Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)

Infobox Singapore School
name = Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)
英华小学 (yīng huá xiǎo xué)

motto = The Best Is Yet To Be
established = 1887 (March 1 1886 original)
type = Government-Aided, the 3rd Gifted Education Programme Center (since 1985), Boys
session = Single
principal = Mr Richard Lim Chew Hiong
vice-principal = Mrs Grace Khoo
city/town = Newton
school code = 5638
enrollment = 1500+
colours = Red, Blue Gold
homepage = [ Link]

Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) in Singapore, is the original primary school of the [ACS] family, located at the Barker Road campus adjacent to the ACS (Barker Road) block. It opened in 1887 with the secondary school at Coleman Street, moving to a newly upgraded Coleman Street campus in 1961, leaving the Barker Road campus to be used for secondary and pre-university classes. In 1985, the Junior School moved to 25 Peck Hay Road, while the Primary school continued lessons at Canning Rise until 1994. It merged with the Barker Road school in that year, but in December 1998 was relocated temporarily to 9 Ah Hood Road while wating for the completion of the Barker Road campus rebuilding project. It moved back to Barker Road on 4 December 2002.

Its students sit for the local PSLE in Primary 6 and have the option to move on to the ACS Secondary Schools with affiliation favours.

The current principal is Mr. Richard Lim Chew Hiong who is not an ACS old boy.

The school is one of 9 GEP centers. There are 2 GEP classes per level, H and I, from P4-6.

Barker Road campus

The decision was taken in the 1990s to redevelop the Barker Road campus as simple renovations were not enough to meet the needs of the new century. In 1999, ACS (Barker Road) moved out of the campus after a closing ceremony on 4 November. To accommodate an increase in student intake, the campus would be expanded and redeveloped. A contentious issue developed after a controversial plan was undertaken to dismantle the historic clock tower facing Dunearn Road due to safety concerns. This minor conflict was eventually resolved and the dismantling went ahead. A replica now stands 20 metres away from the old clock tower, with the original clock mechanism installed in the new tower.

The 5.2-hectare campus now contains the Primary and Secondary blocks of ACS (Primary) and ACS (Barker Road) respectively. In between the Primary and Secondary buildings is an Administrative block housing the general office as well as the libraries of both schools. The landscaped, open-air Student Plaza links the three buildings together. The cafeteria, Popular bookstore, CCA rooms and Music Studios are located one floor below the Plaza. The Arts Centre contains the Mrs Lee Choon Guan Concert Hall, Tan Cheng Siong Drama Theatre and the Lee Kong Chian Auditorium which can seat 830, 270 and 1,200 respectively.

The Sports Complex also sits on the campus, which contains the Shaw Pool, a cafe overlooking the pool deck and the Tan Chin Tuan Sports Hall. The Sports Hall has 3 basketball courts, a racket centre, full recreational facilities including a gym and changing rooms. The Pool has 8-lanes and is Olympic-sized. The Transport Centre/Carpark is located below the Complex, which includes pick-up and drop-off bays as well.

Barker Road Methodist Church and the Methodist Centre (housing the Methodist Church in Singapore) have also been relocated to the redeveloped Barker Road campus. ACS Oldham Hall has also been renovated with improved facilities, such as air-conditioning in some rooms, a cafeteria, and the capacity to house 500 boarders. The Barker Road campus was designed by SAA Architects Pte Ltd and the entire project cost was S$95 million, out of which S$15 million had to be raised by the school. In 2004, the campus won the CIDB Award for Construction Excellence.

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