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Origin = Middelburg, Zeeland, Netherlands
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Current_members = Paskal Jakobsen Peter Slager Bas Kennis Norman Bonink
Past_members = Henk Tjoonk Chris Götte (deceased)

Bløf are a pop group from Middelburg, Zeeland, the Netherlands.


Early years

The group was founded in 1992 by Peter Slager who was inspired by the album "Open" from The Scene. The band consisted by that time of Paskal Jakobsen, Peter Slager, Bas Kennis and Henk Tjoonk. In the fall of 1994 the group recorded in one week their first album, "Naakt Onder De Hemel", which was distributed by themselves. This had much to do with the fact that drummer Henk Tjoonk had a mind for business. The album was well-received by critics and the band made a contract with EMI Music, who distributed the album nationwide. The single "Aan de Kust" becomes the new anthem of Zeeland, when national radio stations never air the record. Bløf gets an award for 'Best New Talent' for the album. The money that was included with this award was used for recording of their second album, "Helder". This album was released in September 1997.

First hit years

The first two singles, "Helder" and "Zeven Nachten" didn't make it to the charts. In the end of 1997 the group almost fell apart, so eventually they decided to remove Henk Tjoonk from the setting. With the help of ex Doe Maar manager Frank van der Meijden they got a full contract with EMI. The new drummer of the band is Chris Götte. The changes in the group seem to work as the first single released after this, a piano ballad called "Liefs uit Londen ", becomes a huge success. On March 10. 1998, Bløf records live-material in "The Nighttrain", a discotheque in Middelburg. This material appears on an extra edition of "Helder". The next two singles are songs from this live-record, a new version of "Aan De Kust" and "Wat Zou Je Doen". The original version of both songs appeared originally on "Naakt Onder De Hemel". Both song became huge hit singles.

Years of success

In the summer 1998, the group performed many concerts and they received several awards. Meanwhile, they record the album "XXL Live Met Het Zeeuws Orkest", a live album recorded with an orchestra from Zeeland, and a new album called "Boven". This album was recorded with the help of Peter Bauwers (2 Unlimited) and Ronald Vanhuffel. This album shows more rock than before and the single "Harder Dan Ik Hebben Kan" became a single in less than a month. In the start 2000, the band received an Edison Award for Best Dutch Band. Before the release of "Watermakers", the group released the singles "Dansen Aan Zee" and "Hier". At the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, the group gave a concert for the Dutch olympians and their crew. In October 2000, "Watermakers" was finally released and became an incredible success. The band gave a huge concert in Ahoy in 2001 and they received that year again an Edison for Best Dutch Band. On March 17 2001 drummer Chris Götte died in a motorcycle accident. The band remains quiet for a long time after the incident until they release the Live-CD "Oog In Oog - Live In Ahoy", the last concert of Götte. Eventually, the group decided to go on and their new drummer becomes Norman Bonink, who used to play in Frank Boeijen's band. In 2002 the album "Omarm" appears, follow by the Live-DVD "Tussen Nacht En Morgen". In 2003 the album "Omarm" appears. Bløf traveled to Kenya in 2003 to perform concert with local artist, which they would later use as an inspiration for their seventh studio album. The band performed internationally after this and made a single together with the Counting Crows in 2004 called "Holiday in Spain". In 2005 Bløf started traveling all over the world for inspiration for their new album, "Umoja", which was eventually released in 2006.


Live albums

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