Mount Marapi

Mount Marapi

Marapi in 2005
Elevation 2,891.3 m (9,486 ft)
Prominence 2,116 m (6,942 ft)
Listing Ultra
Location West Sumatra, Indonesia
Range Barisan Mountains
Coordinates 0°22′47.72″S 100°28′16.71″E / 0.3799222°S 100.4713083°E / -0.3799222; 100.4713083Coordinates: 0°22′47.72″S 100°28′16.71″E / 0.3799222°S 100.4713083°E / -0.3799222; 100.4713083
Type Complex volcano
Last eruption 3 August 2011[citation needed]

Marapi (also known as Merapi or Berapi) is a complex volcano in West Sumatra, Indonesia. Its name means Mountain of Fire, and it is the most active volcano in Sumatra. Its elevation is 2,891.3 metres (9,485.9 ft). A number of cities and towns are situated around the mountain, including Bukittinggi, Padang Panjang and Batusangkar.

According to legend, the mountain is the site first settled by the Minangkabau people after their ship landed on the mountain when it was the size of an egg and surrounded by water.[1] There are large numbers of upright burial stones in the region which are oriented in the direction of the mountain, indicating its cultural significance.[2]

At the Indonesian Independence Day, August 17th, it has become customary for local population to walk up the mountain in large groups. The 2004 eruption occurred when a group of 24 people were near the crater on August 17th. In 2011 there will be no such walk as following the eruption of August 3rd the mountain has been closed for at least one month.[citation needed]

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