List of LGBT rights organizations

List of LGBT rights organizations around the world. Note that some organizations support certain rights while opposing others.


* [ Gay Straight Alliance Network International] (GSANI)
*International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA)
*International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC)
*International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Youth and Student Organisation (IGLYO)
*Amnesty International (AI)



*The Cameroonian Association for the Defense of Homosexuality (ADEFHO)
*Igreja da Comunidade Metropolitana (ICM)


* Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya


*Changing Attitude Nigeria (CAN)


*And Ligeey

Sierra Leone

*Sierra Leone Lesbian and Gay Association

South Africa

* Lesbian & Gay Equality Project
* Gay and Lesbian Organisation of the Witwatersrand (GLOW)


*Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG)




*Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ)

America (continent)


* Comunidad Homosexual Argentina (CHA)


* Rainbow Alliance of The Bahamas


* M.G.L.P. Libertad


* Grupo Gay da Bahia (GGB)


* AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT)
* Allied Rainbow Communities International
* [ Canadian Bar Association SOGIC]
* [ Canadian Human Rights Commission]
* [ Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives (CLGA)]
* [ Canadian Rainbow Health Coalition]
* [ Canadians for Equal Marriage]
* [ Dignity Canada]
*Egale Canada
* [ Equal Marriage for Same-Sex Couples]
* [ Eucharistic Catholic Church in Canada]
* [ Family Pride Canada]
* [ Integrity Canada]
* [ LEGIT]
*Lesbian and Gay Community Appeal Foundation (LGCA)
* [ Lesbian Mother's Association]
* [ Metropolitan Community Church]
* [ New Democratic Party of Canada]
* [ NGALE]
* [ NSRAP]
* [ PFLAG Canada]
* [ TransCanada]
* [ United Church of Canada]


* Movimento Unificado de Minorias Sexuales (MUMS)


*Colombia Diversa


* Cuban National Center for Sex Education (CENESEX)


* Associacion Gay Lesbica Guatemalteca


* Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD)


* Jamaica Forum of Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays (J-FLAG)

Netherlands Antilles



* Movimiento Homosexual de Lima (MHOL)

= United States of America =

*African Ancestral Lesbians United for Societal Change
*Alternative Family Project
*American Medical Student Association [] (AMSA)
*American Medical Association [] [] (AMA)
* [ One National Gay & Lesbian Archives ]
* (Mormon Church)
*API Equality []
*Basic Rights Oregon []
*Bay Area Physicians for Human Rights [] (BAPHR)
*Cheer, Dorothy, Cheer!
*Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere (COLAGE) []
*Daughters of Bilitis
*Digital Queers (DQ)
*DignityUSA (Catholic Church)
*EQCA (Equality California) []
*Equality Florida []
*eQualityGiving []
*Equality Arizona []
*Equality Maryland []
*Equality Mississippi
*Equality North Dakota
*Equality Texas []
*Equality Virginia []
*Equal Rights Washington []
*Fine By Me
* [ Gay Straight Alliance Network International] (GSANI)
*Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD)
*Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)
*Gay and Lesbian Medical Association [] (GLMA)
*Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network [] (GLSEN)
*Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund and Leadership Institute []
*Gay Liberation Front (GLF)
*Gays and Lesbians in Foreign Affairs Agencies (GLIFAA) []
*Gay Men of African Descent (GMAD)
*Gay Straight Advocates for Education (GSAFE) []
*Gay Pride Virginia (GPV) []
*GenderPAC (GPAC) []
*Georgia Equality
*Gulf Coast TIDE []
*Human Rights Campaign (HRC)
*Immigration Equality []
*IntegrityUSA (Episcopal Church)
*Kansas Equality Coalition []
*Kentucky Equality Federation
*Keshet, Inc. (Keshet, Keshet Boston) []
*Lambda Legal []
*Lesbian Avengers
*Log Cabin Republicans (LCR)
* [ Love Makes a Family - Connecticut]
*Marriage Equality
*MassEquality []
* [ Metropolitan Community Churches] (MCC Churches)
*National Center For Lesbian Rights [] [NCLR]
*National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (The Task Force)
*National Youth Advocacy Coalition (NYAC)
*New Gay Liberation Front
*Our Family Coalition []
*Out & Equal
*Out4immigration []
*OutFront Minnesota []
*Outright Libertarians
*Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)
* [ Queers and Allies, University of Kansas]
*Queer Nation
*Rainbow Health Initiative (RHI) [ link]
* [ Rainbow Law]
*Rainbow Sash
*Safe Schools Coalition of Washington []
*Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN) []
*Soulforce (organization)
*Southern Association for Gender Education
* [ Stanislaus PRIDE Center (SPC)]
*Stonewall Democrats
*Touro University Gay-Straight Alliance [] (TUGSA)
*National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) []
* [ Queer Commission of the Socialist Party USA]
*Triangle Foundation [] - Michigan
* [ The United States Gay and Lesbian United Front]
* [ White Crane Institute]


* [ Human Rights Organization working on promoting integration and understanding between sexual minorities and Heterosexuals as well as between foreigners and Uruguayans]


Hong Kong

* Rainbow Action


* Humsafar Trust
* The Naz Foundation
* The Gay Bombay Group


* [ GAYa Nusantara Foundation]


* The Agudah - The Association of Gay Men, Lesbians, and Bisexuals in Israel
* Jerusalem Open House - Jerusalem's GLBT community center and gay rights organization
* The Haifa LGBTQi Forum - for the Gay Men, Lesbians, Transgenders, Bisexuals Queers and Intersexual in the Haifa area.
* Hoshen -Eduacation and Change


* OCCUR - Association for the Lesbian and Gay Movement in Japan


* Helem


* PT Foundation (Pink Triangle)


