List of buildings in EastEnders

This is a list of buildings, shops and businesses seen and referred to in the BBC soap opera "EastEnders", most of which are located in the fictional London borough of Walford. For a list of the houses in the programme, see list of residences in EastEnders.


The Arches

*Address: 2 Turpin WayMitchell's Autos, better known as The Arches (because it is under the arch way of the railway bridge) is the location for Phil Mitchell's car mechanics business. It was known as Beale's Wheels for a while, when Sam was forced to sell the Arches to Ian Beale.

Garry Hobbs and Minty Peterson are the current mechanics. Past mechanics have included Grant Mitchell, Jamie Mitchell, Conor Flaherty, Ricky Butcher and Carly Wicks.

Minty was fired from the Arches for talking back to Phil and not servicing a car properly, leading to Ian Beale having a car crash. Minty was given his job back after he apologised to Phil. Carly was sacked in February 2007 after smashing the windscreen of a customer's car with a monkey wrench.

The Arches is best known for the "Sharongate" storyline involving Grant and Phil's argument over Grant's wife Sharon, when Grant put Phil in a coma by pushing him into the car pit and rupturing his spleen.

In December 2007, a suicidal Steven Beale broke into The Arches and covered the place in petrol in order to start a fire and kill himself. Stacey Slater saw him and convinced him not to light the match.

Owner: Phil MitchellCurrent Employees: Garry Hobbs and Minty Peterson

Argee Bhajee

*Address: 88-90 George StreetThe Argee Bhajee is Walford's Indian restaurant. It was first known as Giuseppe's, an Italian restaurant, run by the di Marco family.

It has not been seen much, but scenes here have included Lynne Hobbs' hen night.

Before becoming a restaurant, number 90 was a pet shop, and was later Kool for Kutz hair salon, owned by Steve Elliot and Della Alexander. It was later owned by Felix Kawalski and used as a barber shop. In 1997 Annie Palmer turned it into a print shop called By The Letter. Number 88 was Hills' Hardware owned by Ted Hills.


Barrat's Bargain Corner

Barrat's Bargain Corner is a bric-a-brac shop on Turpin Road. It is situated near R&R. Its name incorporates the initials of the BBC.

Beale's Plaice

*Address: 15 Turpin RoadBeale's Plaice is the fish and chip shop, owned by Ian Beale. It was originally a Chinese takeaway called The Green Lantern. The Beales lived in the flat above the shop for a while. Ian, Cindy, Laura, Jane, Peter and Lucy Beale, Bianca Jackson, Sam Mitchell, Craig Dixon and Spencer Moon have all worked here.

Owner: Ian Beale


*Address: 10 Turpin Road10 Turpin Road was originally Walford's other pub named The Dagmar, owned by Gladstones Brewery. James Willmott-Brown was given tenancy in 1987, he converted the pub into a wine bar and opened it in direct competition to The Queen Vic. Angie Watts became the chief barmaid of the Dagmar in 1987 to spite Den, the landlord of the rival Queen Vic, which was floundering without her behind the bar. By the end of the year, she had quit and returned to the Vic as partner. Other employees have included, Mary Smith as a cleaner, and bar staff Simon "Wicksy" Wicks, Barry Clark, Lofty Holloway and Kathy Beale, who was attacked and raped by Willmott-Brown in 1988. A shocked Kathy was discovered by Den, who vowed revenge. Den stuck by his word and the bar was firebombed by Brad Williams, an employee of The Firm, at the request of Den. Willmott-Brown left the burnt bar and made a getaway to Nottingham.

In 1991 Ian Beale leased the site for his new catering business The Meal Machine, which he ran with his PA Hattie Tavernier and chefs Steve Elliot and Joe Wallace, who was sacked when Ian discovered he had HIV. Ian's cousin Mark Fowler would also do the delivery for the business in Ian's van. The Meal Machine was closed in 1993 after Richard Cole reported Ian to environmental health.Ian reopened another business on the site in 1998 called Beale's Market, a bric a brack store. Staff included Melanie Healy, Jamie Mitchell, Louise Raymond and Jeff Healy. Ian was declared bankrupt in 2000 and the building was turned into a bargain shop. In 2001, Melanie Owen returned to the Square a tough businesswoman and relaunched Ian's failed business, The Meal Machine, with him as a partner. The property was signed over to Laura Beale as protection when Melanie was falsely arrested for drugs trafficking.

