Tiburón Island

Tiburón Island

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native name = Spanish: "Isla del Tiburón" or "Isla Tiburón"; Seri: "Tahéjöc"
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location = Gulf of California
coordinates= coord|28|58|09|N|112|21|41|W
archipelago =
total islands =
major islands =
area = convert|1201|km2|sqmi
highest mount =
elevation =
country = Mexico
country admin divisions title = State
country admin divisions = Sonora
country largest city =
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population = uninhabited
population as of =
density =
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Tiburón Island (Spanish: "Isla del Tiburón" or "Isla Tiburón"; Seri: "Tahéjöc" (IPA|/taˈʔɛxʷk/) [Mary B. Moser and Stephen A. Marlett, compilers. (2005) "Comcáac quih yaza quih hant ihíip hac: Diccionario seri-español-inglés" Hermosillo and Mexico City: Universidad de Sonora and Plaza y Valdés Editores. [http://lengamer.org/admin/language_folders/seri/user_uploaded_files/links/File/DiccionarioSeri2005.pdf] ] is both the largest island in the Gulf of California and the largest island in Mexico, with an area of 464 square miles (1201 square kilometers). [http://mapserver.inegi.gob.mx/geografia/espanol/datosgeogra/extterri/frontera.cfm?c=154] It was made a nature reserve in 1963 by President López Mateos. [Comisión de Desarrollo de la Tribu Seri. (1976) Tribus de Sonora: Los seris. Hermosillo, Sonora.] "Tiburón" is Spanish for "shark". The etymology of the Seri name is unknown.

Tiburón Island is part of the state of Sonora, as well as the municipality of Hermosillo, and is located at approximately the same latitude as the city of Hermosillo. It is located along the eastern shore of the Gulf of California, opposite Isla Ángel de la Guarda. It is part of the chain of islands known as the Midriff Islands or Islas Grandes.

Tiburón Island is part of the traditional homeland of some bands (or clans) of the Seri people, probably for many centuries if not millennia. [Edward W. Moser (1963) "Seri Bands". "The Kiva" 28.3:14–27. ( [http://www.sil.org/americas/mexico/seri/A004-BandasSeris-sei.htm online Spanish version] )] In 1975 the Mexican government, through a decree by President Echeverría, gave the Seris recognition and title of communal property ("reconocimiento y titulación de terrenos comunales") with respect to Tiburón Island. [Comisión de Desarrollo de la Tribu Seri. (1976) Tribus de Sonora: Los seris. Hermosillo, Sonora.]

The island is presently uninhabited (except for a military installation on the eastern side of the island) and is administered as an ecological preserve by the Seri tribal government, in conjunction with the federal government. Bighorn sheep were introduced to the island a few years ago; hunting permits are highly restricted.

The island can be reached from Punta Chueca, which is the nearest community, inhabited by members of the Seri tribe, and from Bahía de Kino, a (non-Indian) community 34 km to the south. The distance from Punta Chueca to Punta Tormenta, the nearest point on the island is 3 km. The channel between the mainland and the island is called Canal del Infiernillo (Hell's Channel), due to the strong tidal currents and shoal water that occur there, which can make for challenging navigation. The island has a prominent mountain system of volcanic origin.

A permit is required for day hiking and overnight stays on the island.


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* [http://www.e-local.gob.mx/wb2/ELOCAL/EMM_sonora Map of Sonora] www.e-local.gob.mx

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