High Sheriff of Northamptonshire

*1194–1203: Simon of Pattishall
*1206–1208: Walter of Preston
*1208–1211: Robert of Braybrooke
*1211–1214: Henry of Braybrooke
*1215–1222: Falkes de Breauté
*1223–1223: Ralph de Trublevill [ ((A History of the County of Northampton| Volume 3| Pages 106-109))
*1529–1530: Richard Cecil
*1532: William Spencer (died in office)
*1532–1533: David Cecil
*1552: Sir John Spencer of Althorp"A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies of England Ireland and Scotland" Burke and Burke (1844)p498 Google Books]
*1568–1569: Sir Richard Knightley Concise Dictionary of National Biography (1930)]
*1571: Sir John Spencer of Althorp
*1581–1582: Sir Richard Knightley
*1589: Sir Richard Knightley
*1626: Richard Knightley
*1830: Richard Pack, of Floore [LondonGazette|issue=18652|startpage=257|endpage=258|date=2 February 1830|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1831: Beriah Botfield, of Norton Hall [LondonGazette|issue=18772|startpage=194|endpage=195|date=1 February 1831|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1832: William Williams Hope, of Rushton [LondonGazette|issue=18900|startpage=254|endpage=255|date=6 February 1832|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1833: William Rose Rose, of Harleston [LondonGazette|issue=19019|startpage=246|date=5 February 1833|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1834: William Wood, of Brixworth [LondonGazette|issue=19125|startpage=206|date=4 February 1834|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1835: Lewis Loyd, of Overstone Park [LondonGazette|issue=19238|startpage=235|endpage=236|date=9 February 1835|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1836: William Harris, of Wootton House [LondonGazette|issue=19353|startpage=223|endpage=224|date=5 February 1836|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1837: William Willes, of Astrop House [LondonGazette|issue=19462|startpage=232|endpage=233|date=31 January 1837|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1838: John Reddall, of Dallington Hall [LondonGazette|issue=19586|startpage=232|date=1 February 1838|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1839: William Drayson, of Floore Fields House [LondonGazette|issue=19704|startpage=214|date=9 February 1839|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1840: Thomas Alderson Cooke, of Peterborough [LondonGazette|issue=19819|startpage=197|endpage=198|date=31 January 1840|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1841: Sir Robert Gunning, 3rd Baronet, of Horton [LondonGazette|issue=19948|startpage=303|endpage=304|date=5 February 1841|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1842: Hon. Philip Sydney Pierrepont, of Evenley Hall [LondonGazette|issue=20067|startpage=285|endpage=286|date=4 February 1842|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1843: Sir Arthur de Capell-Broke, 2nd Baronet, of Oakley [LondonGazette|issue=20192|startpage=371|endpage=372|date=1 February 1843|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1844: Sir Henry Dryden, 7th Baronet, of Ashby [ [http://books.google.com/books?id=jc0kh800jGIC&pg=RA3-PA160&lpg=RA3-PA160 Sheriffs for the Year 1844] in "The Annual Register" for 1844, p. 160, online at books.google.com (accessed 9 September 2008)] [LondonGazette|issue=20311|startpage=347|endpage=348|date=31 January 1844|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1845: Hon. Richard Watson, of Rockingham Castle [LondonGazette|issue=20439|startpage=315|endpage=316|date=4 February 1845|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1846: Allen Allicocke Young, of Orlingbury [LondonGazette|issue=20566|startpage=361|endpage=362|date=30 January 1846|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1847: Thomas Tryon, of Bulwick Park [LondonGazette|issue=20698|startpage=410|endpage=411|date=5 February 1847|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1848: Hon. Henry Hely-Hutchinson, of Lois Weedon [LondonGazette|issue=20825|startpage=541|endpage=542|date=11 February 1848|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1849: Henry Nevile, of Walcot [LondonGazette|issue=20944|startpage=431|endpage=432|date=13 February 1849|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1851: Sir Charles Edmund Isham [The Times, 12 Februaty 1851; pg. 5;col E; "The List Of New Sheriffs. (From the Supplement to the Gazette of Tuesday, Feb. 11.)"]