In 2003, Phil Mitchell bought the building as a business for his wife Kate who opened Sophisti-Kate's as a nail bar. With Kate's agreement, Chrissie Watts set up a hair salon upstairs in the building until their friendship was ruined following Chrissie's discovery of Kate and Den's affair. When Kate left the Square in 2005 to rejoin the police force, the nail bar was closed.

In 2006 it was bought by Max and Tanya Branning, who opened it as a beauty parlour and renamed it Booty. Tanya employed Preeti Choraria. Honey Mitchell worked here as a receptionist for a short time. Chelsea Fox is also a beautician despite being fired in 2007. Booty's current staff also includes Gaynor, an old friend of Tanya's.

In October 2007, Hazel Hobbs was given the receptionist job, and, in January 2008, Preeti moved on from the square. After Hazel decided to leave the Square in February 2008, former resident, Clare Bates returned and was in need of a job. After losing out to Chelsea in a bid to become the beautician, Tanya offered Clare the role of receptionist after seeing how good she was answering the phone and dealing with the clients. In the wake of Clare's departure in August, Tanya's sister-in-law Suzy helped out when Bradley and Gaynor struggled to cope after Tanya had gone on holiday to Barbados.

Owner: Tanya BranningCurrent Employees: Gaynor, Suzy Branning

Bridge Street Café

*Address: 2 Bridge StreetBridge Street Café (usually referred to as the caff; currently known as Kathy's) was first named Al's café. It was leased by Sue and Ali Osman, but the property was owned by Mr. Papadopoulos Snr. Ali also ran a taxicab firm, Ozcabs, from the café with his brother Mehmet Osman, and Dot Cotton and Barry Clark briefly helped on the switchboard. Later on Mehmet and his wife Guizin Osman became partners in the café and it was renamed Café Osman.The lease was taken over by Ian Beale in 1989, who went on to buy the premises later that year and became the outright owner. Ian ran it for a while to make money to invest into his catering business then sold it to his mother, Kathy who became partners with Frank Butcher and Pauline Fowler in 1991. She named it Kathy's. For a while Kathy and Pauline ran it with Frank as a silent partner, until Kathy bought Pauline out in 1992. In 1993 Kathy changed the café's look and turned it into The Bistro, which opened in the evenings and offered cooking from Christine Hewitt. In 1994 Phil Mitchell bought Frank out. The Bistro was a little too upmarket for Walford and Kathy eventually abandoned the idea, but in 1995 Steve Elliot began renting the café from her in order to open the Night Café, which was later ran by Alan Jackson and Mick McFarlane.

Eventually Ian took over his mother's share again when she left Walford in 1998. When Ian was made bankrupt in 2000, Phil took over his share and became sole owner.

Phil appointed a manager in 2003, Ian's ex-wife Laura Beale. The name of the café was also changed, to Laura's. Phil left the business in the hands of his sister Sam when he went on the run from the police. Sam then sold the café back to Ian in 2004. He sacked Laura and changed its name back to Kathy's.

Ian now runs the café with his wife, Jane Beale. Ian and Jane currently employ Marie to assist running the business. Long suffering Marie, who was criticised for putting two lettuce leaves on BLT sandwiches instead of one in Ian's absence, busies herself with the tea urn while Ian and Jane tend to their storylines. Upon his return to the family, Steven started to help Jane out at the café. Since Steven left Walford Bianca Jackson has been working there. Emin runs the night café.

Past employees at the café have included Guizin Osman, Natalie Evans, Janine Evans, Lynne Hobbs, Mick McFarlane, Mandy Salter, Carol Jackson, Robbie Jackson, Huw Edwards, Steve Elliot, Mary Smith, Michelle Fowler, Sharon Watts, Frankie Pierre, Alan Jackson, Blossom Jackson, April Branning, Christine Hewitt, Sylvia Weng-Chung, Pat Evans, Chelsea Fox, Juley Smith and Steven Beale.


Community Centre

*Address: Turpin Way
Walford's Community Centre. Originally the custodian of the centre was Tom Clements until his death in 1988. The Banned entered a musicians competition and performed on stage here in 1986. Darren Roberts held a cultural evening here in 1987, which was really a screening for a pornographic movie. Ian Beale and Barry Clark also ran their mobile disco here in 1988. Duncan Boyd held youth help groups here with help from Lofty Holloway. Private parties, jumble sales, fetes and toddler groups were also held here during this time. After Tom's death the running of the centre was taken over by Carmel Jackson and Arthur Fowler, however in 1989 it began to get neglected and Mo Butcher then appointed herself as the new custodian. Mo had numerous run-ins with the council official in charge of the centre, Mr Rhodes, who was also a paraplegic. In 1989 a Brownie group was run from the centre, with Marge Green as Brown Owl. When Marge proved incapable, Mo took over, but was sacked later in the year for lying about her age.

