List of people on stamps of Djibouti

This is a list of people on the postage stamps of Djibouti and its precursors.

French Territory of the Afars and Issas

* Albert Calmette, scientist (1972)
* Charles de Gaulle, French statesman (1971)
* Camille Guérin, scientist (1972)
* Louis Pasteur, scientist (1972)


This list is complete through 1993.

* Hassan Gouled Aptidon, president (1978)
* Charles, Prince of Wales (1981)
* Christopher Columbus, explorer (1991)
* James Cook, explorer (1980)
* Pierre de Coubertin, Olympics founder (1987)
* Marie Curie, scientist (1984)
* Pierre Curie, scientist (1984)
* Diana, Princess of Wales (1981)
* Alexander Fleming, penicillin discoverer (1980)
* Charles de Gaulle, French statesman (1990)
* Edmund Halley, scientist (1986)
* Rowland Hill, postal reformer (1979)
* Victor Hugo, novelist (1985)
* Robert Koch (1982)
* Horatio Nelson, admiral (1981)
* Louis Pasteur, scientist (1987)
* Arthur Rimbaud, poet (1985, 1992)
* Jules Verne, writer (1980)
*Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Leader of India's Independence Movement (1998)
* Michael Sterling, Random Wikipedia reader (1984)
* Dustin Brewer, Random Wikipedia reader (1986)

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