Survivor may refer to:


* "Survivor" (TV series), a reality television show with several international versions
** "Survivor" (U.S. TV series)
** "Survivor" (UK TV series)
** "Survivor Philippines"
** "Survivor BG", Bulgaria
** "Survivor South Africa"
** "Survivor Colombia"
** "", Israel
** "Australian Survivor"
** See the main article for a list of other international versions
* Survivor Series, a professional wrestling pay-per-view event


* Survivor (band), an American rock band
* "Survivor" (Survivor album)
* "Survivor" (Destiny's Child album)
** "Survivor" (song), a song from the album
* "Survivor" (Funker Vogt album)
* Survivor Records, a British Christian music record label
* "Survivor", a song by Vanilla Ice from "Platinum Underground"


* "Survivor" (novel), a novel by Chuck Palahniuk
* "Survivor" (1988 novel), a novel by Christina Crawford
* "Survivor" (Octavia Butler novel)
* "Survivor" (story), the last novella in "Accelerando" by Charles Stross
* "Survivor" (Tabitha King novel), a novel by Tabitha King
* "Survivor" (The Last Rebel), a novel by William W. Johnstone


* "Survivor" (video game), an 8-bit action game
* "Survivor" (2008 video game), a video game based on real life stories
* Survivor (tournament), a series of writing tournaments
* Survivor (drinking game), a team drinking game
* "", an arcade game


* Survivor (horse), a racehorse that won the first Preakness Stakes in 1873
* Survivor (suicide), a family member or friend of a person who has died by suicide
* , a roller coaster in Great America in Santa Clara, California, U.S.
* Designated survivor, the member of the U.S. Cabinet who is hidden when other senior government officials assemble
* Psychiatric survivor movement or Consumer/Survivor/Ex-Patient Movement - people who consider themselves to have survived psychiatric "treatment" and/or mental distress.

ee also

* Survivors (disambiguation)
* The Survivor (disambiguation)
* The Survivors (disambiguation)
* Sole Survivor (disambiguation)
* Soul Survivor (disambiguation)
* Survival (disambiguation)

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