Bluemantle Pursuivant

Bluemantle Pursuivant of Arms in Ordinary is a junior officer of arms of the College of Arms in London. The office is reputed to have been created by King Henry V to serve the Order of the Garter, but there is no documentary evidence of this. There is, however, mention of an officer styled Blewmantle going to France in 1448. The first Bluemantle to be mentioned by name is found in a record from around 1484. The badge of office, probably derived from the original blue material of the Order of the Garter, is blazoned as "A Blue Mantle lined Ermine cords and tassels Or".

The current Bluemantle Pursuivant of Arms in Ordinary is Michael Peter Desmond O'Donoghue, MA (Cambridge).

Holders of the office

"Brackets indicate a date or approximate date for which there is evidence that the named person was holder of this office. The reigning monarch is given if the date is not known more precisely."

*(Hen V) John Ashwell or Haswell
*(Hen V) John Ashwell
*(1419) Thomas More
*(Hen V) Thomas Collyer
*(Hen VI) William Hawkeslowe
*(Hen VI) John Horsley
*(Hen VI) Richard Stanton
*(Hen VI) James Collyer or Collier
*(Hen VI) John Ferrant
*(Hen VI) Roger Mallett
*(Edw IV) Henry French or Franke
*(Edw IV) Richard Champneys
*(Edw IV) Thomas Hollingsworth
*(Edw IV) Roger Bromley
*(Edw IV) John Brice
*(Edw IV) Thomas French or Franke
*(Edw IV?) Rowland Playnford
*(1484) Laurence Alford
*1503-1507 ...Banalee
*1508-1510 Francis Dyes
*1510-1522 Ralph Lago
*1522-1528 Thomas Bysley
*1528-1528 John Hutton
*1528-1536 John Narboone
*1536-1543 Richard Ratcliffe
*1543-1545 William Harvey
*1545-1550 Edmund Atkynson
*1550-1557 Nicholas Narboone
*1557-1559 John Hollingworth
*1559-1565 Richard Turpin
*1565-1583 Nicholas Dethick
*1583-1587 Humphry Hales
*1587-1589 James Thomas
*1589-1597 Robert Creswell
*1597-1611 Mercury Patten
*1611-1616 Henry St George
*1616-1633 Sampson Lennard
*1633-1641 William Ryley
*1641-1646 Robert Browne
*1646-1660 John Watson
*1660-1665 Robert Chaloner
*1665-1667 R Hornerbrock
*1667?-1668 Thomas Segar
*1668-1719 John Gibbon
*1719-1737 James Greene
*1737-1743 Thomas Browne
*1743-1747 John Pine
*1747-1752 Ralph Bigland
*1752-1761 John Ward
*1761-1762 Isaac Heard
*1762-1763 Henry Pugolas
*1763-1764 Peter Dore
*1764-1767 George Browne
*1767-1774 George Harrison
*1774-1781 Sir Charles Townley
*1781-1793 Edmund Lodge, Esq., FSA
*1793-1794 George Nayler
*1794-1797 John Havers
*1797-1819 Francis Martin, Jun
*1819-1831 William Woods
*1831-1849 George Harrison Rogers-Harrison
*1849-1864 Henry Murray Lane
*1864-1873 Henry Harrington Molyneux-Seel
*1873-1882 Edward Bellasis, Esq.
*1882-1889 Charles Harold Athill, Esq., MVO, FSA
*1889-1905 Gordon Ambrose de Lisle Lee, Esq., CB, CVO
*1906-1919 Sir Gerald Woods Wollaston, KCB, KCVO
*1919-1923 Hon. Philip Cary, FSA
*1923-1923 Edmund Clarence Richard Armstrong, Esq., FSA
*1923-1932 Aubrey John Toppin, Esq., CVO, FSA
*1933-1947 Richard Preston Graham-Vivian, Esq., MVO, MC
*1948-1956 James Arnold Frere, Esq., FSA
*1956-1967 John Philip Brooke Brooke-Little, Esq., CVO, FSA
*1970-1972 Francis Sedley Andrus, Esq., LVO
*1973-1983 Peter Llewllyn Gwynn-Jones, Esq., CVO, FSA
*1983-1991 Terence David McCarthy, Esq.
*1992-1999 Robert John Baptist Noel, Esq.
*2005-Present Michael Peter Desmond O'Donoghue, Esq.

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* Heraldry
* Officer of Arms


* "The College of Arms, Queen Victoria Street : being the sixteenth and final monograph of the London Survey Committee", Walter H. Godfrey, assisted by Sir Anthony Wagner, with a complete list of the officers of arms, prepared by H. Stanford London, (London, 1963)
* "A History of the College of Arms &c", Rev. Mark Noble, (London, 1804)

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