Ladyboy (drink)

A ladyboy is a combination of drinks invented by TV personality, Alan Partridge. The set of bar drinks are a pint of lager with chasers of a small Baileys and a gin and tonic.


Alan named the drinks combination in the I'm Alan Partridge TV series episode "Watership Alan" with reference to an idle moment where he became confused about his sexuality and was dreaming about the ladyboys of Thailand.

Alan first places for himself a convoluted order for a gin and tonic when alone at the bar. He is joined by his P.A. Lynn, for whom Alan chivalrously orders "one SMALL Baileys". When he is joined by two TV men, he shoos Lynn away, orders pints of lager with the TV men and is forced to improvise a name for the combination of 3 drinks that rests on the bar before him.

It should be added that although Alan Partridge requests a SMALL Baileys, the standard measure in this case was still a 50ml measure as can be seen by the size of the receptacle in the episode. This is important to mention as a small measure usually refers to a 25ml serving.

It is also customery for the drinker, once finishing a sip of each drink, to say the phrase 'Oooh Ladyboys' as Alan himself does. []

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