List of Python software

The Python programming language is actively used by many people, both in industry and academia for a wide variety of purposes.

Integrated development environments

* Boa Constructor, a cross-platform IDE for Python development
* Eric, an IDE for Python and Ruby
* Stani's Python Editor (SPE), a cross-platform IDE for Python development
* Webware for Python a suite of programming tools for constructing web-based applications in Python.
* Wing IDE, an IDE for Python


* ArcGIS, a prominent GIS platform, allows extensive modelling using Python
* Bazaar, a free distributed revision control system
* BitTorrent original client, along with several derivatives
* Blender, a popular open source 3D modeler with a Python scripting engine
* Chandler, a personal information manager including calendar, email, tasks and notes support that is currently under development
* Decibel Audio Player, an open source audio player
* Deluge, a bittorrent client for GNOME
* Exaile, an open source audio player
* Gajim, an instant messaging client for the XMPP protocol
* GNU Mailman, one of the more popular packages for running email mailing lists
* GRAMPS, an open source genealogy software
* Juice, a popular podcast downloader
* Listen, an open source media player
* Maya, professional 3D modeler allows Python scripting as an alternative to MEL as of version 8.5
* Mercurial a cross-platform, distributed source management tool
* MoinMoin, a popular wiki engine
* Morpheus, file-sharing client/server software operated by the company StreamCast
* MusicBrainz Picard, a cross-platform MusicBrainz tag editor
* Nicotine, a PyGTK SoulSeek client.
* Plone, a user-friendly and powerful open source Content Management System
* Portage, the heart of Gentoo Linux. An advanced package management system based on the BSD-style ports system
* Poser, a 3D rendering and animation software program, that uses for scripting a special dialect of Python, called PoserPython.
* PyMOL, a popular molecular viewer that embeds Python for scripting and integration
* Quake Army Knife, an environment for developing 3D maps for games based on the Quake engine
* Quod Libet, an open source audio player.
* Resolver One, a spreadsheet
* SAGE (sagemath) combines more than 20 main opensource math packages and provides easy to use web interface with the help of python
* SCons, a tool for building software
* Sipie, a command line player for online streaming of Sirius Satellite Radio stations
* Sonata, a MPD client.
* SPSS, Statistical analysis package. SPSS Programmability Extension allows users to extend the SPSS command syntax language with Python.
* Stoq, a open source ERP and CRM
* Trac, web-based bug/issue tracking database, wiki, and version control front-end
* ViewVC, a web-based interface for browsing CVS and SVN repositories
* Yum, a package management utility for RPM-compatible Linux operating systems.

Web frameworks

* CherryPy, an object-oriented web application server and framework
* Django, an MVC (model, view, controller) web framework
* Zope, an application server, commonly used to build content management systems

Development packages

* matplotlib, an extension providing MATLAB-like plotting and mathematical functions
* NumPy, a language extension that adds support for large and fast, multi-dimensional arrays and matrices
* SciPy, a library of scientific and numerical routines
* SimPy, a discrete-event simulation package;
* BioPython, a Python molecular biology suite.
* Soya 3D, a high-level 3D game engine for Python
* Pygame, python bindings for Simple DirectMedia Layer
* Pyglet, a cross-platform windowing and multimedia library for Python
* Python Imaging Library, a module for working with images
* PyGTK, a popular cross-platform GUI library based on GTK+; furthermore, other GNOME libraries also have bindings for Python
* PyQt, another cross-platform GUI library based on Qt; as above, KDE libraries have bindings too
* wxPython, a port of wxWidgets and a cross-platform GUI library for Python
* PyObjC, a Python-Objective C bridge that allows one to write Mac OS X software in Python
* CherryPy, a Python-powered web framework
* Django, another Python-powered web framework
* Pylons, another Python-powered web framework
* Topsite Templating System, another Python-powered web framework
* TurboGears, a web framework combining CherryPy, SQLObject, and Kid
* Zope Object Database, a Python-specific object-oriented database
* Cheetah, a Python-powered template engine and code-generation tool
* mod_python, an Apache module allowing direct integration of Python scripts with the Apache web server
* Quixote a framework for developing Web applications in Python
* Twisted, a networking framework for Python
* IPython, a powerful development shell both written in and designed for Python

Embedded as a scripting language

Python is, or can be used as, the scripting language in these software products.

* Amarok
* Blender
* DSHub
* Epiphany
* EventScripts - plugin for Valve's Source engine
* gedit
* Inkscape
* AMESim
* Maya
* Modo
* Corel Paint Shop Pro
* Poser
* Rhythmbox
* Scribus
* Softimage|XSI
* SPSS statistical software
* Totem
* Vim
* VisIt

Commercial uses

* CCP hf uses Stackless Python in both its server and client side applications for its MMO "Eve Online". []
* Google uses Python for many tasks including the backends of web apps such as Google Groups, Gmail, and Google Maps, as well as for some of its search-engine internals.
* NASA is using Python to implement a CAD/CAE/PDM repository and model management, integration, and transformation system which will be the core infrastructure for its next-generation collaborative engineering environment.
* Reddit was originally written in Common Lisp, but was rewritten in Python in 2005. []
* Youtube uses Python "to produce maintainable features in record times, with a minimum of developers". []
* Yahoogroups uses Python "to maintain its discussion groups"

Python implementations

* Python – The reference implementation, also known as CPython
* Jython – Python coded in Java
* IronPython – Python for .NET and Mono platforms
* Stackless Python - Python with coroutines
* Psyco - not an implementation, but JIT compiler for CPython
* PyPy – Python coded in Python
* Parrot – Virtual machine being developed mainly as the runtime for Perl 6, but with the intent to also support dynamic languages like Python, Ruby, Tcl, etc


External links

* [ Python Package Index] (formerly the Python Cheese Shop) is the official directory of Python software libraries and modules
* [ ActiveState O'Reilly Python Cookbook] contains hundreds of code samples for various tasks using Python
* [ Python Projects and Modules] lots of useful code, as well as several articles on Python Programming.
* [ Vaults of Parnassus] — Links to resources
* [ Python 3D Software Collection] — pointers to packages specifically useful in the production of 3D software and/or games with Python
* [ Useful Modules] in the wiki

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