Business to Government (B2G) is a derivative of B2B marketing and referred to as a market definition of "Public Sector Marketing" which encompasses marketing products and services to the U.S. Government through Integrated Marketing Communications techniques such as strategic public relations, branding, marcom, advertising, web-based communications to Uncle Sam.

According to Gal Borenstein, CEO of The Borenstein Group (Fairfax-Based B2G Marketing Communications Firm), [] , the majority of government spending has been focus on fulfilling three mission areas identified in the Presidential Management Agenda (PMA) of current and past presidents: [ ]

1. Empower government agencies with better Business Process to help make it more efficient.2. Become a better customer-service provider to Public Citizen and promote visible accessibility to public records via electronic records management. 3. Create visible accountability by reducing disparate systems and centralizing functions that can be re-engineered to be measured, accounted for, and controlled by tighter oversight and controls.

Examples of B2G Marketing Communications and Public Relations Agencies and Counselors that support Public Sector IT Marketers in the Multi-Billion dollar federal marketplace include:


Examples of dominant B2G Marketing Media organizations that cover the B2G market with latest trends in government purchasing, policies and initiatives, with particular emphasis on e-government, include:
* (Federal Computer Week Magazine and web portal)
* [] (Washington Technology Magazine and web portal)
* [] Government Computer News Magazine and web portal)
* [] (Signal Magazine)
* [] (Government Executive Magazine and web portal).

Examples of Case Studies reported by Marketing Media on Business to Government Campaigns:
*Direct Marketing News: []
*BtoB Magazine: []
*BtoB Magazine: []

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* Tenders

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