Itumbiara is a small city and municipality in the extreme south of the state of Goiás, Brazil. The population was 88,109 (2007) in a total area of 2,461,3 km² (10/10/2002). Itumbiara is one of the most prosperous cities in Goiás and is a major producer of soybeans, corn, cattle, and milk.


Itumbiara lies 197 kilometers south of the state capital, Goiânia, and is on the state boundary with Minas Gerais.

There are good road connections with Goiânia and São José do Rio Preto, state of São Paulo, by the national highway, BR 153.Brazil's most popular hot springs, Caldas Novas and Rio Quente, are located a short distance to the north.

The territory of the municipality is crossed by the Paranaíba River, the Meia Ponte, the Rio dos Bois and by several small rivers and streams.

*Hamlets: Campo Limpo and Meia Ponte.

Political data

*Mayor: José Gomes da Rocha
*Number of councilmembers: 10
*Total number of eligible voters: 65,015 (2007)


*Population density in 2007: 35.80 inhab/km²
*Population growth rate 1996/2007: 1.04.%
*Total population in 2007: 88,109
*Total population in 1980: 78,049
*Urban population in 2007: 84,041
*Rural population in 2007: 4,068(Sepin/IBGE)


Itumbiara is a large producer of corn, soybeans and cotton. The cattle herd is substantial, with almost one hundred and fifty thousand head of beef cows in addition to thirty thousand milking cows. There is also a large poultry raising industry. (All data below are from Sepin/IBGE)

Economic data
*Number of Industrial Establishments: 169 (/06/2007)
*Industrial District: Distrito Agroindustrial - DIAGRI (2007)
*Dairies: - Coop. Central de Laticínio do Estado de SP Ltda. - Miqueline e Miqueline Ltda. - Marajoara Ind. de Laticínios Ltda (06/2007)
*Banking Establishments: - Banco ABN AMRO Real S.A.(1) - Banco do Brasil S.A.(2) - BRADESCO S.A (1) - Banco Itaú S.A.(3) - CEF (1) - HSBC Bank Brasil S.A –Banco Múltiplo (1) - UNIBANCO-União de Bancos Brasileiros S.A. (08/2007)
*Number of Retail Commercial Establishments: 1,180 (2007)

Animal raising
*Poultry: (head) 429,220 (2006)
*Cattle (head) 152,640
*Swine: (head) 14,990
*Milk cows (head): 32,030

Main crops in planted area
*Cotton: 900 ha.
*Rice: 1,400 ha.
*Sugarcane: 11,500 ha.
*Corn: 6,550 ha.
*Soybeans: 36,500 ha.
*Sorghum: 5,300

AgribusinessMajor agro-industrial industries are:
* [ Alca Foods] (cereals)
* [ Braspelco] (leather exports)
* [ Caramuru Alimentos] (agribusiness, soy exporter)
* [ Grupo Maeda] (cotton, soy)
* [ Pioneer Sementes] (seeds)

Farm Data (2006) in ha.
*Number of farms: 1,136
*Total area: 183,202
*Area of permanent crops: 1,982
*Area of perennial crops: 46,626
*Area of natural pasture: 100,370
*Persons dependent on farming: 4,000
*Farms with tractors: 440 [ IBGE]

Education (2006)

*Schools in activity: 58
*Total Students: 25,464
*Higher education: In July 2007 there were 3 institutions of higher education in the city. The schools were: - Fundação de Ensino Superior - IES (FAFICH-Goiatuba) - Unidade Universitária da UEG - Faculdade Santa Rita de Cássia - UNIFASC
*Literacy Rate: 89.0%(Sepin/IBGE 2000)

Health (2006)

*Hospitals: 5
*Beds: 342
*Infant mortality rate: 21.55 (in 1,000 live births)(Sepin/IBGE 2000)
*MHDI: 0.782
*State ranking: 27 (out of 242 municipalities in 2000)
*National ranking: 1,018 (out of 5,507 municipalities in 2000)For the complete list see [ Frigoletto]


For nautical tourism Itumbiara is a major attraction. The artificial lake of Itumbiara offers, besides its natural beauty, above-average fishing. The lake can be used for all types of water sports. On the second Sunday of August the traditional river procession of Our Lady of the Graces takes place. Other turistic points are two waterfalls-- Salto de Santa Maria de Cima and Saltos de Santa Maria do Meio--and Lago Vermelhão, and Afonso Penna Bridge, which links the states of Goiás and Minas Gerais.


In 1824 the road was completed linking Uberaba and Anhanguera on the border between Goiás and Minas Gerais. The government installed a tax collection post and the site was called "Porto de Santa Rita" or just "Porto". Soon a chapel was built dedicated to Santa Rita and the settlement was known as Santa Rita do Paranaíba, after the great river that divides Minas and Goiás. In 1909 a suspension bridge was built over the river. In 1909 Santa Rita do Paranaíba became a municipality. In 1943 the name was changed to Iumbiara, after a road built by Engineer Inácio Pais Leme connecting the town with Cachoeira Dourada, 40 km. away. [ Histórico dos Municípios] In 1966 the city was made the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Itumbiara.

External links

* [ Prefeitura Municipal de Itumbiara]
* [ Itumbiara, Goiás, Brazil]

ources of data

* [ IBGE]
* [ Seplan]
* [ Frigoletto]
* [ City Brazil]
* [ Sepin]

*See also List of municipalities in Goiás

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