Marina Gershenovich

Marina Gershenovich (Russian: Марина Иосифовна Гершенович, born September 28, 1960) is a Russian poet and translator born in the city of Novosibirsk, Soviet Union. Now she resides in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Marina Gershenovich does not belong to any formal poetic group or trend in poetry. However she has close relations with the creative union called "AZiYa+". In particular, members of "AZiYa+", composers and singers Evgeniya Logvinova and Elena Frolova have put her poems on music and perform them in concerts. Also, in August 2005, in St Petersburg, Russia, "AZiYa" in collaboration with Sergey Khodov's Publishing house, published The Book of Four that consists of Marina Gershenovich's poems as well as poems by three other authors - Arkady Surov, Mikhail Basin and Pavel Shkarin. Author of the project is Marina Gershenovich, designer - Irina Bolotina.

Marina Gershenovich is a poet and translator of English and German poetry. She has books published, and CDs of her songs produced (performed by Elena Frolova, Valentina Ponomaryova). She won the grand prize - Golden Crown - at the international poetry contest in London, in 2004, "Pushkin in Britain". She is a laureat of the famous Grushin's festival of music and poetry in Russia. Currently she hosts Literary Cafe in Düsseldorf, tours with her own poetry concerts all around the world, publishes her poetry, poetic translations, and essays. Books by Marina Gershenovich can be found in the collections of the Library of Congress (Washington, US) and Alexandria Library (Alexandria, Egypt).


  • Razgovory na rasput’e (1995)
  • V poiskah angela (2002)
  • Kniga na četveryh (2005)
  • Mascha Kaleko: Žizn’ i stihi (2007)

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