The Invisible (film)

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name = The Invisible

caption = Theatrical release poster
director = David S. Goyer
producer = Gary Barber
writer = Mick Davis
Christine Ruom
Mats Wahl
starring = Justin Chatwin
Margarita Levieva
Marcia Gay Harden
Chris Marquette
Alex O'Loughlin
music = Marco Beltrami
cinematography = Gabriel Bernstein
editing = Conrad Smart
distributor = Hollywood Pictures
released = April 27, 2007
runtime = 1 hr. 41 minutes
country = flagicon|USA
language = English
budget = $30 million
gross = $24,100,000+
website =
amg_id = 1:334848
imdb_id = 0435670

"The Invisible" is a 2007 supernatural thriller starring Justin Chatwin, Margarita Levieva, Chris Marquette, Marcia Gay Harden, and Callum Keith Rennie. The movie was released in theaters on April 27, 2007 and on DVD and Blu-ray on October 16, 2007. "The Invisible" is a remake of the Swedish film "Den Osynlige", which was based on the novel of the same name by Mats Wahl. "The Invisible" was shot mostly in and around Vancouver.

Tag line: "Life. Death. And something in between."


High school senior Nick Powell (Justin Chatwin) is an aspiring writer who'd rather go to London for a writing program than attend his high school graduation, but his widowed, affluent mother (Marcia Gay Harden) has other plans for him. He buys a ticket to London anyway. His best friend Pete Egan (Chris Marquette) is often harassed by a girl named Annie Newton (Margarita Levieva), a troubled young teenager who Pete owes money to for a cell phone. She and her younger brother Victor live in a broken household with their father and new stepmother. Annie is someone who is often metaphorically invisible to others. In an attempt to defend his best friend Pete, Nick tries to negotiate with Annie and her friends, but when she rejects him, he tells her that she is a broken person. Infuriated, Annie attacks Nick in the cafeteria of their high school.

One night while her boyfriend Marcus Bohem (Alex O'Loughlin) is hijacking a car, Annie walks across the street to a jewelry store and breaks the glass, grabs as much as she can, and runs to the car, narrowly escaping. When she rebuffs Marcus the next morning, he decides to turn her in anonymously. Annie thinks that it was Pete who turned her in. She beats him, but doesn't believe his innocence. In turn, he says that Nick was the one, assuming that he was going to be in London, and so Annie wouldn't be able to find him. At the last minute, however, Nick decides not to go to London and leaves a friend's party when Annie and her gang of friends seemingly beat Nick to death and leave him for dead in a sewer, while Pete is forced to watch helplessly.

Nick later awakens as an invisible being. He is confused at first when he attends school and goes throughout the daily rituals of his life, and no one can hear or see him. Nick realizes what happened that night and at first assumes that he is dead. However, he comes to realize that he is still alive after witnessing a bird on the verge of dying and transitioning from an invisible being to nothingness. He watches helplessly as his mother and the police, led by Detective Brian Larson (Callum Keith Rennie) search for his attacker. He also watches as Pete and Annie's friends feel guilty over what they have done and almost turn themselves into the police, but don't due to threats from Annie. However, he is hours away from perishing; Nick's body must be found and treated before it expires.

Nick eventually finds out that Annie is the only one who can hear him. He attempts to confront her on several fronts, but Annie continues to ignore him. He stays close to Annie in an effort to convince her to reveal to the authorities where his body is located. With no place to go, Annie breaks into their high school, showers and sleeps on the gym tarmacs. Nick empathizes with her loneliness and lies with her. As he talks to her, she responds by turning toward him and cries as he puts his hand on hers, seemingly staring into his eyes as he does this. The next morning, with Nick still pursuing her, Annie breaks into Nick's home, lies in his bed and looks through his belongings and the two realize that they're not so different after all.

Nick's mother discovers Annie looking through Nick's belongings; not knowing that Nick is there as well. Eventually, Annie succumbs to Nick and takes him to the place where she originally left his body. To their dismay, however, they both find that Nick's body is no longer there.

