Situationist Antinational

The "Situationist Antinational" was an American magazine formed in 1974, two years after the disbanding of the Situationist International. However, only one issue of a magazine of the same name was published. It included a contribution by the American Situationist Jon Horelick, and a draft manifesto, recommended by its members:

*Jørgen Nash
*Jeppesen Victor Martin
*Patrick O'Brien
*Tom Krojer
*Ambrosius Fjord
*Andres King
*Yoshio Nakajima
*Liza Menue
*Heimrad Prem
*Mette Aarre
*Heinz Frietag
*Liz Zwick
*Novi Margni
*Helmut Sturm

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*Second Situationist International

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