Reveal may be:

* Revelation (disambiguation) - revealed truth
* Reveal (carpentry) - joinery
* Revealed preference theory
* Revealed religion
* Stèle of Revealing - Egyptian funerary artifact
* WordPerfect reveal codes - a word processing syntax viewer


* A Revealed Knowledge of the Prophecies and Times book
* Revealer of Secrets epistolary novel
* Reveal the Power of the Pendulum book


* All Will Be Revealed album
* "Reveal (album)" R.E.M. album
* Revealing Obstacles album
* Reveal Records record label
* Reveal (Roxette song) (and Reveal - Remix Version)
* Time Will Reveal album


* J. L. Reveal - the American botanist who created the Reveal system of plant classification
* Revealed Frog species


* Discovery Atlas documentary series that has "revealed" various countries
* Revealed with Jules Asner biography series

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