Gravity Ptera

The Gravity Ptera is a type of Zoid, a race of mechanical lifeforms from the fictional "Zoids" universe.Zoids
Zoid_name = Gravity Ptera
ImageName = Gravity Petra.jpg
Caption = "NAR" Gravity Ptera
Model_number = EZ-108
Faction = Guylos Empire
Zoid_type = Pterodactyl
Crew = 1
Weight = 51
Length = 17.3
Height = 5.2
Speed = Mach 1
Weapons = Missile Launchers (2), Vulcan Machine Guns (4)
Equipment = Gravity Wheel


The Gravity Ptera is a Pterodactyl-type Zoid, created by the Guylos Empire.

The last of the Gravity Zoids, the Gravity Ptera is the only flying design amongst them. The Zoid uses a Gravity Wheel to provide both lift and power, making it a lot more agile than other flying Zoid types. Conceived mainly as a bomber, the Zoid's primary weapons are a pair of long-range heavy missile launchers.

When the other Gravity Zoids were re-released in Japan, their statistics were somewhat altered. However, the Gravity Ptera never received such a release, and thus lacks full tech data.

Battle Story appearances

As a Hasbro-designed Zoid, the Gravity Ptera never appeared in the official battle story. The model's box and label sheet carries the insigina of the fictional Guylos Empire, a region on the Eastern Continent populated by exiles.

Media appearances

Unlike the other three Gravity Zoids, the Gravity Ptera has never appeared in any Zoids anime or video games.


New American Release

*Assembly required. (Snap-together, no glue needed. Scissors or X-acto knife recommended for trimming off excess plastic bits.)
*The model's colours are moulded into the plastic, and it does not need any paint.

The Gravity Ptera comes on four frames, along with a "gravity wheel" ripcord motor, a clear canopy, two missile launchers, eight rubber caps, a small blue pilot, a ripcord, and label sheets. The Gravity Ptera is moulded in light blue and yellow, with a clear canopy.

The Gravity Ptera’s construction is relatively simple and straightforward. The Zoid uses a ripcord motor for motion; once activated the Zoid rolls forwards on a pair of wheels in its belly, while its beak opens and closes and the wings flap. The Zoid can also be positioned in a standing "Sentinel" mode with its head pointed forwards; in this mode all its features are still active.

The Gravity Ptera was released in North America in 2003. The Zoid was never included in any non-American releases, although after the collapse of the NAR, excess stock was resold in Australia.

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