List of branches of alternative medicine

Branches of alternative medicine provides a master list of the articles included in this alternative medicine (CAM) series of articles. These articles are either about fully developed systems of alternative medicine or they are about generic alternative methods of treatment.



**Korean hand acupuncture
**Medical acupuncture
**Meridian therapy
*Alexander Technique
*Alternative Medical Systems
**Naturopathic medicine
**Traditional Chinese medicine
**Unani medicine

*Affirmation Visualizations
*Applied kinesiology
*Autogenic Training


*Bach Flower Therapy
*Bates Method for better eyesight.
*Biologically Based Therapies
**Bates Method for better eyesight.
**Chinese food therapy
**Herbal therapy
**Macrobiotic lifestyle
**Natural health
**Natural therapy
***Diet and Food
***Dietary supplements
**Orthomolecular medicine
**Urine therapy
*Bowen Technique
*Body-Based Manipulative Therapies
**Body work or Massage therapy
**Bowen Technique
**Chiropractic medicine
**Craniosacral Therapy
**Medical acupuncture
*Body work or Massage therapy
*Breathing Techniques


*Chelation therapy
*Chinese food therapy
*Chinese medicine
*Chinese pulse diagnosis
*Chinese martial arts
*Coin rubbing
*Colloidal silver therapy
*Color Therapy
*Colon hydrotherapy
*Concentration meditation
*Craniosacral Therapy
*Creative Visualization
*Crystal healing


*Deep Breathing Techniques


*Ear Candling
*Electrodermal screening
*Energy diagnosis
*Energy therapies
**Acupuncture []
**Jin Shin Jyutsu
**Magnet therapy
**Medical acupuncture
**Therapeutic Touch


*Facial diagnosis
*Faith healing
*Feldenkrais method
*Feng shui (creating a soothing, tranquil renewing environment)
*Flower essence therapy
*Chinese food therapy
*Functional medicine


*Gua Sha


*Hair analysis (alternative medicine)
*Hand analysis
*Hatha yoga
*Hawaiian massage
*Healing touch
*Health psychology
*Herbal crystallization analysis
*Herbal therapy
*Holistic living
*Holistic medicine
**Bach flower remedies
**Flower essence therapy
*Homeo wave therapy


*Integrative medicine




*Korean hand acupuncture


*Light Therapy


*Magnetic healing
*Manipulative therapy
*Massage therapy
*Medical acupuncture
*Medical intuition
*Medical Qigong
**Concentration meditation
**Mindfulness meditation
**Transcendental meditation
*Mega-vitamin therapy
*Meridian therapy
*Mind-Body Interventions
**Alexander Technique
**Autogenic Training
**Bach Flower Therapy
**Feldenkrais method
**Hatha yoga
**Neuro-Linguistic Programming
**Light Therapy
**Music therapy
**Sound Therapy
**Support groups
**T'ai Chi Ch'uan
*Mindfulness meditation
*Music therapy


*Natural Health
**Natural therapies
***Diet and Food
***Dietary supplements
***Organic Foods
**Home remedies
*Naturopathic medicine
**Botanical medicine
**Minor surgery
**Manipulative therapy
**Unani medicine
*New Thought
*Neuro-Linguistic Programming
*Nutritional healing
*Nutritional supplements


*Omega-3 fatty acid
*Organic Diet
*Orthomolecular medicine


*Plum blossom (Chinese medicine)
*Polarity therapy
*Psychosocial interventions
*Power yoga
*Psychic surgery




*Relaxation Techniques

*Siddha Medicine
*Spiritual Mind Treatment
*Soil bath therapy (Mrittika snan)
*Support groups
* [] Suseunghwagang (meditation breathing)


*T'ai Chi Ch'uan
*Tantra massage
*Therapeutic horseback riding
*Therapeutic Touch
*Theta Healing
*Tibetan eye chart
*Tongue diagnosis
*Traditional Chinese medicine
**Acupuncture point
**Chinese pulse diagnosis
**Chinese food therapy
**Coin rubbing
**Five Elements
**Gua Sha
**History of traditional Chinese medicine
**Korean hand acupuncture
**Plum blossom
**Seven star
**Trigger point
**Tui na
**Zang Fu theory
*Traditional Japanese medicine
**Jin Shin Jyutsu
**Meridian therapy
*Traditional Mongolian medicine
*Traditional Tibetan medicine
*Transcendental meditation
*Trigger point
*Tui Na


*Unani medicine
*Urine therapy
*Ujjay Breathing Technique


*Vipassana Meditation




**Ashtanga Yoga
**Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga
**Bikram Yoga
**Hatha yoga
**Iyengar Yoga
**Kundalini Yoga
**Power yoga
**Sivananda Yoga
**Tantric Yoga
**Vinyasa yoga
*Yogic Breathing


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