Bailey may refer to:

*"Bailey", the outer wall of a castle, or the area within these walls ("basse-cour" in French); see Motte-and-bailey or fortification


In the United Kingdom:
*Old Bailey, the Central Criminal Court in London, England
*The Bailey, the historic centre of Durham, England
*Bailey, Lancashire
*Bailey, a Shipping Forecast region in the northeast Atlantic Ocean, which takes its name from Bill Bailey's Bank, a feature of the Rockall Plateau

In Canada:
*Bailey, New Brunswick
*Bailey Corners, Ontario
*Bailey's Beach, Ontario
*Bailey's Brook, Nova Scotia

In the United States of America:
*Bailey, Colorado, community
*Bailey, Michigan, community
*Bailey, Mississippi, community
*Bailey, North Carolina, community
*Bailey, Texas, community
*Bailey County, Texas, community
*Bailey Island (Maine), island
*Bailey Lakes, Ohio , community
*Bailey's Crossroads, Virginia, community

In fiction:

*Bailey, New Hampshire, a fictional town in the DC Universe line of comic books; one-time hometown of Mister Miracle and Big Barda


:"See Bailey (surname)"
*Bailey (given name)
*Bailey (Rapper)


*Bailey (car), a former USA automobile manufacturer using rotary engines in its cars
* Bailey, a South Wales mining valleys term to describe the area immediate to the kitchen and between the neighbour's kitchen wall, usually floored in flagstones, and typically housing the washing utensils including a bosh, mangle, tub, clothes horse
*Baileys Irish Cream, a type of alcoholic liqueur
*Bailey's Discount Woodsman Supplies, a mail-order company
*Bailey bridge, a portable pre-fabricated truss bridge
*"Beetle Bailey", a comic strip created by Mort Walker
*Bailey, in the television series "Cleopatra 2525", a type of large and heavily armed floating bio-mechanical robot whose sole purpose is to collect and/or destroy any human it encounters.
*Bailey Pickett, a character on The Suite Life on Deck.

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