The centre was burnt down in 1992, but was renovated into a day care centre in 1994. Ruth Fowler was employed here during this time. In 1999 it was converted into a health club called Walford Workout by Annie Palmer and the Mitchell brothers, with Steve Owen providing funding. Melanie Owen ran an aerobics class here, and Grant Mitchell became a fitness manager. Jim Branning once signed up for fitness classes here, and met the obsessive Doris Moisey who tried to ruin his marriage to Dot.

It has since returned to being a community centre. Derek Harkinson became the manager in 2004, but was nearly sacked by board member Dom Shaw the following week. During this time it has held a youth club, which Paul Trueman assisted in, and a pantomime was also put on during Christmas 2001. The community centre has also hosted Gamblers Anonymous meetings, attended by Ash Ferreira.

It was recently the host of the mock wedding of Ian Beale and Jane Collins and the 2007 Nativity Play.


Dickens Hill

Dickens Hill is the prison where Den Watts was kept between 1988 and 1989.

Doctor's surgery

*Address: 1a Albert SquareThe basement flat of 1 Albert Square is the doctor's surgery, which has been run by all of Walford's local GPs. It was originally run by Dr. Harold Legg and his partner Dr. Jaggat Singh. Dr Singh moved on in December 1987, and so Dr. Legg's nephew, Dr. David Samuels, became the new partner. After Dr. Legg retired, Dr. Fred Fonseca took over, followed by Dr. Anthony Trueman, Dr. Johnathon Leroy, and Dr. Oliver Cousins (who moved on in March 2006). Dr. May Wright became the new GP in November 2006, until she was arrested for kidnapping Dawn Swann. The current GP in Walford is Dr. Poppy Merritt. Past receptionists have included Michelle Fowler and Josie McFarlane.


Eric's Electrics

*Address: 55 Turpin RoadEric's Electrics is an electrical shop on Turpin Road.



Fargo's is a new classy restaurant in Walford. Rosie Miller used to be the cleaner there until she left the square. Fargo's is usually the setting for scenes when characters are on a date, or go out for a meal.

Elaine Jarvis, the manageress of the restaurant, recently appeared in the show when Chelsea Fox started working here. Chelsea wasn't very good at her job, and got her mother Denise to go there for a meal so she could praise Chelsea to Elaine. Denise invited Kevin Wicks as he was the only person in the Square that she knew.

The Feathers

In the early days of the programme, The Queen Vic's main rival was The Feathers, which was often mentioned but never seen. Den Watts would frequently — and sneeringly — refer to its landlord, who was always referred to as Fat Harry. ("Fat Harry don't worry me, he ain't no competition... he couldn't run a tap, let alone a pub. Sort o' geezer who'd order 500 pork pies for a Bar Mitzvah.")


Harrison & Fitch Estate Agents

*Address: High Street

Harts Chemist

Harts Chemist has not been seen, but it is printed on prescription labels in May Wright's surgery.

Hungry Hank

*Address: George StreetHungry Hank is a pie shop on George Street, opposite Walford East tube station. Chelsea Fox and Preeti Choraria occasionally eat there during their lunch break from Booty. Preeti and Chelsea once debated the attractiveness of a guy who worked there.


King George Guest House

*Address: George StreetThe King George is a bed and breakfast first seen in August 2008, when Max Branning stayed there.


La Jolie Madame

*Address: High StreetLa Jolie Madame is a beauty parlour where Preeti Choraria previously worked, before being poached by Max and Tanya Branning to work at Booty.


*Address: 3 Bridge StreetThe launderette is owned by Mr Papadopoulos. The regular employee of the launderette is Dot Branning, who has worked there since the start of the show, although she was absent from 1993-1997 and she had a shortlived retirement in 2003. Pauline Fowler worked here from the beginning of the show in February 1985 right up until her death in December 2006. Carol Jackson, Marge Green, Mary Smith and Lynne Hobbs have also worked there. A recurring joke in the series is that Papadopolous (whose name Dot Branning can never pronounce) is never seen, only mentioned in ominous tones ("Oooh, Mr Opodopowotsit won't be happy!"). This was rather spoiled somewhat when he made his first appearance in May 1992.

