Sudair or Sdeir ( _ar. سدير) is a historical region in Nejd in central Saudi Arabia, and is located approximately 150 km north of the Saudi capital, Riyadh. The region lies in a valley directly to the east of the Tweig escarpment, which runs across Nejd starting from Sudair in the north and ending near Wadi ad-Dawasir in the south.

Before the modern era, the region, like most others in Nejd, depended on the valley's ability to retain rainwater, and its people mainly subsisted on the cultivation of grains and dates. The local variety of dates in Sudair is known as "kudry", and is darker in color and has a stronger flavor than other varieties of dates grown in the country. Graded as low quality locally, the "kudry" is highly prized abroad.

Sudair's main town has traditionally been Al hotah , while other towns and villages include Harmah, Jlajil, Al-Ghat, Rawdat Sudair, Oshairah, Odah, Attar, and Junaifi. A large-scale petrochemical complex is currently being constructed near Hotat Sudair. Upon completion, the project is expected to be on the magnitude of the industrial complexes of Jubail, and will serve as a bridge between the industrial zones of Jubail on the east coast and Yanbu on the west.

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