Happy hardcore

Happy hardcore

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name=Happy Hardcore
stylistic_origins= Rave, Acid house, Bouncy techno, Gabber, Eurodance
cultural_origins=United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany
instruments=Synthesizer – Drum machine – Sequencer – Keyboard – Sampler
popularity=1996 Medium
1999 Small
2006-present Medium-Strong
subgenrelist=List of electronic music genres
subgenres=UK Hardcore, Freeform
other_topics=Electronic musical instrument – Computer music

Happy hardcore is a form of dance music typified by a very fast tempo (usually around 165–180 BPM), often coupled with male or female vocals, and sentimental lyrics. Its characteristically 4/4 beat "happy" sound distinguishes it from most other forms of breakbeat hardcore, which tend to be "darker". In its original incarnation, it was often characterized by piano riffs, synth stabs and spacey effects. This genre of music is closely related to the typically Dutch genre of Gabber. Happy hardcore evolved from rave music around 1991–1993, as the original house music-based rave became faster and began to include breakbeats, evolving into breakbeat hardcore. In the UK, happy hardcore was at its peak between 1994 and 1997. In the more recent past happy hardcore has made a large re-emergence into the mainstream, more specifically it has received coverage in "Mixmag". It has spawned various new record labels in the United States, Canada, the UK, and Japan and continues to grow in popularity. In 2002, the compilation series Bonkers was relaunched after a 3 year hiatus and have proved to be successful, releasing eight compilations between 2002 and 2005. The 21st century sound of the genre is notable by the lack of the bouncy synths and piano lines that were trademarks of the genre in the 90s. The genre now has a more euphoric trance feel to it not too dissimilar to the sound of the late 90s trance that was popular in Ibiza at the time, albeit at a higher tempo.

Late 1990s - Current

Happy Hardcore had a slow period of growth and popularity from 1998–2001 which can be seen in the number of happy hardcore artists and producers leaving happy hardcore for other genres of music and some record labels stopping production.

2001–2003 saw a revival, with the Trance sound that it had been strongly influenced with since its decline. With new clubs and DJs including the famous HTID, and later the BBC features, the new sound was really in the making within the bedrooms and studios in 2000–2001. The new tech is, needless to say, an unbelievable tribute to the original groundbreakers.

Although, during the revival the original sounds of Happy Hardcore were long gone, as the music had transformed into strong Trance-influenced music under the name of UK Hardcore. By 2005 there were elements of Happy Hardcore returning and it is growing stronger once again.

Many dj's and producers are now claiming that the future of UK Hardcore lies in the emerging genre of Freeform, as many of the well known Happy Hardcore dj's like Darren Style's are starting to make much more commercial dance. Many people that have listened to Happy Hardcore since around 2002-present claim that much of the music that is being produced today is extremely repetitive, and they are looking for a change. As freeform lets producers express a lot more creativity it is a lot less repetitive.

Artists, DJs and producers

* DJ Paul Elstak
* DJ Sharpnel
* Bang!
* DJ Brisk
* DJ Ham
* DJ Dougal
* Wishdokta aka Grant Nelson
* DJ Hixxy
* DJ/MC Sharkey
* Scott Brown
* DJ Sy
* DJ Unknown
* Weaver
* Neon Lights
* Blitz
* Daydream
* DJ Slipmatt
* Unique (Darren Styles)
* DJ Breeze
* Whizzkid
* Stu Allan
* Hardcore Masif
* DJ Seduction
* DJ Fade
* Bananaman
* Milo
* Dj D-Lyte
* Anabolic Frolic
* Shadow K
* Dj 92
* UK Hard
* Joey Riot
* Scooter
* Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo
* DJ Timid
* Technikore
* Interstate
* Kevin Energy
* Jakazid
* Chwhynny
* Orbit 1
* Squad-E (aka Hypasonic)
* Darwin
* Fracus
* Al Storm
* Al Twisted
* Adam Harris
* Billy "Daniel" Bunter
* Stormtrooper
* Robbie Long
* DJ Kurt
* Ephexsis
* Jamie Ritmen
* Injured Rezz
* Haze
* The Acolyte
* DJ Splash

Well known hardcore DJs who work together:
* Brisk & Ham
* Sy & Unknown
* Force & Styles / Force & The Evolution
* Styles & Breeze
* Hixxy & Re-con
* Dougal & Gammer
* DJ Ravine & DJ Cotts

ee also

*List of electronic music genres
*UK hardcore

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* [http://milo.happyhardcore.com Milo's North American Hardcore Blog]
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* [http://www.supporthardcore.com SupportHardcore.com]

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