* [ Blue Diamond Society] Founder President is Mr. Sunil Babu Pant.977 1 4 44 33 50/ 4 44 51 47 (telfone)977 1 4 43 86 00 (fascimile)email

reference articles


* [ ASWAT] Palestinian Gay Women
* [ ALQAWS] Palestinian Gay Project


* [ University of the Philippines Babaylan (UP Babaylan)] - first LGBT student organization in the entire UP System and the Philippines
* Progressive Organization of Gays in the Philippines (ProGay Philippines)
* Lesbian and Gay Legislative Advocacy Network Philippines (LAGABLAB-Pilipinas)
* Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines (STRAP)


*People Like Us (PLU)

South Korea

* [ Solidarity for LGBT Human Rights of Korea]
* [ Lesbian Counseling Center in South Korea]
* [ Chin-gu-sa-i] - Korean Gay Men's Human Rights Group
* [ KSCRC] Korean Sexual-Minority Culture & Rights Center

Sri Lanka

*Equal Ground
*Companions on a Journey


*Gender/Sexuality Rights Association Taiwan (GSRAT)
*Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association (TTHA)

Australia and Oceania


*Australian Coalition for Equality (ACE)
*Australian Marriage Equality (AME)

Australian Capital Territory
*Good Process
*QueerAction (QA)

New South Wales
*Community Action Against Homophobia (CAAH)
*Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby of New South Wales (GLRL)
*OUTS Action Collective
*Queer Action Collective (QuAC)

*Action Reform Change Queensland (ARCQ)
*Gay and Lesbian Welfare Association

*Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group (TGLRG)

Victoria (Australia)|Victoria
*Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby (VGLRL)
*Love Makes a Family
*Civil Union Action! (CUA)

Western Australia
*Gay and Lesbian Equality (GALE)


*Sexual Minorities Project under Women’s Action for Change (WAC)


* Equality for Gays And Lesbians In The European institutions (EGALITE) []


* Rechtskomitee Lambda
* Homosexuelle Initiative (HOSI Wien), (HOSI Linz)


* Holebifederatie
* Fédération des Associations gayes et lesbiennes (FAGL)

Bosnia and Herzegovina

* Organisation Q
* Organisation Logos


* BGO Gemini [ BGO]


*Queer Zagreb


* Cypriot Gay Liberation Movement

Czech Republic

* Gay and Lesbian League
* Gay Iniciativa v Czeske Republice (GI)


* Danish National Association for Gays and Lesbians (LBL)


* Estonian Gay League
* Diversity


* SETA - The Finnish National Organziation for Sexual Equality


* SOS Homophobie
* Inter-LGBT
* Act Up
* David & Jonathan
* Collectif Contre l'Homophobie
* Syndicat National des Entreprises Gaies
* Association des Parents Gays et Lesbiens
* GayLib
* Homosexualités et Socialisme

= Georgia =

* Inclusive Foundation


* Cooperation against Homophobia
* Homosexual and Lesbian Community of Greece


* [ DKP Queer - LGBT activist group of the German Communist Party]
* Lesbian and Gay Federation in Germany (LSVD)
* Ökumenische Arbeitsgruppe Homosexuelle und Kirche


* Háttér Support Society for LGBT People []
* Labrisz Lesbian Association []
* Habeas Corpus Working Group []


* Samtökin '78


* Gay & Lesbian Equality Network (GLEN)
* Campaign for Homosexual Law Reform
* Steven Donohues Galway Gays


* Arcigay
* Arcilesbica [ Arcilesbica]


* QESh
* Elysium




* [ Lithuanian Gay League]

= Macedonia =

* Macedonian Organisation for Free Sexual Orientation


* [ Malta Gay Rights Movement] (MGRM)



The Netherlands

*COC Nederland
*Homo LesBische Federatie Nederland


*Norwegian National Association for Lesbian and Gay Liberation (LLH)


* Campaign Against Homophobia (KPH)
* Lambda Warsaw []


* ILGA Portugal
* Opus Gay


* Be An Angel


* Argorisk
* Krilija


* [ Gayten LGBT]
* [ Gay-straight Alliance] , based in Belgrade
* [ Koalicija protiv diskriminacije / Coalition Against Discrimination]
* [ Labris, lesbian human rights group]
* [ Lambda] , LGBT human rights and queer culture centre (with offices in Niš and Kragujevac)
* [ LGBT Vojvodina] , rights and culture development center of homosexual, bisexual and transsexual/transgender population of Vojvodina
* [ QueerBeograd]
* [ Queeria]
*Taboo, group for affirmation of diversity. NGO working in Zrenjanin, Kragujevac and other smaller Serbian towns.


* Altera


* LeGeBiTra
* Lingsium
* SkuC-LL
* SkuC-Magnus


* Federación Española de Asociaciones de Gays, Lesbianas, Bisexuales y Transexuales


* Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights (RFSL)
* HomO, The Ombudsman against Discrimination on Grounds of Sexual Orientation (government office)
* Ekho, Ekumeniska gruppen för kristna homo-, bisexuella och transpersoner (the organization for LGBT Christians)


* Pink Cross
* Swiss Lesbian Organization (LOS) [ LOS]


*Lambda Istanbul
*LEGATO, LGBT group of university students and academics with nationwide organization
*Pink Triangle Group
*Rainbow Solidarity and Cultural Association for Transgenders, Gays and Lesbians
*Pink Life Ankara


* Nash Mir
* Ukrainian Gay & Lesbian Association

United Kingdom

*Queer Youth Network (Q.Y.N.)

ee also

*Gay community
*LGBT rights by country

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* [ Gay Straight Alliance Network International] (GSANI)

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