The launderette has seen many important events since the start of the show in 1985. Ashley Cotton crashed Mark Fowler's bike into the launderette and later died, and Dot also revealed to Den Watts that she had cancer while they had an argument in the launderette.

The launderette also once saw Kelvin Carpenter strip to his underwear to wash the clothes he was wearing, in a spoof of the famous Levi's commercial.

After Pauline's death Dot had trouble forgetting her, so Yolande Trueman and Honey Mitchell helped her out. Heather Trott now works there with Dot.

Owner: Mr PapadopoulosCurrent Employees: Dot Branning and Heather Trott

Lock Fast

*Address: George StreetLock Fast is a key cutting shop on George Street, opposite Walford East.


Mamas Pizza

*Address: Turpin RoadA pizzeria on Turpin Road. The shop name is spelt incorrectly, without an apostrophe in "Mamas", and the first "z" is missing from the shop sign. Charlie Slater worked there temporarily as a delivery boy in 2001, after having his cabbing license suspended after taking the rap for his daughter Lynne's boyfriend Garry Hobbs. Charlie subsequently quit after much mocking from local residents.

Minute Mart

*Address: 1 Bridge StreetWalford's local shop was originally an open fronted grocery store run by Saeed and Naima Jeffery and was little more than a large market stall. After their divorce, Naima converted it into a shop and called it First Til Last. Having over-stretched herself borrowing the money for the conversion, Naima was forced to go into an awkward partnership with Debbie Wilkins, and despite the fact that they became victims of a local protection racket, the business did well. Naima's family sent a cousin, called Rezaul Gabir, over to help run the shop. Rezaul made Naima's working life difficult. After both Debbie and Naima departed to get married in 1987, the business was run by Rezaul until it was sold to Ashraf and Sufia Karim at the end of the year. The business suffered, however, due to Ashraf's extramarital affairs.

Following the Karims' departure, the shop was bought by the rarely seen Mrs Andreos who employed Carol Jackson to run the shop during her absence. In 1997, Mrs Andreos sold her business to Sanjay's mother Neelam Kapoor. Neelam sold the shop in 1998 before moving back to India.

Terry and Irene Raymond took over the shop in 1998, then sold it to a Mr. Hendry, who changed the name to Minute Mart. He employed Barry Evans, but he found this a humiliating experience as Hendry treated him as little more than a glorified errand boy.

Nita Mistry managed the shop for Mr. Hendry until she left Walford. Martin and Vicki Fowler robbed the shop in 2003, but Gus Smith was arrested when he attempted to stop them.

Mr. Hendry decided to sell the shop when his wife was injured in a second robbery. Patrick and Yolande Trueman bought the shop.

When Stacey Slater worked in the shop, she used footage of Keith Miller on CCTV lifting heavy boxes, in order to report him for benefit fraud.

Other former employees include Janine Butcher, Gus Smith, Pat Evans, Robbie Jackson, Tony Hills, Lilly Mattock, Tina Hopkins, Kelvin Carpenter, Arthur Fowler, Ian Beale, Donna Ludlow, Mandy Salter and Aidan Brosnan.

Owners: Patrick and Yolande Trueman Current Employees: Heather Peterson and Chelsea Fox


Pat's Cars

*Address: 6 Albert SquareThe car lot was formerly a discount tyre shop, which apparently closed in 1981. During the early years of the show the site was used as a parking place for Chris Smith's (father to Mary Smith) lorry and he later opened a haulage company from the site with Harry Jameson, which was called Smith & Jameson Haulage. It was Chris who introduced the Portakabin unit in 1988, that is still there today. Charlie Cotton worked as one of his drivers and Rod Norman did his books. Mary was initially employed as his secretary. The business went bankrupt and was taken over by Walford Investments, which was the money lending business of the gangster organisation known as The Firm. Gregory Mantel used the premises as a base in Walford until 1989.

Following the departure of Mantel the site was sold to Frank Butcher, who converted it into a second hand car dealers in 1989, which was named Frank's Autos, with the slogan "Come and have a Butcher's!" Ali Osman worked as a salesman for the company in 1989 and Trevor Short was also employed here for a brief period. In 1992-1993 Frank ran a cab firm from the premises with his wife, Pat, which was called Pat Cabs and was later renamed F & P Cabs. After Frank arranged to set fire to the car lot in an insurance scam, he did a runner, and in his absence Pat, David Wicks and Ricky Butcher took over ownership and renamed it Deals On Wheels. Roy Evans later became a third partner in the business.

