Science Fiction Page ] ] and anthologist for Prime Books
* Mary-Theresa Hussey, USA, executive editor, Luna Books, [ [ : - Fantasy Books from LUNA. A World You Can Only Imagine ] ] Harlequin's fantasy imprint


* Van Ikin, [ [ Science Fiction - A Review of Speculative Literature ] ] Australian anthologist; editor of "Science Fiction"; [ [ Science Fiction - A Review of Speculative Literature ] ] English professor


* Ejler Jakobsson (1911–1986), editor for a number of pulp magazines
* Toni Jerrman, editor of influential Finnish science fiction magazine "Tähtivaeltaja"
* Karl Johanson (born 1962 in Victoria Canada), editor of "Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine"
* S. T. Joshi (born 1958 in Pune, India), editor of many collections of short stories


* Michael Kandel (born 1941), USA, part-time editor at Harcourt; edits Ursula K. Le Guin's work
* Marvin Kaye (born 1938), USA, horror anthologist, editor of "H. P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror"
* Sara King, (born 1982), USA, science fiction writer, fiction editor for "Aberrant Dreams"
* Gérard Klein, (born 1937) French book editor
* Damon Knight (1922-2002), USA, editor of the "Orbit" series of original anthologies
* Jak Koke [ [ Jak Koke] ] (born 1964), USA, fantasy author and managing editor of Per Aspera Press
* Edward E. Kramer (born 1961), USA, anthologist and author
* Péter Kuczka (1923-1999), noted Hungarian editor of "Galaktika" 1972-1995
* David Kyle (born 1919) co-founder of Gnome Press


* David Langford (born 1953), UK editor of collections by John Sladek, editor of The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction 3rd Edition.
* Joel Lane (born 1963), UK small press editor
* Warren Lapine, USA, editor and publisher of "Absolute Magnitude" and DNA Publications [ [ Warren Lapine] ]
* Denise Little, editor of fantasy anthologies with Martin H. Greenberg [isfdb name|Denise_Little|Denise Little]
* Pat LoBrutto (born 1948), USA, consulting editor for Tor Books, formerly with Bantam Books and Ace Books
* Robert A. W. Lowndes (1916-1998), USA, editor of "Future Science Fiction", "Science Fiction", and "Science Fiction Quarterly"
* Richard A. Lupoff (born 1935) USA, anthologist


* Daryl F. Mallett (born 1969), USA, former editor at Borgo Press
* Barry N. Malzberg (born 1939), USA, magazine editor and anthologist
* Leo Margulies (1900-1975), USA, anthologist and editor of "Thrilling Wonder Stories", "Captain Future", "Startling Stories", and many other pulp magazines
* Shawna McCarthy (born 1954), USA, anthologist and editor of "Realms of Fantasy"; editor of "Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine" 1983-1986
* J. Francis McComas (1910-1978), USA, co-founding editor of "The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction"; anthologist
* Harriet McDougal, USA, former Editor-in-Chief of Tor Books, former Editorial Director of Ace Books; wife of author Robert Jordan.
* Beth Meacham (born 1951), USA, senior editor at Tor Books, 1984-present; editor at Ace Books 1981-1984
* Judith Merril (1923-1997), Canada (born USA), edited influential, eclectic "Year's Best" anthologies, 1956-1967
* Sam Merwin, Jr. (1910-1996), USA, an editor of Fantastic Universe and Galaxy
* Robert P. Mills (1920-1986), USA, magazine editor
* Samuel Mines [isfdb name|Samuel_Mines|Samuel Mines] (1909-1986), USA, editor of "Startling Stories" and "Thrilling Wonder Stories" in the 1950s
* Jim Minz, USA, editor [ [ Jim Minz] ] at Baen Books, former editor at Tor Books and Del Rey Books
* Betsy Mitchell, [ [ The SF Site: An Interview With Betsy Mitchell ] ] USA, editor-in-chief of Del Rey Books; former editor at Baen Books and Warner Aspect
* Michael Moorcock (born 1939), UK (lives in USA), prolific writer, editor of "New Worlds" magazine in the 1960s, instigator of science fiction's New Wave
* James Morrow (born 1947), American author and anthologist, editor of three Nebula Award anthologies


