MIT Mathematics Department

The Department of Mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the leading mathematics departments in the USA [MIT is second in the US on number of Math PhDs [] ] [The Gourman report in 1993 ranked MIT as fourth in the USA for undergraduate mathematics. J Gourman, The Gourman Report: A Rating of Undergraduate Programs in American and International Universities, ISBN 0918192161] and the world [MIT ranked 15th on citations and 17 on impact in a survey published in 2002, Vital Statistics on the Numbers Game,Science Watch, May 2002. [] ] .

The current faculty of around 50 includes Abel Prize winner Isadore Singer and famous numerical analyst Gilbert Strang.


Originally under John Daniel Runkle mathematics at MIT was regarded as service teaching for engineers [Peter L. Duren, Richard Askey, Uta C. Merzbac, A Century of Mathematics in America, 1989,American Mathematical Society, ISBN 0821801244] . Harry W Tyler succeeded Runkle after his death in 1902 and continued as head until 1930. Tyler had been exposed to modern European mathematics and was influenced by Felix Klein and Max Noether. Much of the early work was on geometry. Norbert Weiner, famous for his contribution to the mathematics of signal processing, joined the MIT faculty in 1919. By 1920 the department started publishing the Journal of Mathematics and Physics, a sign of its growing confidence, and the first PhD was conferred to James E Taylor in 1925.


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