Following David's departure, Roy Evans took over the business with his son Barry Evans, naming it Evans and Son. Frank also became a partner again in 1998. They also ran a mini-cab service called Evans Executive Cars. Robbie Jackson, Nathan Williams, Beppe di Marco and Mick McFarlane worked here at different times, as well as Janine Butcher. Kim McFarlane washed cars for a while too. After both Barry and Roy's deaths, Barry's wife Janine Evans took over in 2004, until she was arrested for Laura Beale's murder later that year. The Ferreiras later ran a cab firm there called Toucan Cars with Sasha Perkins, until Johnny Allen ran them out of town.

Patrick Trueman was next to try his hand at running the car lot in November 2005, renting the premises from Peggy Mitchell. He renamed it Trueman's Motors and Pat did his books for him. After his wife Yolande discovered his affair with Pat, Patrick offered the lot to Kevin Wicks, who planned to run it as a family business, called Wicks and Son, but after his son Deano refused to work there, he renamed it Getaway Motors.

Upon Kevin's death, Phil offered the lot and business to Darren Miller, previously Kevin's assistant, and he accepted. Phil was later blackmailed by Jack Branning (aided by Darren) into signing the lot over to him — he then promised to turn it over to Darren when he turns eighteen (at the beginning of 2009).

After Frank's death, Pat decided to re-open the former cab business with the help of Darren, Vinnie and Ricky.

Owner: Pat EvansCurrent Employees: Darren Miller, Vinnie Monks, Ricky Butcher and Denise Wicks

Post Office

*Address: 7 Turpin RoadWalford's Post Office was rarely seen or mentioned in the early years and no scenes took place inside the Post office. With the introduction of Denise Fox and the Masood family the Post Office has been seen much more regularly. Denise was working in the Post Office when she met her future husband Kevin Wicks, and it was here that he first asked Denise out on a date. The Walford Post Office is owned by Zainab Masood, who took over the day to day running of the office when Denise's superior Alan left his job. Zainab installed her daughter Shabnam Masood as a member of the counter staff with a plan for Denise to train her up thus making Denise redundant. Denise has since quit.

In February 2008 Zainab spent a night sleeping on the Post office floor. Shabnam had flooded the family home by leaving the bath on. Zainab had been offered a place to stay at the Miller's house with her children, but she was so rude to her daughter about the flood that Mickey Miller kicked Zainab out.

The Prince Albert

A pub located near Walford was mentioned by Phil Mitchell in 2006 when an inspector insulted the Queen Victoria. It has not been mentioned since, but in comparison to the Vic, Phil does not think much of it.


The Queen Victoria

*Address: 46 Albert Square



*Address: 4 Turpin Road

nooker World

*Address: 2 Turpin Road.

This building is housed in one of the arches of the railway viaduct, next to R&R nightclub.

The building was first referred to in 1986, as Henry's Wine Bar, a rival to The Queen Victoria. When Den Watts gave up tenancy at The Vic, he was set up by The Firm as the new manager of the wine bar, now renamed Strokes, which he ran with other members of The Firm, Joanne Francis and Brad Williams. The basement of this establishment was used for illegal gambling.

After the demise of this enterprise, Mr Papadopolous (the owner of the launderette) took a lease on the wine bar for conversion to an amusement arcade and Julie Cooper leased the basement for use as a hair salon. But before the conversions began, their leases were bought out and the building was converted to a pizza bar, named Pizza Marguerita, ran by Steve Elliot. In 1994, Ian Beale used the offices for his new loan shark business called Ian Beale Finances. Ricky Butcher worked for him as a heavy, but wasn't very good at the job.

In the late 1990s, Phil and Grant Mitchell bought the building and converted it into a snooker hall and sports equipment suppliers, with Annie Palmer as a partner. Billy Mitchell managed it. When Grant left, Steve Owen bought into the business.

In 2004, it was burnt down by Billy along with the neighbouring club Angie's Den, on the instruction of the acting owner, Sam Mitchell.


Turf Accountants

*Address: 13 Turpin Road

Walford's betting shop's first known owner was Stan Dougan, who hired Debbie Bates as the cashier and proceeded to sexually harass her. Debbie's husband Nigel Bates found out about the harassment and punched Stan in the office of the bookies.

Debbie died in 1995 and the next known employee was Irene Raymond; then a few years later, Shirley Benson worked here.

