GST may stand for:

* Goods and Services Tax, a type of value added tax
* Generation-skipping transfer tax, imposed by the United States on certain transfers by gift, inheritance, or bequest
* General strain theory, states that social structures within society may encourage citizens to commit crime
* General systems theory, formerly synonymous with cybernetics
* Generalised suffix tree, a tree-like data structure
* Glutathione S-transferase, family of enzymes
* The Great Southern Trendkill, the fourth major label release by Pantera
* GStreamer, a multimedia framework
* Grand Sports Tourer, or Mercedes-Benz R-Class automobile
* GST Computer Systems a group of companies based around Cambidge in the United Kingdom
* Greenwich Sidereal Time, a variant of Greenwich Mean Time used in astronomy
* GNU Smalltalk, a free implementation of the Smalltalk language
* GNOME System Tools, part of the GNOME desktop environment
* "Global System for Telematics", an EU funded project to develop a telematics service framework

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