'Adan Governorate

Map of Yemen showing 'Adan province.

'Adan (Arabic: عدن ʻAdan‎) is a governorate of Yemen, including the city of Aden. At the 2004 census it had a population of 589,419.[1] The ancient capital, the port city of Crater, was located here.

'Adan was under British rule in the period from 1839 to 1967. In 1967, after years of struggle, 'Adan and other southern governorates gained their independence. The city of Aden subsequently became the capital of South Yemen between 1967 and 1990). In 1990, both South Yemen and North Yemen combined to form the present Republic of Yemen. Aden is now the commercial capital of the Republic of Yemen.

The archipelago of Socotra was part of the Governorate of 'Adan, but it was attached to Hadhramaut Governorate in 2004.


  • Al Buraiqeh District
  • Al Mansura District
  • Al Mualla District
  • Ash Shaikh Outhman District
  • Attawahi District
  • Craiter District
  • Dar Sad District
  • Khur Maksar District


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Coordinates: 12°54′N 44°55′E / 12.9°N 44.917°E / 12.9; 44.917

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