Sanctuary (disambiguation)

Sanctuary (disambiguation)

A sanctuary is a social institution.

Sanctuary may also refer to:

In literature:
* "Sanctuary" (novel), a William Faulkner novel
* "Sanctuary" ("Angel" novel), a novel based on the television series "Angel"
* "Sanctuary" ("Doctor Who"), a "Doctor Who" novel
* "Sanctuary" (play), a 1994 play by David Williamson
* "Sanctuary" (manga), a manga written by Sho Fumimura
* "Sanctuary", a Dragonlance book by Paul B. Thompson and Tonya C. Cook
* The city setting of the Thieves' World shared universe series

In music:
* Sanctuary Records, a British record label
* Sanctuary (band), a heavy metal band from Seattle, Washington
* "Sanctuary" (album), an album by J. Geils Band
* "Sanctuary" (Irish charity album), a charity album featuring Moya Brennan, Mary Coughlan and many more
* "Sanctuary" (Simon Webbe album)
* "Sanctuary" (Iron Maiden song)
* "Sanctuary" (Utada song), the international theme song for "Kingdom Hearts II"
* "Sanctuary" (Gabriella Cilmi song)
* "Sanctuary" (New Musik song), a song by New Musik from "From A to B"
* "Sanctuary", a song by Madonna from "Bedtime Stories"
* "Sanctuary", a Delta Goodrem song from "Mistaken Identity"
* "Sanctuary", a song by Nami Tamaki and the opening theme for "Kiba"

In film:
* "Sanctuary" (short film), an upcoming re-mixable science fiction film
* "Sanctuary" (documentary), a 2006 film by Clive Collier documenting the work of Lisa Gerrard

In television:
* "Sanctuary" ("Angel" episode)
* "Sanctuary" ("DS9" episode), an episode of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"
* "Sanctuary" ("Stargate Atlantis"), an episode of "Stargate Atlantis"
* "Sanctuary" (TV series), a dramatic series starring Amanda Tapping

In other media:
* "Sanctuary (sculpture)", a wooden sculpture by Martin Puryear
* Sanctuary Fortress, a world in ""

In religion:
* Tabernacle or sanctuary, a portable dwelling place for the divine presence
* Heavenly sanctuary in Christian theology, emphasized by Seventh-day Adventists

In other uses:
* Sanctuary, Texas, United States
* The Sanctuary, a Neolithic archaeological site
* Animal sanctuary, a protected natural habitat
* USS "Sanctuary" (AH-17), a United States Navy hospital ship

ee also

* Sanctuary Music Arena, a former dance venue in Milton Keynes
* Sanctuary city, a city that does not enforce immigration laws
* Sanctuary movement, an effort by U.S. churches to shelter Central American refugees during the 1980s
* Sanctuary Asia, an environmental Indian magazine which was started as "Sanctuary"

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