Fudge (disambiguation)

* Fudge, a type of confectionery, usually made with sugar, milk, butter and flavoring, often chocolate

Fudge may also refer to:

Real People

* Georgia Fudge, an American female bodybuilder

Fictional People

* Cornelius Fudge, the fictional Minister for Magic in the popular Harry Potter books by J. K. Rowling
* A character in a series of books by Judy Blume featuring the antics of a boy called Fudge


* Fudge, Kentucky


*"Fudge (TV series)", a television series based on the books by Judy Blume


* Fudge (role-playing game), a free roleplaying game system
* Fudge factor, a quantity introduced to compensate for uncertainty
**Fudging, a slang term for faking information to impress
* Fudge duck, a colloquial name for the Ferruginous Duck

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