Approach (cricket)

In the sport of cricket, the approach is the motion of the bowler prior to bowling the ball. It is also known as the run-up.

A spinner's approach differs from that of a medium pace or fast bowler, but certain principles remain the same:

* Balance: lack of balance in the approach translates into lack of balance in the later stages of the action and so absence of accuracy.
* Consistency: a consistent approach allows the later phases of the bowling action to be consistent. Moreover, inconsistency is likely to lead to bowling no-balls.
* Head still and upright.

The strides of the bound, back foot contact, front foot contact and the first stride of the follow through should all be in line in order to give a balanced action that flows towards the target. Medium pace and quick bowlers usually employ a straight approach that is aligned toward the target. Spin bowlers, on the other hand, tend to have more varied approaches.

Other recommended elements of the approach are:

* Starting with shorter strides then lengthening to cruise in to the bound.
* Leaning slightly forward, running on the balls of the feet.
* Running with the hands pumping, tucked into the side. This tucked in run up is intended to set the pattern for the whole delivery, keeping everything in a tight corridor flowing towards the target. Some bowlers choose to sacrifice this in order to cover the ball with the non-bowling hand in order to disguise the grip.
* Long enough to hit the desired cruise speed and arrive balanced at the bound. Some bowlers, especially chest on bowlers tend to run through the crease. This adds the speed of the approach to the speed at which the ball is released. In contrast, side on bowlers tend to be more similar to javelin throwers. The lower part of their body brakes between front foot contact and point of release causing a whip like effect. Hence side on bowlers tend to have slower approaches.

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