Quarters is a popular drinking game which involves players bouncing a quarter off of a table in an attempt to have the quarter land, usually into a shotglass (or cup) on that table. The game is popular at parties, especially in colleges and universities in the United States and Canada, as well as in Germany. It is also played in South Africa, where it is known as "coinage".

The player bouncing the quarter is referred to as the "shooter." In some variations the glass is empty and each player has a separate glass to drink from, while in other variations the glass that the shooter is aiming for contains an alcoholic beverage.

The quarter is customarily bounced on the face whether heads or tails. Some games may allow a player to bounce the quarter on the edge, particularly by rolling it down their nose.


Each round starts off with a glass filled with beer in the middle of the table and two people on opposite ends of the table having a quarter and a glass. Each player shoots his or her quarter at his glass until he makes it in, then the player passes the glass to the player to his left. If the player to his left still has a glass as well, the player taps that glass with his, and the player who has been tapped must drink the glass of beer in the middle of the table, refill it, then make the quarter into his or her glass before she gets tapped again, with play still going around the table.

If a player makes his or her first shot, s/he can choose to pass the glass to any player who does not currently have a glass.


The most common beverage used is beer, since it makes the continued drinking more filling, while diminishing the shooter's accuracy, thus increasing the difficulty further.

The players must determine beforehand how much is to be consumed each time a player is required to drink. This depends on the variation being played and the appetites of the players.

Numerous variations and special rules are available on the Internet.

ee also

* Moose, another drinking game involving bouncing quarters into an ice tray
* Chandeliers, a variation of quarters where one central glass is surrounded by one individual glass per player


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