Field or fields may refer to:
* Field (agriculture), an area of land used to cultivate crops for agricultural purposes
* Field of study, a branch of knowledge
* Playing field, in sports, the area in which the sport is played
* Visual field or field of view, the area visible from a point of view (it can be a camera or an eye)
* Depth of field, in photography, the distance in front of and beyond the subject that appears to be in focus

cience and mathematics

* Electric Field, the effect of electric charged objects on surrounding space.
* Field (mathematics), an algebraic system with well-behaved addition, multiplication, and division
* Scalar field, a mapping of scalar values to points in a space
* Vector field, a mapping of vector values to points in a space
* Tensor field, a mapping of tensor values to points in a space
* Field (physics), the presence of a quantity at every point of space
* Field (geography), with a definition similar to that of physics but in a different context and using unique models and methods
* Field (computer science), a smaller piece of data from a larger collection (e.g., database fields)
* Field of sets, a mathematical structure of sets in an abstract space
* Field winding or Field magnet, the stator of an electric motor

ociology and politics

* Field (Bourdieu), a sociological term coined by Pierre Bourdieu to describe the system of objective relations constituted by various species of capital
* Field Department, the division of political campaigns tasked with organizing local volunteers and directly contacting voters
* Sexual field, a term that describes systems of objective relations within collective sexual life.

Other technical uses

* Field (video), one half of a frame in an interlaced display
* Field (heraldry), the background of a shield
* In flag terminology, the background of a flag


* Cyrus West Field (American businessman and financier), responsible for the first Transatlantic Cable
* David Dudley Field II (America lawyer), constructed the foundation for the codification of present day common law
* Hartry Field, (b. 1946), a philosopher working at New York University
* John Field (composer), an Irish classical music composer
* Joshua Field (engineer), British civil engineer
* Marshal Field, Founder of Marshall Field and Company
* Sally Field, American actress
* Todd Field, American film director
* The Field (musician), a.k.a. Axel Willner, a Swedish electronic musician

* John Charles Fields, a Canadian and founder of the Fields Medal
* Totie Fields, an American comedian
* W.C. Fields, an American comedian
* John Fields, an American music producer/songwriter

Place names

* Field, British Columbia, Canada
* Field, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
* Field Island, Nunavut, Canada
* Fields, Indiana, United States
* Fields, Oregon, United States


* Field (sculpture), a sculpture by Anthony Gormley
* Murray Field Airport

Brand names

* Fields (department store), a chain of discount department stores operating in the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia
* Field's, a shopping centre in Denmark
* Field and Stream, a US magazine featuring hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities
* Field Records, a record label
* Fields (band), an indie rock band

ee also

*The Field (disambiguation)
* Meadow
* Paddock
* Fielding
* "Feld"
* Fields Medal

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