Khana Qubadi

Khana Qubadi or (Xana Qubadî in Kurdish), (1700-1759), was a Kurdish poet. He wrote his poems in the Hawrami (Gorani) dialect. He belonged to the Hawrami school of poetry in the Ardalan principality.


His main published work is "Şîrîn û Xesrew " (Shirin and Khasraw). Despite being a master in Persian language and Persian literature, he was in favor of using Kurdish in literature, as indicated in one of his poems:

Although it's said that Persian's sweet as sugar, For me is Kurdish sweeter still. Clearly, in this perfidious world, Everyone is happiest with his own mother tongue.


*Qubadi, Xana: Şîrîn û Xesrew : şakarî şairî nawdarî kurd [Bûjandinewe û lêkdanawey] Muhammad Mela Karim (Shirin and Khaswraw: The masterpiece of the famous Kurdish poet [Editing and Analysis by Muhammad Mela Karim] ), The Center for Publishing and Distributing Kurdish Culture, Urmia, Iran ,1983, 874 pp.


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