* Darren Nash, [ [ Getting Published in the UK: An interview with Darren Nash] , 13 November 2006] UK (born Australia), editor for Orbit Books UK, formerly with Simon & Schuster UK
* Gabriella Nemeth [ [ Gabriella Nemeth] ] , UK, editor for Atom Books division of Little, Brown)
* Patrick Nielsen Hayden (born 1959), USA, manager of science fiction at Tor Books; editor of "Starlight" original anthology series
* Teresa Nielsen Hayden (born 1956), USA, consulting editor (former managing editor) for Tor Books
* Raimo Nikkonen, Finland, editor of major Finnish Science fiction magazine "Portti" [ [ PORTTI Science Fiction ] ]
* Kate Nintzel, acquisitions editor at Eos books [ [ K. Nintzel] (scroll down) ] (HarperCollins)
* Sharyn November, USA, senior editor of Viking Children's Books; creator and editorial director of Firebird Books; editor of Firebird's original anthologies (Penguin Group)


* John O'Neill, founder of SF Site and editor of "Black Gate"
* John Oakes, former editor and publisher for Thunder's Mouth Press [] and Four Walls Eight Windows
* Andrew J. Offutt (born 1934), anthologist
* John J. Ordover, former editor at Pocket Books, responsible for Star Trek novelizations, now at Phobos Books


* Bella Pagan, editor [ [ Bella Pagan] ] for Orbit Books UK
* Raymond A. Palmer (1910-1977), USA, influential editor of "Amazing Stories", 1938-1949
* John J. Pierce (born 1941), USA, editor of "Galaxy Science Fiction", 1977-1979
* Frederik Pohl (born 1919), USA, writer, edited "Galaxy" and "If" magazines in 1960s and the "Star Science Fiction" series of original anthologies (1953–9)
* Andrew I. Porter, (born 1946), USA, editor of Science Fiction Chronicle for many years
* Byron Preiss (1952-2005), American editor, anthologist and publisher of Byron Preiss Visual Publications
* David Pringle (born 1950), Scottish editor and publisher of "Interzone (magazine)" 1988-2004
* Bill Pronzini (born 1943), American anthologist, often with Barry Malzberg and/or Martin H. Greenberg


* James L. Quinn, editor of If in the 1950s


* Eric Raab, editor [ [ Eric Raab] ] , Tor Books
* Cat Rambo, co-editor, Fantasy Magazine
* Mike Resnick (born 1942), USA, prolific anthologist (and award-winning author)
* Kristine Kathryn Rusch (born 1960), USA, former editor of "Pulphouse" and "The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction" (1991-1997)