*1866: Hon. George Wentworth-FitzWilliam [http://books.google.com/books?vid=OCLC64053290&id=NNdkxHnE8SgC&]
*1891:Herbert Robert Arkwright, of Knuston Hall, Wellingborough [LondonGazette|issue=26146|startpage=1653|date=24 March 1891|accessdate=2008-02-11]
*1907: Henry Brassey, 1st Baron Brassey
*1913: William Murland
*1924: Philip Leslie Agnew
*1925: John Allen, of Brackley House
*1926: Sir Charles Lowther, 4th Baronet
*1927: George Henry Drummond
*1932: Thomas Fermor-Hesketh, 1st Baron Hesketh
*1952: Henry Charles Minshull Stockdale
*1957: Richard Leslie Agnew
*1958: Lt-Col. Sir Gyles Isham, 12th Baronet [LondonGazette|issue=41340|startpage=1779|date=18 March 1958|accessdate=2008-09-05]
*1959: Edward Spencer, Viscount Althorp, of Althorp [LondonGazette|issue=41656|startpage=1725|date=13 March 1959|accessdate=2008-09-05]
*1960: Maj-Gen. Evelyn Dalrymple Fanshawe, of Guilsborough House [LondonGazette|issue=41986|startpage=2025|date=18 March 1960|accessdate=2008-09-05]
*1961: Lt-Col. Dennis Douglas Pilkington Smyly, of Brackley Grange [LondonGazette|issue=42314|startpage=2346|date=28 March 1961|accessdate=2008-09-05]
*1962: Lt-Col. George Theodore Herbert Capron, Southwick Hall [LondonGazette|issue=42623|startpage=2144|date=16 March 1962|accessdate=2008-09-05]
*1963: Capt. John Macdonald-Buchanan, of Cottesbrooke Hall [LondonGazette|issue=42955|startpage=2823|date=29 March 1963|accessdate=2008-09-05]
*1964: Lt-Col. Neil Phipps Foster, of Whittlebury Cottage [LondonGazette|issue=43286|startpage=2849|date=31 March 1964|accessdate=2008-09-05]
*1965: Arnold Derek Arthur Lawson, Esq., of Passenham Manor [LondonGazette|issue=43610|startpage=3049|date=26 March 1965|accessdate=2008-09-05]
*1966: Cmdr. Sir Michael Culme-Seymour, 5th Baronet, of Rockingham Castle [LondonGazette|issue=43921|startpage=2704|date=11 March 1966|accessdate=2008-09-05]
*1967: Col. Percy Fergus Ivo Reid, of Whitfield Cottage [LondonGazette|issue=44276|startpage=3382|date=28 March 1967|accessdate=2008-09-05]
*1968: Richmond Noel Richmond-Watson, Esq., of Wakefield Lodge [LondonGazette|issue=44540|startpage=2667|date=11 March 1968|accessdate=2008-09-05]
*1969: Guy Timothy Geoffrey Conant, Esq., of Bulwick Hall [LondonGazette|issue=44811|startpage=3011|date=20 March 1969|accessdate=2008-09-05]
*1970: Sir Edward William Spencer Ford, of Eydon Hall [LondonGazette|issue=45070|startpage=3646|date=31 March 1970|accessdate=2008-09-05]
*1971: Capt. John Luke Lowther, of The Old House, Guilsborough [LondonGazette|issue=45321|startpage=2158|date=12 March 1971|accessdate=2008-09-05]
*1972: James Macdonald-Buchanan, of Harrowden Hall [LondonGazette|issue=45630|startpage=3654|date=24 March 1972|accessdate=2008-09-05]
*1973: Michael Francis Berry, Esq., of Benefield House [LondonGazette|issue=45941|startpage=4154|date=30 March 1973|accessdate=2008-09-05]
*1974: Sir Spencer Summers, of Thenford House [LondonGazette|issue=46249|startpage=4007|date=28 March 1974|accessdate=2008-09-05]
*1975: Timothy Mark Sergison-Brooke, Esq., of The Manor House, Chipping Warden [LondonGazette|issue=46524|startpage=3843|date=21 March 1975|accessdate=2008-09-05]
*1976: Lionel Geoffrey Stopford-Sackville, Esq., of Drayton House [LondonGazette|issue=46857|startpage=4337|date=23 March 1976|accessdate=2008-09-05]
*1977: John Walter Douglas Ewart, Esq., of Astrop Park [LondonGazette|issue=47171|startpage=3436|date=11 March 1977|accessdate=2008-09-05]
*1978: John Browne-Swinburne, Esq., of Capheaton Hall [LondonGazette|issue=47497|startpage=3663|date=23 March 1978|accessdate=2008-09-05]
*1979: Lt-Col. Thomas Boardman [LondonGazette|issue=47795|startpage=3547|endpage=3548|date=16 March 1979|accessdate=2008-08-22]
*1980: Robert Henry Nevile Dashwood, Esq., of Farminghoe Lodge [LondonGazette|issue=48134|startpage=4412|date=21 March 1980|accessdate=2008-09-05]
*1981: Christian Fermor-Hesketh, Baroness Hesketh
*1983: Penelope Aubrey-Fletcher, 8th Baroness Braye
*2005: H. C. Wake [http://www.privycouncil.org.uk/output/Page296.asp]
*2006–2007: Sir David Joseph O’Dowd CBE QPM [LondonGazette|issue=57921|notarchive=yes|startpage=3375|endpage=3376|date=9 March 2006|accessdate=2007-11-30]
*2007–2008: Lady Jennifer Harper [LondonGazette|issue=58266|notarchive=yes|startpage=3313|date=7 March 2007|accessdate=2007-11-30]


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