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name = Pico

image caption = Pico Island seen from the harbor of Horta, Faial
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native name =
native name link = Portugal
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location = Atlantic Ocean
coordinates =
archipelago = Azores Islands
area = 447 km²
highest mount = Mount Pico
elevation = 2,351 m
country = Portugal
country admin divisions title = Autonomous Region
country admin divisions = Azores Islands
country capital city =
country largest city = Madalena
country largest city population = 6,297
country leader title =
country leader name =
population = 15761
population as of = 2007
density =
ethnic groups =
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Pico Island (Portuguese: "Ilha do Pico", pron. IPA2|'iʎɐ du 'piku) is an island of the Azores noted for its eponymous volcano, Ponta de Pico (Pico Alto), which is the highest mountain of Portugal and also the highest elevation of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

The island is 17.5 km south of São Jorge ("Ilha de São Jorge") and just 7 km west of Faial ("Ilha do Faial"). It is 42 km long and has a maximum width of 15 km and an area of 447 km², making it the second largest of the Azores islands. The main settlements are the capital Madalena, São Roque do Pico and Lajes do Pico, the total population is 15761 inhabitants (as of 2007).

The volcano is in the south-west of the island, at 38.47 N, 28.40 W. It is a basaltic stratovolcano 2,351 m high with steep sides. The last eruption on the island was in 1963, with a small submarine eruption off the northwest coast. Prior major eruptions were in 1562-64, 1718 and 1720. The paths of the lava flows are still visible, those of the 16th century and 1718 were particularly substantial, extending for over 10 km.

The island supported a substantial whaling industry until 1980. The position of the island on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge means that deep water is very close. Active industries include tourism, shipbuilding and wine production. Landscape of the Pico Island Vineyard Culture has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004. It has a notable wine, the Pico Wine (Vinho do Pico).

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*Pico IPR


* [http://www.volcano.si.edu/world/volcano.cfm?vnum=1802-02= Global Volcanism Program: Pico]
* Instituto Nacional de Estatística [http://www.ine.pt/]

External links

* [http://www.ribeiras.com Ribeiras.com is a site dedicated to Ribeiras, one of the south end towns of Pico]
* [http://www.flickr.com/groups/pico Pico - A Ilha Montanha Atlantica - Flickr Group]
* [http://theazoresislands.blogspot.com/search/label/Pico%20Island The Azores Islands, Site with abundant information about Azores Pico Island]
* [http://call-of-the-mountains.freehostia.com/hike-info-09.html Pico hike and trip report.] September 2007.

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