* Steve Saffel, USA, freelance editor [ [ S. Saffel] ] , formerly at Del Rey Books and Marvel Comics
* Arthur W. Saha (1923-1999), US anthologist closely associated with Donald A. Wollheim
* Karl-Herbert Scheer (1928-1991), Germany, shared editorial direction of the Perry Rhodan series with Walter Ernsting
* Liz Scheler, editor [ [ Liz Scheler] ] for Roc
* Christopher Schelling, USA, literary agent, former editor [ [ c. Schelling] ] for Roc Books and HarperPrism
* Chris Schluep, USA, editor [ [ Chris Schluep] ] at Del Rey Books
* Stanley Schmidt (born 1944), USA, award-winning editor of "Analog Science Fiction and Fact" since 1977
* George H. Scithers (born 1929), USA, first editor of "Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine" 1976-1981; editor "Amazing Stories", mid-1980s
* Shelly Shapiro, USA, acquisitions editor, [ Locus list of 2006 books by editor] ] Ballantine Del Rey
* Larry Shaw (1924-1985), editor of "Infinity Science Fiction", "If magazine" and Lancer Books
* Mike Shohl, freelance editor, formerly with HarperCollins
* Yoshihiro Shiozawa, Japan, editor of "Hayakawa's SF Magazine" 1996-present
* John Silbersack, USA, literary agent, Trident Media Group. [ [ Friendly Agents, Publishers, Editors and Publicists ] ] Former publishing director or editor at HarperCollins, Warner Books, Roc and Berkley
* Steven H Silver, American anthologist with Martin H. Greenberg; critic; editor at ISFiC Press
* Robert Silverberg (born 1935), important American writer and editor of original anthologies and a "The Best of" line from 2001-2002.
* Melissa Ann Singer, USA, editor, Tor/Forge; primarily known as a horror editor [ [] ]
* Jason Sizemore, American founder and editor of "Apex Digest", a small-circulation quarterly
* T. O'Conor Sloane (1851-1940), American editor of "Amazing Stories" 1929-1938
* Anne Sowards, USA, acquisitions editor [ [ A. Sowards] ] , Roc Books and Ace Books
* Simon Spanton, UK, co-editorial director [ [ Bowing to the Future ] ] of Orion Gollancz, UK
* Cat Sparks, Australia, founding editor of the Australian small press publisher Agog! Press
* Lou Stathis (1952-1997), editor of "Heavy Metal" magazine and of DC Comics' Vertigo line
* Paul Stevens, USA, editor [ [ Articles: From the Editors: Paul Stevens of Tor/Forge ] ] at Tor/Forge Books
* Amy Stout, USA, former editor at Bantam Spectra, Roc and Del Rey Books; co-editor of "Full Spectrum" anthologies
* Jonathan Strahan (born 1964 Northern Ireland), Australia, anthologist, editor, publisher and critic


* Brian Thomsen, USA, consulting editor for Tor Books, former editor for DAW Books and Warner Books
* Roy Torgeson, editor of "Other Worlds" and "Chrysalis" anthology series, 1977-83 [ [] ]
* F. Orlin Tremaine (1899-1956), American editor of "Astounding Science Fiction " 1933-1937
* Gary Turner, USA, editor and publisher, Golden Gryphon Press
*Rodger Turner, Canada, editor of SF Site


* Juliet Ulman, [ [ PROFILE: Bantam editor Juliet Ulman] , 11 December 2006] senior editor for Bantam Spectra


* Gordon Van Gelder (born 1966), USA, editor (since 1997) and publisher (since 2000) of "The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction"; editor at St. Martin's Press, 1989-1997
* Jeff VanderMeer (born 1968), US writer, anthologist; founding editor and publisher of the Ministry of Whimsy Press (now defunct)


* Sean Wallace (born 1976), editor and publisher at Prime Books, Cosmos Books, and other small press publishers
* Toni Weisskopf (born 1956), USA, publisher of Baen Books after Baen's death; executive editor since 1987
* Andrew Wheeler, USA, editor (lately Senior) Science Fiction Book Club 1991–2007
* Ted White (born 1938), USA, former editor of "Fantastic", "Amazing Stories" and "Heavy Metal"; anthologist
* Paul Williams (born 1948), USA, editor of the complete short fiction of Philip K. Dick and Theodore Sturgeon
* Sheila Williams, USA, editor "Asimov's Science Fiction" since 2004; managing editor and assistant editor, 1982-2004
* Terri Windling, USA, editor at Ace Books (1980-1985); consulting editor for Tor Books since 1986; award-winning anthologist; editor of "The Journal of Mythic Arts" since 1996
* Betsy Wollheim (aka Elizabeth R. Wollheim), [ [ Betsy Wollheim: The Family Trade] , "Locus" June 2006] USA, publisher and co-owner of DAW Books; daughter of Donald A. Wollheim
* Donald A. Wollheim (1914-1990), USA, influential SF editor at Ace Books 1950-60s, founded DAW Books in 1971
* Elsie B. Wollheim, USA, cofounder of DAW Books; wife of Donald A. Wollheim


* Jane Yolen, prolific children's writer, editor of "Jane Yolen Books" at Harcourt Brace; fantasy anthology series "Xanadu" (1992-4), "Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy for Teens"
* Brian Youmans, editor, "Best of the Rest" [ [ The SF Site Featured Review: Best of the Rest 4 ] ] small press anthology series

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