Introgression, in genetics (particularly plant genetics), is the movement of a gene (gene flow) from one species into the gene pool of another by backcrossing an interspecific hybrid with one of its parents. Introgression is a long-term process; it may take many hybrid generations before the backcrossing occurs. An example of introgression is that of a transgene from a transgenic plant to a wild relative as the result of a successful hybridization leading to intentional or unintentional "genetic pollution". Another important example has been studied by Arnold & Bennett 1993: irises species from southern Louisiana. [Arnold, M. L. & Bennett, B. D. (1993). "Natural Hybridization in Louisiana irises: genetic variation and ecological determinants". In: Harrison, R. G. (ed.) "Hybrid Zones and Evolutionary Process", pp. 115-139. Oxford University Press, New York. ISBN 978-0195069174 ]

There is evidence that the introgression is a ubiquitous phenomenon in plants, even in animals [Dowling, T. E. & Secor, C. L. (1997). The role of hybridization and introgression in the diversification of animals. "Annual Review Ecology and Systematics" 28:593-619. ] [Bullini, L. 1994. Origin and evolution of animal hybrid species. "Trends in Ecology and Evolution" 9: 422–426.] and perhaps it also exists among pre-humanlineages (Holliday 2003 [Holliday, T. W. (2003). Species concepts, reticulations, and human evolution. "Current Anthropology" 44: 653–673.] ).

An introgression line (abbreviation: IL) in plant molecular biology is a line of a crop species that contains genetic material derived from a similar species, for example a "wild" relative. An example of a collection of ILs (called "IL-Library") is the use of chromosome fragments from "Solanum pennellii" (a wild variety of tomato) introgressed in "Solanum lycopersicum" (the cultivated tomato). The lines of an IL-Library covers usually the complete genome of the donor. Introgression lines allow the study of quantitative trait loci, but also the creation of new varieties by introducing exotic traits.

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