The "Bromeliales" is the botanical name of an order of flowering plants. Such an order has been recognized by a few systems of plant taxonomy, with a various placement. It appears that it always has had the same : consisting only of the family "Bromeliaceae", the bromeliad or pineapple family. The order is not recognized in the APG II system, of 2003, which places the plants involved in the order "Poales".

It is best known from the Cronquist system, of 1981, which placed this order in subclass "Zingiberidae", of class "Liliopsida" [=monocotyledons] .

The Thorne system (1992) placed the order in superorder "Commelinanae" in subclass "Liliidae" [=monocotyledons] .

The Dahlgren system placed the order in superorder "Bromelianae" in subclass "Liliidae" [=monocotyledons] .

The Engler system, in its update of 1964, placed the order in class "Monocotyledoneae".

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