Andy Hunter bought the bookies in 2003, fired Shirley, and hired Pat Evans. He used the premises as a meeting point to liaise with his criminal contacts. When Andy was murdered in 2005 by Johnny Allen, he left the betting shop to Dennis Rickman in his will. Dennis thought about selling it to Pat, but later decided to hang onto it. Dennis was murdered at the end of 2005 by Danny Moon on Johnny Allen's orders, and so ownership then passed to his wife Sharon Rickman. Sharon currently resides in America so the running has been left to Pat, who gave Jake Moon a job there, who then left to run Johnny's club, Scarlet (currently R&R).


Walford East tube station

Walford General Hospital

Walford General Hospital is the local hospital. Employees have included Dr. Harold Legg, Judith Legg, Dr. Mike Phillips, Dr. Roger Lewis, Andy O'Brien, Dr. Anthony Trueman, Sonia Fowler, Naomi Julien, Dr. Briony Campbell, Malma Chaudury, Bryan Nolan, Annie Grey and Graham Stone.

Walford High School

Walford High School is Walford's combined high school, teaching 11 to 16 year olds. Many young characters have attended the school. Students are distinguishable by the Walford High school uniform; black trousers, a white shirt, and a grey jumper with a Navy blue striped tie. Previous students include Martin and Sonia Fowler, Steven Beale, Janine Evans, Asif Malik, Clare Tyler, Nicky and Joe di Marco, Demi and Darren Miller and Libby Fox.

The current students include Peter and Lucy Beale, Lauren and Abi Branning, Jay Brown, Ben Mitchell and Whitney Dean

Walford police station

*Address: Victoria SquareWalford police station is where criminal residents of Walford are taken for questioning. The most recent visit was following the arrest of Deano Wicks and Chelsea Fox for attempting to pervert the course of justice when they claimed that Sean Slater had attacked Patrick Trueman.

Employees over the years have included WPC Alison Howard, PC Gifford, PC Willis, WPC Lyn Baxter, PC Keith Manly, PC Williams, PC Dugdale, DS Terry Rich, DI Bob Ashley, PC Steve Stone, Chief Supt. Dave Penton, Supt. Alan Millward, Sergeant Jimmy Buckwell, WPC Julie Morgan, PC Judith Simkin, DC Ross Fox, DCI Charlie Mason, Beppe di Marco, PC Kate Mitchell, DCI Jill Marsden, PC Elaine Monks, DS Steve Peters, DS Paul Kemmit, SOCO Nina Hollis, PC Paula Campbell, DC Wayne Atkins, DS Maggie Wilson, Sergeant Bob Green, PC Dennis Cogan, PC Jim Sellers, DC Mitch Cowen, PC Kenny Morris, PC Myra Sim, DC Jasmine Field, PC Tony Webster, DS Ellen Dunn and DC Zachary Carson.

Walford Primary School

Walford Primary School is Walford's combined primary school, teaching 4 to 11 year olds. Many young characters have attended the school. Students are distinguishable by the Walford Primary school uniform; black trousers, a white shirt, and a blue jumper emblazoned with the name of the school. The current reception class teacher is Susan Gilbride. Previous teachers include Etta Tavernier, who worked here as acting head between 1990 and 1992 and Kay Bradshaw, who taught at the school in 2001.

Previous students include Steven, Lucy and Peter Beale, Martin, Vicki and Sonia Fowler, Asif Malik, Susie Gilbride, Clare Tyler, Billy Jackson, Joe di Marco, Anish Mistry, Ben and Courtney Mitchell, Charlotte Banks, Sharmilla Kapoor and Rebecca Miller and Abi Branning.

The current students are Bobby Beale, Liam Butcher and Tiffany Dean.

Walford Videos

*Address: 11 Turpin RoadThe video shop was originally a fish and chip shop called Vincent's Fish Bar. In 1989, the premises were bought by Julie Cooper and it was turned into a hair salon and beauty parlour called Julie's. In 1990 it was converted into a video store called Walford Videos. Natalie Evans ran her dating agency Romantic Relations from a sub-let inside the shop in 1999.

Walford Video has been managed by Nigel Bates and Robbie Jackson. Barry Evans and Gavin Sharp have also worked here.

Billy Mitchell worked there for a while, and lived in the flat above. The newest employee is Mickey Miller. Prior to Mickey, Chelsea Fox worked there before Billy sacked her when he took over the video shop again. After Billy found the video shop was up for sale, Phil took the chance to use this as an investment for Ben and save Billy and Honey from moving out. Billy has since tried to turn it into an internet café, but the computers he bought were all stolen.

In November 2007, the video shop was purchased by Manju Patel along with the flat. The shop now is Mrs Patel's Sari shop.

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