Phillip Blancher

Phillip Blancher ran in the 1995 Ontario general election as an independent candidate while attending high school at age 18 in the riding of Leeds-Grenville. To this date, he is the youngest person in Ontario history to run for provincial office.Fact|date=April 2007 He received 438 votes, and briefly ran in the 1997 Federal Election, securing the party nomination for the Canadian Action Party. Resigning from the nomination in a dispute with riding association funding, Mr. Blancher continued as a freelance journalist and a web developer.

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Mr. Blancher also has a reputation for thievery over the years. As it results to myself for over 4 years now, he 'swapped' merchandise with me (and countless others) without any consideration. After numerous 'check is in the mail' style emails, to myself & others, an allged investigation was brought upon him by the Government of Ontario. Not knowing the law in Canada, I have since assumed no charges have been filed against Phil Blancher. Some folks have noted that he has made good by payment for previously stolen goods, but I can not say the same for myself.

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