Location of Manakara in Madagascar

Manakara is a city in Madagascar.

It is the capital of Vatovavy-Fitovinany Region.

The city is located at the east coast and has a small port. It is the endpoint of the Fianarantsoa-Côte Est railway (FCE), which connects the city of Fianarantsoa with the sea. For those interested in traveling to Manakara via the railway, please be advised the train can take over 12 hours at times. It usually leaves Fianarantsoa at 7 in the morning, and is supposed to reach Manakara by 4 pm, but there have been incidences of it not reaching Manakara until much later. If one needs to return to the capital from Manankara and time is an issue, take a plane or a taxi-brousse (Taxi-Bus). There is also an airport and a national road along the coastline.

Its temperature on average is 27 degrees Celsius, the high is 32 and low is 10.

Coordinates: 22°09′S 48°00′E / 22.15°S 48°E / -22.15; 48