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"Squawk on the Street", which debuted on December 19, 2005, is a business show on CNBC that follows the first 90 minutes of trading on Wall Street in the United States.

Originally airing as a one-hour program, the show doubled its airtime to two hours on July 19, 2007 (due in part to Liz Claman's departure from the network). [ [http://www.mediabistro.com/tvnewser/cnbc/cnbcs_new_mornings_squawk_on_the_street_expands_to_two_hours_63384.asp#more mediabistro.com: TVNewser ] ] This replaced the first hour of "Morning Call" (later renamed "The Call" on August 8, 2007), which now airs one hour later and had its airtime reduced in half.

About the show

"Squawk on the Street", which is seen at 9:00am ET, is broadcast live at the New York Stock Exchange and hosted by Mark Haines (the original host of "Squawk Box") and Erin Burnett. David Faber (who also hosts and contributes to his "Faber Report" segments) reports from CNBC Global Headquarters, while Haines and Burnett are in the "Squawk Nest," or "Luxury Box" (as Haines calls it) above the NYSE. Contributors include Melissa Lee, Bob Pisani (NYSE), Bertha Coombs, Scott Wapner (NASDAQ), Sharon Epperson (NYMEX) and Rick Santelli (Chicago Mercantile Exchange or Chicago Board of Trade).

Program Format

The show begins with Haines on the floor of the NYSE, introducing the aforementioned David Faber at "CNBC Global HQ," and Erin Burnett, whom she begins with "The Rundown" segment, starting with Bob Pisani on the floor at the NYSE. The other market pre-open segments include the "Word on the Street" segment, in which either Haines or Burnett (or both) talks to a trader on the floor of the NYSE, and "Instant Analysis," in which either Haines or Burnett (or both) talk to an analyst either via satellite or on set.

Around the midway point of the show's first hour is the "Opening Bell Countdown," which has a countdown clock on the lower right of the screen. After the opening bells ring at the NYSE and NASDAQ MarketSite, Haines and Burnett send viewers through the opening minutes of the trading day with the "Opening Buzz" segment (see below).

The show ends with the anchoring duo looking at the "Stocks to Watch."


*Around the Horn: A brief summary of pre-market news. Seen at the start of the show.
*The Rundown: This segment (seen just after the start of each hour of the show) starts with Bob Pisani on the floor at the NYSE, then continues with market reporters at the NASDAQ, the NYMEX and in Chicago. Each of the reporters narrate pre-market news headlines in turn.
*Word on the Street: A market pre-open segment in which Haines or Burnett (or both) talk to an analyst on the floor of the NYSE.
*Instant Analysis: A market pre-open segment in which Haines or Burnett (or both) talk to an analyst either via satellite or on set, similar to the "Word on the Street" segment mentioned above.
*The Faber Report: This segment, which airs twice during the program, features David Faber (at CNBC Global Headquarters) tracking the US companies and stocks making news. This segment, however, is not seen when Faber is off, or on assignment (see "Program Facts" below).
*Five for Five: Seen on Mondays during the first hour with John Hilsenrath from The Wall Street Journal, who joins the program and tells the anchors on set his five things to look for throughout the week.
*Opening Bell Countdown: This segment, which has a countdown clock on the lower right of the screen where the network bug is usually seen (also used on "Closing Bell"), features final pre-open thoughts (time permitting), as well as the ringing of the opening bells at the NYSE and NASDAQ.
*Opening Buzz: After the opening bells ring at the NYSE and NASDAQ, Haines and Burnett send viewers through the opening minutes of the trading day with reporters at the NYSE, NASDAQ, NYMEX, and so on. This is very similar to the aforementioned "Rundown" segment, as explained above.
*Weekly Energy Inventory Data: Seen at 10:30am ET on Wednesdays and Thursdays, Sharon Epperson reports from the NYMEX on the weekly energy inventory data for crude oil, gasoline, distillates, refinery capacity (on Wednesdays) and natural gas (on Thursdays). This segment, which formerly aired during the now-discontinued first hour of "The Call" (formerly "Morning Call"), is now seen during the second hour of "Squawk on the Street" as of 2007-07-25.
*Six in 60: This segment gives the show's anchors (Haines & Burnett) 60 seconds to look at the 6 stocks viewers are watching. This 1-minute segment debuted on the 2007-03-06 broadcast.
*MSNBC News Update: News headlines from MSNBC. Seen during the final half-hour.
*West Coast Wake-Up: Seen during the second hour, a guest from the West Coast joins the program.
*Inside the Numbers: CNBC's Steve Liesman breaks down the day's economic numbers.
*On the Move: CNBC's Matt Nesto (in the network's Global HQ) looks at the day's stocks that are moving in early trading.
*Cash Crop: CNBC's West Coast-based reporter Jane Wells takes a weekly look at how crops are affecting the businesses, the economy, and the industry. Seen on Thursdays.
*Squawk Around the World: This occasional segment, which debuted on 2008-04-09, takes a look at the economic diaries of different regions outside of the US.

Program Facts

When David Faber is off, or on assignment, the anchors talk to a trader on the floor of the NYSE in place of the "Faber Report" segments.

The "Tick-by-Tick" chart was first seen on "Squawk on the Street" in July 2006 before expanding to all other CNBC Business Day programs shortly thereafter.

The program replaced the last hour of "Squawk Box", which now airs one hour earlier.

In the 2007-06-22 edition, the final half-hour of "Squawk on the Street" was shown commercial-free as news of Blackstone's debut on the NYSE broke.

ee also

*"Squawk Box" (a CNBC US program that precedes this one)
*"Squawk Australia" (a CNBC Asia program anchored from Sydney, which follows a similar format)
*"The Opening Bell on Fox Business" (a Fox Business Network program aired in the same timeslot)


External links

* [http://www.cnbc.com/id/15838381/site/14081545/ "Squawk on the Street" official website on CNBC.com]
* [http://www.cnbc.com/id/15919685/ "Squawk on the Street" official blog on CNBC.com: "From The Floor" (since 2006-12-04)]
* [http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0972736/ Squak on the Street on IMDb]

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