It is soon revealed that Pete and Marcus moved Nick's body to a dam after Detective Larson and the police found Nick's watch and got strong leads by the place where Nick's body was originally located. Later, Pete, who feels guilty for what he has done and for not going to the police, attempts to kill himself on the night of graduation by overdosing on pills. Nick is briefly reunited with him as he enters the state of being in which Nick is trapped. Pete tearfully apologizes to Nick and reveals to him the location of his body. Luckily, Pete's parents enter the room and find him when Pete is on the brink of death. Annie confronts Marcus by breaking into his car and orders Marcus to drive to an isolated location outside of the city. Annie finds out that Nick's body was moved to a nearby dam, where it would be washed away when the flood gates opened. At the same time, Nick finds out the same information from Pete. Annie then realizes that Nick was innocent and that it was Marcus who turned her in. After threatening Marcus with a gun to get the information, she walks away, but he turns and shoots her in the stomach. She shoots and hits him, then calls Detective Larson and reveals the whereabouts of Nick's body. Annie watches as Nick locates his body and nearly perishes when the dam is turned on. Detective Larson and the police arrive in time, however, and Nick is found to still be alive despite being unconscious.

Nick is in the trauma unit of the hospital when he calls for Annie. Although she is fatally wounded, she overcomes all obstacles to get to the hospital, even dodging a police chase. Nick finds her and leads her to his body. Nick's mother sees Annie and confronts her, however Annie is able to convince her that Nick is there and it is his wish that she see him. Annie enters the room and apologizes to Nick. She gives him her necklace; a silver angel which came from her mother, to Nick and holds his hand. Nick regains consciousness and tries to soothe a crying Annie, telling her that she has fulfilled her wish to do one good thing by saving his life. As they lie together in his hospital bed, she passes away.

The closing scene is Victor flying his model airplane when Nick meets him. Victor tells Nick that he is here by himself because his older sister, Annie, was supposed to take him, but she died. Nick offers to help Victor send a message to his sister. On the plane, he writes, "Hey Annie" and the two of them watch the plane take off into the sky.


*Justin Chatwin as Nick Powell
*Margarita Levieva as Annie Newton
*Marcia Gay Harden as Diane Powell
*Chris Marquette as Pete Egan
*Alex O'Loughlin as Marcus Bohem
*Callum Keith Rennie as Det. Brian Larson
*Michelle Harrison as Det. Kate Tunney
*Ryan Kennedy as Matty
*Andrew Francis as Dean

Filming locations

*The setting of the film is in a fictional "Burnaby" in Washington state, but the film was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia. In the first scene of the movie, the notable Vancouver 'Harbour Centre' building can be seen to the left; in other scenes, you can see the skytrain going through a Vancouver suburb and the Sea Walk in the Stanley park.
*The high school scenes in this movie were filmed at Burnaby Mountain Secondary School in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada (the name of the school remains unchanged in the film). Classrooms were digitally edited with multiple classrooms mixed in. Students of the school were not allowed to be extras.


The soundtrack features music from the movie by Snow Patrol and by 30 seconds to mars, mostly music not heard in the movie. The album was released April 17th 2007.

Criticism and ratings

"The Invisible" opened at #2 in its first week at the box office below "Disturbia" with $7.7 million at 2,019 locations. In its second week the film had a 57.7% drop-off, staying at #4. The film grossed $20.1 million domestically and $4.0 million in foreign countries making a total of $24.1 million worldwide. The movie received mostly negative reviews. The site Rotten Tomatoes report that 19% of critics gave the film positive reviews, based on 53 reviews

Jeannette Catsoulis, from the New York Times reviews the film stating that "The Invisible" "proves that it's tough to be in love and in limbo at the same time," and that the film "shows less interest in horror than in healing". Liam Macey, of the Globe and Mail stated, "the only horror here is the script." Despite several poor reviews, however, there were positive reviews as well. Fred Topel, of Top Magazine says, "The filmmaking is so well constructed that it really is a masterpiece of cinema, if not storytelling itself." Kent Turner, of, even admitted, "it's not that bad at all."

Justin Chatwin and Margarita Levieva were praised for their performancesFact|date=April 2008 regardless of the poor reviews.

Blu-ray disc & DVD release

This film was released on Blu-ray Disc and standard DVD October 16, 2007 by Hollywood Home Entertainment.
#Commentary by director David S. Goyer and writers Christine Roum and Mick Davis
#Deleted scenes
#Music videos:
##"The Kill" music video by 30 Seconds to Mars
##"Taking Back Control" music video by Sparta (band)


*In the Swedish film "Den Osynlige", which The Invisible is a remake of, "Niklas" (changed to Nick Powell in The Invisible) does not regain consciousness. He is "freed" by Annelie (Annie Newton) when she turns off his life support at his wish. She later turns herself over to the police.
* In the Swedish original Nick's friend does not take an overdose of drugs and survive. He instead commits suicide in his room by hanging himself.
* In Annie's room there's a Slipknot poster on her wall in one of the scenes

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