SDI may refer to:
* SCUBA Diving International
* Serial Digital Interface (standard used in professional video equipment)
* Single document interface
* Slum Dwellers International
* Software Development Institute
* Spatial Data Infrastructure
* Standard Drive Interconnect (minicomputer interface standard by DEC)
* State Disability Insurance (as paid in California, New York State, or New Jersey, in the USA)
* Strategic Defense Initiative (U.S. anti-missile project under Ronald Reagan dubbed "Star Wars")
* Subsurface drip irrigation (also sometimes referred to as SSDI)
* S.D.I. (video game), a computer game and an arcade game
* Silt Density Index (see reverse osmosis systems)
* Socialisti Democratici Italiani, the Italian Democratic Socialists, an Italian political party
* Suction Diesel Injection, a range of diesel engines by the Volkswagen Group for use in cars and vans
* System Deployment Image (Microsoft bootable disk image)

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