List of Seychellois people

List of Seychellois people

This is a partial list of noteworthy Seychellois:


*Jodi DeJongFact|date=June 2007 Notable actress and international superstar

*Aimo FontenotFact|date=June 2007: Highly respected independent film actor, notable for his generous donations to charities dedicated to end the divide between rich and poor in Seychelles.

* Jean Marc Volcy Chart: topping musician, credited with having imbibed old style creole music with a modern touch.

* Maggie Faure: Seychelloise multiple award poet.

* Michael Adams: His unique style of painting adorns everything from book covers to the Air Seychelles livery.

* Serena Wicker: A Seychellois and American photographer.

* Tom Bowers: Produces exquisite works in bronze, sought after by the globe-trotting well-to-do.

* Egbert Marday, artist

* Sonny Morgan, musician

* Golbert Nourrice, painter

* Leon Radegonde, artist

* Joseph Sinon, musician

* Kevin Valentin, percussionist

* Tony Julie, musician

* Cyril Vital, musician

* Bruce Freminot, musician

* Eddie Telermont, musician

* Andy Constance, musician

* Donatien Madeleine, musician

*Jenny de Letourdie, musician


* Albert Payet Former head of Cable and Wireless, Seychelles, now chair of the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry and vocal supporter of a greater, more dynamic and transparent role for the private sector.
* Joe Albert Entrepreneur, owner of local quarries and a major player in the tourism industry through ownership of Creole Holidays and Travel Services Ltd, as well as foray into 5 star hotels.

* Kathleen Mason Tourism pioneer, who in her twenties created what became the premier Seychellois tourism destination management company - Masons Travels. Runs Denis Island as a luxury resort.

* Guy Savy Tourism pioneer. Set up the first and most successful island eco-resort-Bird Island-in Seychelles. Popular with locals and international visitors, Bird island is low impact, supports conservation and run by a wholly Seychellois team.

* Georges Norah Tourism pioneer. Developed, with Guy Savy, the first and most successful island eco-resort-Bird Island-in Seychelles. Also developed Cousine Island, the five star low impact home to the Magpie Robin.

Civil society

* Kantilal Jivan Well-known businessman, guru, naturalist, folkorist, historian, photographer and vegetarian cook.

* Guy Morel Accountant, former Governor of the Central Bank of Seychelles and Chairman of Air Seychelles. Founder of the Seychelles Institute of Management. Passionate advocate of education for the less fortunate and for school dropouts.

* Mathew Servina Former Minister of Agriculture. Now is the leading voice for human rights in Seychelles and runs the Centre for Rights and Development.


* Nirmal Shah Leading environmental expert, writer, fund raiser and civic leader. Advocates for sustainable development and civil society participation through local and regional NGOs, international fora and the media.

* Guy Lionnet Former Director of Agriculture and author of many works on the history and flora and fauna of Seychelles.

* Lindsay Chong Seng Executive Director of Seychelles Island Foundation, expert on flora and fauna, naturalist, botanist.

* Frauke Fleischer-Dogley Naturalist, botanist, expert on coco-de-mer, and sustainable development of tourism.

Political figures

* Gérard Hoarau, murdered London-based dissident
* James Michel, President of Seychelles (2004- ) and former Vice President
* Wavel Ramkalawan, leader of the Seychelles National Party and Anglican priest
* France-Albert René, Prime Minister (1976-1977) and President (1977-2004) of Seychelles
* Joseph Belmont, Vice President of Seychelles (2004- )
* Sir James Mancham, President of Seychelles (1976-1977)
* Patrick Pillay, Foreign Minister of Seychelles (2005- )


* Justice of Appeal Jacques Hodoul, Justice of the Seychelles Court of Appeal
* Chief Justice Vivekanand Allear, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Seychelles
* Judge Durai Karunakaran, Eminent Child Rights Activist, Judge Supreme Court of Seychelles


*Claude Morel, representative to the UN
*Felix Paul, Seychelles Bishop
*Dr. Ralph Etienne-Cummings, Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science Professor, The Johns Hopkins University, USA, [] []

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